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n. (archaic spelling of lady English)

Usage examples of "ladye".

Bot hit ar ladyes inno3e that leuer wer nowthe Haf the, hende, in hor holde, as I the habbe here, To daly with derely your daynte worde3, Keuer hem comfort and colen her care3, Then much of the garysoun other golde that thay hauen.

Thenne comaunded the lorde in that sale to samen alle the meny, Bothe the ladyes on loghe to ly3t with her burdes Bifore alle the folk on the flette, freke3 he beddez Verayly his venysoun to fech hym byforne, And al godly in gomen Gawayn he called, Teche3 hym to the tayles of ful tayt bestes, Schewe3 hym the schyree grece schorne vpon rybbes.

For which oppressioun was swich clamour And swich pursute unto the kyng Arthour, That dampned was this knyght for to be deed By cours of lawe, and sholde han lost his heed, Paraventure, swich was the statut tho, But that the queene and othere ladyes mo So longe preyeden the kyng of grace, Til he his lyf hym graunted in the place, And yaf hym to the queene al at hir wille, To chese, wheither she wolde hym save or spille.

Thise ladyes, whan that they hir tyme say, Han taken hir and into chambre gon, And strepen hir out of hir rude array And in a clooth of gold that brighte shoon, With a coroune of many a riche stoon Upon hir heed, they into halle hir broghte, And ther she was honured as hir oghte.

Ne how somme caste hir sheeld, and somme hir spere, And of hire vestimentz whiche that they were, And coppes full of wyn, and milk, and blood, Into the fyr, that brente as it were wood, Ne how the Grekes, with an huge route, Thryes riden al the place aboute, Upon the left hand with a loud shoutynge, And thries with hir speres claterynge, And thries how the ladyes gonne crye, And how that lad was homward Emelye.