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NVA is a three-letter acronym for:

  • Benito Salas Airport, with IATA code NVA
  • National People's Army, or Nationale Volksarmee, the army of former German Democratic Republic
    • NVA (film), a German film from 2005 about the NVA
  • New Flemish Alliance , a Flemish political party
  • No value added, management term
  • Nonivamide, an organic compound
  • Normandy Veterans' Association, an association of Allied ex-servicemen who served in the 1944 Normandy invasion
  • North Vietnamese Army, also known as the People's Army of Vietnam
  • NVA (arts organisation), stands for nacionale vitae activa
NVA (film)

NVA is a German film comedy released in 2005 that involves two friends who serve in the National People's Army of the former DDR. It was directed by Leander Haussmann, who together with Brussig Thomas also wrote the screenplay. The film caricatures the life of the National People's Army (abbreviated: NVA) in the final years of East Germany.

NVA (arts organisation)

NVA is an arts organisation and charity based in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1992 by Angus Farquhar, a former member of the group Test Dept. The company's name is an acronym of nacionale vitae activa, a Latin term meaning 'the right to influence public affairs'.

The company is best known for its dramatic, large-scale environmental artworks in Scottish natural landscapes, building on the site-specific performances that Farquhar created with Test Dept. These works have included The Secret Sign, The Path, The Storr and Half Life. The works are designed to involve local communities and to incorporate regeneration aspects that will benefit the landscapes in the future. For example, improvements were made to the footpaths around The Storr as part of the preparation for that work.