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Word usage examples

The heat on this day was the same at both the Zen temple in Amagasaki and the camp at Shimo Toba.

No man could look at her in the light, or feel her in the dark, and still keep his lance atilt for zina.

Third, Bruno himself stuck in said inn for the rest of the day while his passenger goes off with a young Austrian witness to pursue his investigations -finally cracks up under the dour cloud of graceless silence and the glares of loathing lasered his way by the locals, and finally freaks out completely at a cafe where he and Zen stop on the way back down the mountain, screaming action ably offensive abuse at the stocky, stolid Teutonic blockheads who have made his life and those of all his fellow recruits a misery for months on end.

He broke off as a party of about a dozen entered the establishment, laughing and chatting loudly, filed past Bruno and Zen and took their places at the large table that had been assembled at the back of the room.

The protrusions of natural rocks like Camelback Mountain and Squaw Peak to the north or South Mountain to the south turned the whole valley into a Zen garden maintained by giants.

The daybed may have been a rare work from the studio of wunderkind furniture designer Ben Zen, but as far as Samantha was concerned, it certainly put the longue in chaise.

Zen Buddhism shows up in the emphasis on hyperconscious awakening in the crewmembers.

British allies, defame the Zen and Kegon churches, and spout outlawed Communist propaganda all in three sentences.

Baghdad, and it was time for me to say farewell to all three of my zina partners: to Moth and Shams and my story-made Shams.

The story is set in China, when Buddhism had become popular over there and the Zen and Tendai sects were large and strong.