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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sen \Sen\, n. A Japanese coin, worth about one half of a cent.


Sen \Sen\, adv., prep., & conj. [See Since.] Since. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. 1 A unit of Japanese currency, worth one hundredth of a yen. 2 A coin of this value. Etymology 2

n. (context Yorkshire English) self


n. a fractional monetary unit of Japan and Indonesia and Cambodia; equal to one hundredth of a yen or rupiah or riel


Şen is a Turkish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ali Şen, Turkish actor
  • Eren Şen, German-Turkish footballer
  • Gülhan Şen, Turkish television presenter, producer, and speaker
  • Şener Şen, Turkish actor
  • Volkan Şen, Turkish footballer
Sen (surname)

Sen (pronounced Shen) is a Bengali Hindu surname derived from the Sanskrit word for "Army", Sena.

It is found in the east of the Indian Subcontinent; namely Bangladesh & West Bengal, India mainly among Baidya and Kayastha communities. Instances of the surname are also found in the Nepalese community.

Sen (Assam cricketer)

Sen or (Major Sen) (first name and details unknown) was an Indian cricketer who played for Assam.

Sen made a single first-class appearance for the team, during the 1952-53 season against Orissa. From the upper-middle order, he scored 13 runs in the first innings of the match and 2 runs in the second, as Assam lost the match by an innings margin.

Usage examples of "sen".

Waterford bowl with gold mountings, Jimmy in white slacks, an Armani pull and Gucci shoes, Tina in Westwood Lycra pants that hugged lipo-ed buttocks as if they were madly in love with them, Enya from the Lord of the Rings on the Bang and Oluf sen, all this and sorrow.

When the thuggish mullahs jailed blogger Sina Motallebi, fury roiled the blogosphere.

I was obliged to remain at Sens, soliciting my erasure from the emigrant list, which I did not obtain, however, till 1797, and to put an end to a charge made against me of having fabricated a certificate of residence.

Turning to Ting Sen with a bored look in his eyes, he paused for a moment, reached back, and felled the son of Wong Fei Hung with one blow to his head.

Pourtant, malgre mes explications aussi franches que claires, je sens bien que tu es parti fache contre moi, et, ce qui est plus triste encore, inquiet et malheureux.

By the time the alien peoples of the Sakura Sen have looked upon human beings as they once were, some say that men long since will have evolved into gods who are far beyond the horrors of meat or matter.

From Malaya days, this is what derogatory any form of leadership in the RP rendezvous point regiment has been called, after the Sat nay satellite navigation term for the start of the river scaley signaler course scaley kit signals equipment SF security forces short pistol sitrep situation report SLR self-loading rifle sen sergeant Major SOP standard operating procedure ssm squadron sergeant major stag sentry or sentry duty stand to prepare to defend against attack tab hard long-distance march wirn R.

Sen Dunsidan thought it settled somewhere within the larger Federation camp, but the Moric wanted nothing to do with humankind and its mode of dwelling.

The Coalition Council was furious with Sen Dunsidan and had summoned him to appear before it, but the Moric was no fool.

The Moric wondered fleetingly how she had found out about where Sen Dunsidan was going and why, but it assumed she had spies at Arishaig who told her everything.

Inspired by earlier works of Duff, Hull, TownSend, and building on insights of Schwarz, the Indian physicist Ashok Sen, and others, Witten announced a strategy for transcending the perturbative understanding of string theory.

Farther north, Calla Sen Pinder and Calla Sen Chre, which were farms and sheep.

It was the work of mere minutes to pul enough Flow to trap the will of a suitable rat, which he then sen scampering off toward Old Town.

Though they stood close to each other, the Sens neither spoke nor touched.

When at last he faced the Sens, Kim raised a black-and-white photograph of the solemn Asian child she had left to walk home alone.