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GVA may refer to:

  • Generalitat Valenciana
  • Gross value added, an economic indicator
  • ,

  • Granite Construction Inc.,
  • GVA (Commercial Property Advisers)
  • GVA Consultants, a Swedish company
  • Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery, a Territorial Army battery within 100th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery of the British Royal Artillery
  • Giga volt-amperes
  • General visceral afferent fibers, part of the human peripheral nervous system
  • Greater Vancouver Area, also known as Metro Vancouver
  • Cyclo-cross Gazet van Antwerpen, often abbreviated GvA or GVA
  • Garibaldi Volcanic Arc, a volcanic chain in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains
  • Generic Vehicle Architecture, a military vehicle standard of the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom)
  • Grape vine virus A, a plant virus
GVA (business)

GVA Grimley Ltd, operating as Bilfinger GVA, is one of the largest commercial property advisers operating throughout the UK and Ireland. It provides multi-disciplinary commercial property advice and services to clients in the public and private sectors.

Bilfinger GVA operates via a number of trading divisions (Planning, Development & Regeneration, Building, Project Management & Consultancy, Valuation Services, Capital Markets, Agency and Business Rates) and a regional network of 11 UK offices and an Irish Office in Dublin.