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When this was done wee packed up our treasure, which we committed to the sepulchre to keepe, and got out of the bounds of Platea, thus thinking with our selves, that there was more fidelity amongst the dead than amongst the living, by reason that our preyes were so surely kept in the sepulchre.

But I wol nat avowe that I seye, And therfore keepe it secree, I yow preye.

And if ye vouchesauf, anon I shal Bigynne upon my tale, for which I preye, Telle youre avys, I kan no bettre seye.

Wherfore, I biseke yow mekely for the mercy of God, that ye preye for me that Crist have mercy on me, and foryeve me my giltes.

His false wyf koude hym so plese and preye Til she his conseil knew, and she untrewe Unto hise foos his conseil gan biwreye, And hym forsook, and took another newe.

I meene of Marke, Mathew, Luc, and John, But doutelees hir sentence is al oon, Therfore, lordynges alle, I yow biseche If that yow thynke I varie as in my speche, As thus, though that I telle somwhat moore Of proverbes, than ye han herd bifoore, Comprehended in this litel tretys heere, To enforce with theffect of my mateere, And though I nat the same wordes seye As ye han herd, yet to yow alle I preye, Blameth me nat.

It is al baudy and to-tore also, Why is thy lord so sluttissh, I the preye, And is of power bettre clooth to beye, If that his dede accorde with thy speche?