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a. venerable

Ven (Sweden)

Ven (, older Swedish spelling Hven) is a small Swedish island in the Øresund strait, between Scania and Zealand ( Denmark). It is part of Landskrona Municipality, Skåne County. The island has 371 inhabitants and an area of . During the 1930s, the population was at its peak, with approximately 1,300 inhabitants. There are four villages on the island: Bäckviken, Tuna By, Norreborg and Kyrkbacken.

Unlike the relatively flat islands Amager and Saltholm, Ven rises from the Øresund with steep and dramatic coastlines. This makes the island easily visible from both Zealand and Scania, as well as from all ships that sail in and out of the Baltic Sea. Its southern coastline resembles the White Cliffs of Dover, Møns Klint and Cape Arkona, but due to a higher degree of sand and lower of chalk, the cliffs are more yellow than white. Almost the entire island consists of a flat agricultural landscape, but elevated like a plateau. Due to the slightly higher altitude, the climate on the island in general is similar to that of the lower terrain coastal areas around Øresund.

The island has three smaller fishing ports: Bäckviken (where small ferries depart to Landskrona), Norreborg and Kyrkbacken. The latter is located at the south-western coast just beneath the old church Sankt Ibb. This coast is known as Backafall.

The island was historically under Danish rule. Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) built two observatories there, Uraniborg and Stjerneborg, during 1576–1596. It is not known if his apprentice Johannes Kepler also spent time at the island.

The Swedish took over control in 1658, as the rest of Scania was ceded to Sweden by the Treaty of Roskilde. The island was not specifically mentioned in the treaty, and according to the Danes it was not part of Scania, but of Zealand and therefore still under Danish rule. The Swedes did not agree with that interpretation, and sent troops to occupy the island on 6 May 1658. The transfer to Sweden was confirmed in 1660 by the Treaty of Copenhagen. The 350th anniversary of this transfer was commemorated on the island in 2010.

Two churches are located on this island. The older one, St Ibb's Church, is located at the top of a hill in the churchyard close to the west coast of the island, overlooking the Danish town of Rungsted. It was built in the 13th century and is a popular church for weddings. The younger church, which has been converted into a museum, is located in the middle of the island, near Uraniborg, one of the two observatories built by the astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Ven has ferries to Landskrona, and, in the summer only, to Helsingborg and Copenhagen. The ferries dock at Bäckviken. The island is a popular tourist place, especially in summer. It is sometimes called "The pearl of Øresund". As the earth is rich in till, it is good for agriculture. Durum wheat and grapes are grown there.


Ven may refer to:

In places:

  • Ven, Heeze-Leende, a hamlet in the Netherlands
  • Ven (Sweden), an island
  • Ven, Tajikistan, a town
  • VEN or Venezuela

In other uses:

  • von Economo neurons, also called spindle neurons
  • Vên, an EP by Eluveitie
  • Ven (currency), the virtual currency used in Hub Culture
  • Venerable or Ven.
  • Ven or Ventus, a character from Kingdom Hearts
  • The ven, a fictional race of near-human beings Houses of the Blooded and other games by John Wick

Vên is the demo by the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie. It was first released on October 18, 2003 as a self-financed project. In August 2004, its remastered version was released under contract with Fear Dark Records. Another re-release came out for spring 2008 through Twilight Records.

Ven (currency)

Ven (sign: VEN) is a global digital currency traded in international financial markets and originally used by members of a social network service, Hub Culture, to buy, share, and trade knowledge, goods, and services. The value of Ven is determined on the financial markets from a basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures. It trades against major currencies at floating exchange rates. Ven is currently listed on the LMAX Exchange.

Usage examples of "ven".

You but your hand in my bocket ven you takes my dinners, my lagers, and my brandies, but I no do vat no shentlemens does.

Blanche Creamer, a lax, tumble-to-pieces, Greuze-ish looking blonde, whom the Widow hated because the men took to her, was purgatoried between the two old Doctors, and could see all the looks that passed between Dick Venner and his cousin.

Ven he hef shtop to run und sit oop soh, bei der hind laigs on, I oop mit der guhn und--bing!

Dudley Venner had a kind of superstition, too, that, if Elsie could only outlive three septenaries, twenty-one years, so that, according to the prevalent idea, her whole frame would have been thrice made over, counting from her birth, she would revert to the natural standard of health of mind and feelings from which she had been so long perverted.

He tried der quality upon dis little scrap of baper, vich he forgot, and vich I kept, mit der intention of giving him back ven I saw him again.

I prognosticated how it voud be, ven the alderman patronised him last veek by throwing avay a whole shilling upon his fooleries.

I ron on ze vay, pot ven taylight came I was afrait zat zey woult catch me, ant I hit myself in ze high corn.

They had made port in Oy sterna ven, but the boat had sunk at dockside.

The estates of Kerhill and Tourn, as well as the title of Lord Kerhill will be settled on my son, Lord Ven, upon his marriage to Lady Sky.

Ese hombre muerto que aborrezco tuvo en su mano cuanto los hombres muertos han visto y ven los que están vivos: las ciudades, climas y reinos en que se divide la tierra, los tesoros ocultos en el centro, las naves que atraviesan el mar, los instrumentos de la guerra, de la música y de la cirugía, las graciosas mujeres, las estrellas fijas y los planetas, los colores que emplean los infieles para pintar sus cuadros aborrecibles, los minerales y las plantas con los secretos y virtudes que encierran, los ángeles de plata cuyo alimento es el elogio y la justificación del Señor, la distribución de los premios en las escuelas, las estatuas de pájaros y de reyes que hay en el corazón de las pirámides, la sombra proyectada por el toro que sostiene la tierra y por el pez que está debajo del toro, los desiertos de Dios el Misericordioso.

Sulliwin, as has five blessed children of her own, can't go out a charing for one arternoon, but what hussies must be a comin', and 'ticing avay her oun' 'usband, as she's been married to twelve year come next Easter Monday, for I see the certificate ven I vas a drinkin' a cup o' tea vith her, only the werry last blessed ven'sday as ever was sent.

Last fall, Ven had been certain that the bear would return to claim it and he had prepared himself to defend it, for under Bellona's tutelage he was already a deft hand with a small bow.

Ven returned to their tent and, when Bellona asked him where he had been, he told her or started to tell her.

Argumentaba, creo, que de igual modo que a la música le está permitido crear un orbe propio de sonidos, la pintura, su hermana, podría ensayar colores y formas que no reprodujeran los de las cosas que nuestros ojos ven.

Was Elsie Venner, poisoned by the venom of a crotalus before she was born, morally responsible for the "volitional" aberrations, which translated into acts become what is known as sin, and, it may be, what is punished as crime?