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vb. (alternative spelling of belie English)

Usage examples of "belye".

You mention the appendix, by which I understand the Second Visit, and if you be by the possessed belyed (as being half an hour with her alone, excluding her own Mother, and as telling her you had Prayed for her Nine times that day, and that now was her Laughing time, she must Laugh now) I can see no Wonder in it.

Burroughs, acknowledging that she had belyed them,[280] and begged Mr.

I would humbly beg of you, that your Honours would be pleased to Examine some of those confessing Witches, I being confident there are several of them have belyed themselves and others, as will appear, if not in this World, I am sure in the World to come, whither I am going.

I know and the Lord he knows (as will shortly appear) they belye me, and so I question not but they do others.