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Braye may refer to:

Braye (river)

The Braye is a river of France, and a right tributary of the river Loir. Its source is about west of Authon-du-Perche. The Braye is long, and crosses Savigny-sur-Braye. Among its tributaries are the Grenne, Anille and Tusson. It flows into the Loir near Pont-de-Braye, in Lavenay.

Usage examples of "braye".

Steiner coasted in beside him, looped one end of a line under the lieutenant's jacket and kept on going, pushing towards the breakwater and Braye, already fading as the fog rolled in towards the island again.

Steiner didn't have one chance in hell of reaching Braye Harbour and he knew it, as he wrestled vainly against a tide that must eventually sweep them far out into the Channel beyond any hope of return.

The old inn stood at the side of the road on the approach to the harbour backing on to the sands of Braye Bay.