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pron. (context Geordie English) none

NEN (TV station)

NEN is an Australian television station licensed to, and serving northern New South Wales.


NEN or Nen may refer to:

Usage examples of "nen".

When they passed into a corridor secured even from her, she began to grow intrigued, and more easily ignored the off-key singing of the jester, who was blasphemously describing in ancient octameter certain activities of the goddess Yun-Harla of which Nen Yim-thankfully-had never heard.

Kneeling in the presence of Supreme Overlord Shimrra, Nen Yim believed in the gods.

In the clear light of logic, Nen Yim herself saw no particular reason to give them credence.

A cycle later, Nen Yim settled onto a sitting hummock in her private hortium and regarded Ahsi Yim.

The younger shaper was narrower in every dimension than Nen Yim, and her blue-gray flesh had an opalescent sheen about it.

Plants from the homeworld with no obvious use, Nen Yim had resurrected them from genetic patterns in the Qang qahsa.

And here was Nen Yim, alive, favored by the Supreme Overlord, and perhaps practicing her own heresy in guarded secrecy.

What little Nom Anor knew of Nen Yim suggested that her role was one that Shimrra was not eager to have widely known.

The gaze of the yellow-haired one struck Nen Yim like a I thud bug, and a jolt of recognition ran through her.

A few moments later, the two were on board and Nen Yim dilated the inner and outer locks.

Cursing, Nen Yim realized she had disen-gaged from the long-range sensors.

And if so, why did he hear it when Nen Yim was the one under the cognition hood?

And despite what Nen Yim had said, he found controls for lasers and-something else.

None of the Yuuzhan Vong seemed to be in earshot-the Prophet was nowhere to be seen, and Nen Yim was back in her makeshift laboratory, as was Harrar.

Was some shaper greater than Nen Yim Shamed, that this knowledge would reside with the rabble?