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DVA may refer to:

  • Debt valuation adjustment - Valuation on corporation's publicly traded debt impacts corporation's earnings
  • Defence Vetting Agency
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs (Australia)
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Designated Viticultural Area (Canada)
  • Developmental venous anomaly
  • Digital Voice Announcer
  • Dollar Value Averaging
  • Driver and Vehicle Agency of Northern Ireland, UK

DVA or Dva may refer to:

  • Dva (stylised form: DVA), a Czech musical duo performing songs in imaginary languages.
  • Dva (stylised form: DVA), a music album by electronic artist Emika
  • D.Va, a character in the first-person shooter game Overwatch
Dva (album)

Dva (stylised form: DVA) is the second studio album by English musician Emika. It was released on 10 June 2013 by Ninja Tune Records. The album's title derives from the Czech word for "two".

DVA (band)

DVA is Czech alternative rock music band. It consists of Bára Kratochvílová and Jan Kratochvíl. Their Debut album Fonók succeeded in WMCE hit-parade.

DVA consider their music to be of "tango, cabaret, circus, popsongs, kitchen beatbox, freakfolk, acoustick electro a electrical acousto in double-layer packaging." They described Fonók as a Folklore of non-existent nations while their second album is described as "pop of non-existent broadcasters." Their music is typical by use of fictional made-up languages that mixes German, Hungarian or Swedish.

DVA also composed a soundtrack for Botanicula video game. The soundtrack has received IGF Award for Excellence in Audio. DVA currently works on soundtrack for Chuchel, next project by Jaromír Plachý (Botanicula crator).