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Could not find any definition of word "aweye"

Usage examples of "aweye".

He wayteth whan the constable was aweye And pryvely upon a nyght he crepte In Hermengyldes chambre whil she slepte.

Thanne, certes, to my lady may I seye `Holdeth youre heste, the rokkes been aweye.

This subtil clerk swich routhe had of this man, That nyght and day he spedde hym that he kan To wayten a tyme of his conclusioun, This is to seye, to maken illusioun By swich an apparence or jogelrye- I ne kan no termes of astrologye- That she and every wight sholde wene and seye That of Britaigne the rokkes were aweye, Or ellis they were sonken under grounde.

In yow lith al, to do me lyve of deye, But wel I woot the rokkes been aweye!