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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Anyway, that was all background gen.
▪ Anyway, as everything's now finalised, I can gen you up properly.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. 1 (context chiefly British informal English) information 2 (context fandom English) fanfiction that does not specifically focus on romance or sex. Etymology 2

n. (alternative case form of Gen English)


n. informal term for information; "give me the gen on your new line of computers"

Gen (Street Fighter)

is a character in Capcom's Street Fighter fighting game series. Gen is introduced in the original Street Fighter and he has returned for Street Fighter Alpha series and Street Fighter IV series. He is a Chinese martial arts master and former assassin who uses legendary fighting techniques. Gen is currently the only character in the Street Fighter series who can switch between fighting styles (having two of them) during a match, and one of the few characters in fighting games with multiple movesets. He also notably taught Chun-Li the art of Tai Chi. Gen is known for his quote in English, spoken to a defeated opponent: "You are a big fool!"


Gen may refer to:

  • Gen (film), 2006 Turkish horror film directed by Togan Gökbakar
  • Gen language, the language of Togo
  • Gen (Street Fighter), a video game character from the Street Fighter series
  • Gen Fu, a video game character from the Dead or Alive series
  • Chief Gen-san from Sky Girls
  • Gen Otori, Ultraman Leo's alter ego from the 1974 namesake tokusatsu
  • Gen Nakaoka, the eponymous character from Barefoot Gen, a Japanese anti-war manga first published in 1973 with various adaptations

Gen. or GEN may refer to:

  • General officer, a high senior rank in the military
  • Global Ecovillage Network
  • Global Editors Network
Gen (film)

Gen is a 2006 Turkish horror film directed by Togan Gökbakar.

Usage examples of "gen".

Gina looked in the direction Lady Ansa indicated and saw a bit of carved wood sticking out from beneath the bottom pillow.

Lady Ansa grabbed one that had rolled across the room and tossed it to Gina, who grinned her thanks.

Croyez-vous avoir les gens et les moyens convenables pour faire courte et bonne besogne?

A splendid funeral procession was prepared for Drusus, in which the statues of Attus Clausus, the Sabine chief, the founder of the Claudian Gens, and of AEneas, and the Alban kings, were carried side by side, thus recalling the memories of the early regal dynasty, as well as of the severe founders of the Republic.

But since there was no fixed law on the subject, and since the whole probable result of their action would be an assistance in electing Gen.

Elle guerit les malades, recommande les jeunes gens a leurs examens, fait des mariages et vend du chocolat.

Gina cautioned with a quick look in the direction of Lady Adalhaid, who was at the other side of the hall telling Imma what had happened at the palace.

A5 he slipped the telephone inro his shirt pocket, he saw that Major Gen- eral H.

Tous les jours, je rencontrais allant et venant par les rues, des gens qui me semblaient occupes a une sorte de jeu tres complique et tres amusant: le jeu de la vie.

Gen lover without killing him, as if she were indeed a channel, and not a junct renSime.

Sime and Gen alike, who have given their lives to abolish the junct transfer.

Gen pain coupled with extreme transfer deprivation and an irresistible offer of a junct transfer.

Unity, any Sime could be junct and walk the streets safely because every Gen would understand what he was.

The worker Gen hid under the table, emanating fear--emotion every junct Sime craved.

Since the days of Rimon Farris, we have added to the roll of martyrs, Sime and Gen alike, who have given their lives to abolish the junct transfer.