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Word usage examples

The only things close that I can think of at the moment are Cuba and uva, which means grape.

Paralleling and occasionally crossing the river was a rutted, muddy trail that connected Uva and Garrett and the few smaller cow towns in between, and slowly churning westward along it was a Special Pontiac closed wagon, pulled by two Jenny Lind-bridled Morgans.

After spending the first night in the bustling territorial capital, they had hired the harness team and begun a grueling upcountry trek, stopping the second night at Underwood and the third night at Wheatland, before reaching Uva and turning west.

A red ink line had been drawn along the same hazardous trail Jessica and Ki had traveled from Uva to Eucher Butte, apparently indicating where an improved road was to be built.

They were in a medium-sized shopping mall that catered to the college crowd due to the proximity of UVA.

Volvimos con la cena en una bandeja: boles con copos de maíz, un racimo de uvas, una fruta desconocida cuyo sabor me recordó el del higo, y una gran jarra de agua.

Inoltre avevo in tasca due o tre grappoli di uva passa, e del pari gliene diedi una manciata perché la portasse a suo padre.

Il tre di agosto constatai come l'uva che avevo appeso ai rami fosse perfettamente essiccata e diventata un'ottima uva passa.

The good news is that a medevac helicopter flew him to the trauma center at Uva hospital.

Used in the same way as Buchu and Uva ursi for bladder and urinary troubles: of special value when the urine contains blood or pus, and when there is irritation.