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In Irish mythology, Lén was the craftsman of Síd Buidb, the ' sídhe of Bodb'. The son of Ban Bolgach son of Bannach, he was said to reside under a lake near Killarney named Loch Léin after him. The Dindsenchas relate that Loch Léin was where he would make bright vessels for Fand the Long-Haired, the daughter of Flidais. Every night, after finishing his work, it is written that he used to fling his anvil away to a nearby hill called the Indeoin na nDési or 'Anvil of the Dési' and the showers that came from the back of the hill were said to be pearls off his anvil as it was flung. Whether the name Lén can be philologically related to the Romano-Celtic god Lenus is disputable. While the meaning of the name is uncertain, the Old Irish words lén 'defeat, misfortune' and lénaid 'injure, wound' and the Welsh llwyn 'grove, bush, shrub' may offer some basis for comparison.


Ligue Européenne de Natation or LEN (trans: European Swimming League) is the European governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to FINA—it is the Continental Association for Europe. It was formally organized in 1927 in Bologna, Italy, and since 2015 is headquartered in Nyon.

LEN comprises 52 national swimming federations in Europe, and includes Israel which for Olympic-sport purposes is grouped with Europe. LEN is overseen by an elected Bureau (board) composed of Members representing 17 different Federations. LEN oversees aquatic sports in Europe: diving, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo.

Len (band)

Len is a Canadian alternative rock group from Toronto. They are best known as a one-hit wonder for their 1999 song " Steal My Sunshine". Len was never able to repeat the success of "Steal My Sunshine", but continued to put out albums until 2005 before a seven-year hiatus.

The band consisted of siblings Marc Costanzo (vocals, guitar) and Sharon Costanzo (vocals, bass) and a revolving lineup of other musicians. During the height of their popularity, the band's lineup included Brendan Canning, who co-founded the indie rock band Broken Social Scene shortly after leaving Len.

Len (programming)

In computer programs, len is the name of one of the major string functions. It stands for length, and returns the length of a specific string. Many common programming languages operate on strings using string functions.

It is named len in the language BASIC and its derivatives such as Visual Basic. It is named strlen in the language C and its derivatives such as PHP. In some other languages, the full word length is written out as the name of the function. For other languages see Comparison of programming languages (string functions).

Usage examples of "len".

The next morning he had her up at daybreak to see a school of jellyfish, the shiny, throbbing bodies abob in blue water as far as the lens of a telescope would encompass.

Lord Ado has seen my bank balance, thanks to your dear friend and servant, Len.

Gently, precisely, a little aimlessly, he moved the specimen so that the edge of the drop was under his lens.

Game, and since all the hardware required for everything from aphotic to apochromatic lens work were and are right there in the lab off the Comm.

They arst of that suewish rtas then m we arI r chickhen he tFred eet lookch mffee, waN C E snames len I was ords.

Thanks to the journalists who were onto Bill Hicks first: Len Belzer, Michael Barnes, Jack Boulware, Bill Brownstein, Lawrence Christon, Michael Corcoran, Bob Daily, Frank DiGiacomo, Robert Faires, Allan Johnson, Gerald Nachman, Mike Sager, Edith Sorenson, Michael Spies, Ernest Tucker, and Rick Vanderknyff.

Angelo and I were grinning and Chubby was scowling horrifically into the lens.

Some of the practitioners were willing to concede the possibility that the ciliary muscles did, in addition, change to some extent the shape of the lens.

Some of the practitioners were willing to concede the possibility that the ciliary muscles did, in addition, change to some , extent the shape of the lens.

While the greater portion of the eyeball is concerned in the focusing of light, the crystalline lens, operated by the ciliary muscle, serves as the special instrument of accommodation.

Show how the iris, the crystalline lens, the retina, the ciliary muscle, and the cornea aid in seeing.

Xerox needed to make its own toner, its own copier, its own light lens, and its own feeding and sorting subsystems in order to deliver high-volume, high-quality xerography to its customers.

Matching of Hues -- Purity and Luminosity of Colours -- Matching Bright Hues -- Aid of Tinted Films -- Matching Difficulties Arising from Contrast -- Examination of Colours by Reflected and Transmitted Lights -- Effect of Lustre and Transparency of Fibres in Colour Matching -- Matching of Colours on Velvet Pile -- Optical Properties of Dye-stuffs, Dichroism, Fluorescence -- Use of Tinted Mediums -- Orange Film -- Defects of the Eye -- Yellowing of the Lens -- Colour Blindness, etc.

There were tiny flashes of light from the darkness, and Diddy remembered tensely that Yevd communicated with each other by light beams and light energies that operated directly from a complex interrelation of organic prisms, lens, mirrors, and cell transformers.

It could do no possible harm, since it was almost inconceivable that the Eich could be made to believe that any ordinary agent could have penetrated so far, and the fact should not be revealed to the foe that any Lensman could work without his Lens.