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Armoryke which ys to seien Britaine ye Lesse and a certayne holye clerke should allweyes beare my fadir on honde that he owghte uttirly for to frusshe ye same, affyrmynge that yt was fourmed and conflatyed of Sathanas hym selfe by arte magike and dyvellysshe wherefore my fadir dyd take ye same and tobrast yt yn tweyne, but I, John de Vincey, dyd save whool ye tweye partes therof and topeecyd them togydder agayne soe as yee se, on this daye mondaye next followynge after ye feeste of Seynte Marye ye Blessed Vyrgyne yn ye yeere of Salvacioun fowertene hundreth and fyve and fowerti.

Abouten undren gan this Erl alighte, That with hym broghte thise noble children tweye, For which the peple ran to seen the sighte Of hir array, so richely biseye.

To muchel folk we doon illusioun, And borwe gold, be it a pound or two, Or ten, or twelve, or manye sommes mo, And make hem wenen at the leeste weye That of a pound we koude make tweye.

This duc wol han a cours at hym, or tweye, With houndes swiche as that hym list comaunde.