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This page is designed for these purposes. In the section you will find free tools for word search in accordance with this criterion. Enter the letters you know in the empty boxes. Set the length of the word or leave it arbitrary. In a few seconds you will get a list of words that satisfy the search request.

aabye abaye abeye acoye aliye allye aloye aneye anoye apaye araye areye asaye astye atiye awaye aweye azeye balye barye basye bedye belye benye blaye bloye bodye bolye botye bouye braye broye burye cadye choye claye cleye copye craye culye cunye daiye dalye dasye debye dedye delye denye derye dieye difye dorye draye dreye druye eazye endye eneye enmye epoye estye falye fleye folye ganye gelye getye girye glaye gotye gueye herye i-bye inbye ineye invye inwye j-eye jizye kabye kanye kimye konye kreye lacye ladye lakye lenye lezye linye lotye louye mabye marye mbaye menye midye monye munye murye myeye mynye ndoye neuye nodye notye nurye obaye ofaye okoye onaye onrye oreye oxeye padye piaye pirye playe ploye polye praye preye proye punye pyrye pytye quaye quoye ranye redye resye revye rotye rozye saiye salye samye schye scrye selye senye serye setye shaye solye speye spoye sprye steye sulye sunye swaye swnye takye tanye tevye thaye thrye tilye toeye treye troye trxye tueye tulye tweye tylye ubaye undye unye upbye ustye velye verye vilye visye vynye waiye warye wetye worye wosye wreye wroye wylye wyrye ye-ye ylaye yleye ysaye yseye ywrye

Word usage examples

Verye thirstie I was, my clothes torne, my face and hands scratched and netteled, and withall so extreamely set on heate, as the fresh ayre seemed to doe me more hurt then good, neither did it any waye ease my body, desirous to keepe his new recouered scope and libertie.

Armoryke which ys to seien Britaine ye Lesse and a certayne holye clerke should allweyes beare my fadir on honde that he owghte uttirly for to frusshe ye same, affyrmynge that yt was fourmed and conflatyed of Sathanas hym selfe by arte magike and dyvellysshe wherefore my fadir dyd take ye same and tobrast yt yn tweyne, but I, John de Vincey, dyd save whool ye tweye partes therof and topeecyd them togydder agayne soe as yee se, on this daye mondaye next followynge after ye feeste of Seynte Marye ye Blessed Vyrgyne yn ye yeere of Salvacioun fowertene hundreth and fyve and fowerti.

Abouten undren gan this Erl alighte, That with hym broghte thise noble children tweye, For which the peple ran to seen the sighte Of hir array, so richely biseye.

To muchel folk we doon illusioun, And borwe gold, be it a pound or two, Or ten, or twelve, or manye sommes mo, And make hem wenen at the leeste weye That of a pound we koude make tweye.

This duc wol han a cours at hym, or tweye, With houndes swiche as that hym list comaunde.

Ne how somme caste hir sheeld, and somme hir spere, And of hire vestimentz whiche that they were, And coppes full of wyn, and milk, and blood, Into the fyr, that brente as it were wood, Ne how the Grekes, with an huge route, Thryes riden al the place aboute, Upon the left hand with a loud shoutynge, And thries with hir speres claterynge, And thries how the ladyes gonne crye, And how that lad was homward Emelye.

Pitch stayed behind, watching as Steye flung his arm about the ravaged neck.

Hans Selye, a pioneer investigator of the body's adaptive responses, reported that "animals in which intense and prolonged stress is produced by any means suffer from sexual derangements .

In the words of Hans Selye, whose work on stress opened new frontiers in biology and psychiatry, the individual can "consciously look for signs of being keyed up too much.

Hans Selye whose work laid the basis for much of the research conducted in recent years.