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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a coping strategy (=a way of coping with something)
▪ Some people use humour as a coping strategy.
a survival strategy
▪ The best survival strategy is to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.
advertising campaign/strategy
▪ a major advertising campaign
▪ the advertising slogan ‘Come alive with Pepsi’
agree a price/plan/strategy etc
▪ We agreed a new four-year contract.
corporate planning/strategy (=the activity of planning what a big company needs to do to succeed)
▪ Roche is the man in charge of corporate planning.
devise a strategy
▪ The region is keen to devise a strategy to develop tourism.
exit strategy
▪ The President convinced people that he had a workable exit strategy to free his forces from the conflict.
formulate a policy/plan/strategy etc
▪ He formulated Labour Party education policy in 1922.
long-term plan/strategy/solution
pursue a policy/strategy
▪ The organization is pursuing a policy of cost cutting.
▪ In this way, the child learns to expand his/ her range of alternative coping strategies.
▪ We were designed to have all sorts of alternative strategies to achieve our ends.
▪ This leaves only two alternative strategies: to flee or to hide.
▪ In the face of such opposition, those managements with the wit to explore alternative strategies have adopted a range of techniques.
▪ For many problems, people rely on drugs rather than seeking alternative coping strategies.
▪ Thus the no-arbitrage condition can be tested with respect to three alternative trading strategies: arbitrage, swaps and trade-the-cheapest.
▪ In Aden the path forward became clear, the alternative strategy was revealed.
▪ States must choose, in industrial policy as in corporate strategy, between diversification and specialisation.
▪ However, goals in Workplace 2000 will be dictated by competitive require-ments and corporate strategy.
▪ He stresses that formal planning can only be one of the many building blocks which determine corporate strategy.
▪ In their view, corporate strategies fail because they consider problems in the external environment but not those internal to the organization.
▪ How they strike a balance between the two is at the heart of corporate strategy.
▪ The test of a competitive strategy is its profitability. Corporate strategy plans the company's cluster of firmlets.
▪ Patents on life-forms are the key to this corporate strategy.
▪ The Shorts 360 specialises on the Jersey - Guernsey shuttle service. Corporate strategy is cautious, slow growth.
▪ Rather, the authors have made a selection and described them fully in order to explain and illustrate several different military strategies.
▪ Microsoft, meanwhile is pursuing a far different on-line strategy of weaving Internet features into its existing product lines.
▪ Information about the circumstances in which different overtaking strategies are employed will also be collected and analysed.
▪ If the system had been built on popular votes rather than the electoral college, each would have pursued a different strategy.
▪ She has developed a slightly different coping strategy which involves returning to work at night when it is quieter.
▪ Maynard Smith tried pitting different genetic strategies against each other in the same way that economists do with different economic strategies.
▪ On the other hand, a player faced with an Empire army would probably adopt a different strategy altogether.
▪ Maynard Smith tried pitting different genetic strategies against each other in the same way that economists do with different economic strategies.
▪ Does government have a community economic development strategy?
▪ Maynard Smith tried pitting different genetic strategies against each other in the same way that economists do with different economic strategies.
▪ What can realistically be accomplished by Community Economic Development strategies and what criteria can be used to determine and evaluate success?
▪ Dole aides have said the candidate may propose broader income tax cuts later this year as part of his long-range economic strategy.
▪ Governments can find their economic strategies in tatters when the markets lose confidence and rush for the exit.
▪ Local economic development strategies divert attention and resources of government away from direct efforts to resolve social problems. 7.
▪ In bureaucratic terms, Armstrong was the keystone in the arch of Heath's economic strategy from the autumn of 1972.
▪ Evaluate effectiveness and economic benefit of strategies to prevent emerging infectious diseases.
▪ This project is expected to contribute to the development of effective health education strategies which are relevant to consumers.
▪ They identified the pitfalls and defined their goals, and selected effective strategies from the array available to them.
▪ On the one side are those that suggest that land reform may be an effective development strategy.
▪ In such situations the most effective managerial strategy may be for the ReD unit to try to gain power within the organization.
▪ An effective preventive strategy which challenged these interests would seriously disrupt or impose great costs on capitalist producers.
▪ I am optimistic, therefore, that they can serve as the basis for an effective Mega long-term strategy.
▪ The marketer must therefore turn his attention to how to identify these factors soas to be able to construct an effective strategy.
▪ And we can share best practices so that every educator and employer does not have to recreate effective strategies from scratch.
▪ Then it may be able to form a national strategy to match the vision.
▪ The Pentagon, with a panel of independent experts about to follow, is reviewing national military strategy.
▪ However, it highlights the clear lack of an agreed national coastal strategy by the Government.
▪ The national strategy unit, led by Howard Webber and Tim Challans, has fused its contrary voices with diplomatic panache.
▪ An outline of the current national economic strategy is provided by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.
▪ The new national strategy must find ways to encourage more challenging and exciting practical science teaching.
▪ But, first, a distinction should be drawn between national grand strategy, Defence policy and current military strategy.
▪ The main aim of the meeting was to discuss how to persuade countries to create their own national strategies for biodiversity protection.
▪ But the new strategy threatens not only combatants, but those coordinating attacks.
▪ But many businesses are devising new strategies as the next millennium closes in.
▪ Brainwave William Waldegrave, the science minister, unveiled the first new government strategy for science and technology for 21 years.
▪ The effective use of new power strategies, albeit awkward at first, encourages their use in the future.
▪ The new national strategy must find ways to encourage more challenging and exciting practical science teaching.
▪ The new strategy was called flexible response.
▪ The new strategies of information control target people even more than in the past, aiming to intimidate them into self-censorship.
▪ A new strategy is clearly needed.
▪ How much importance was attached to these initiatives in terms of overall company strategy? 5.
▪ The 10-year Apple veteran said the company would not unveil an overall Internet strategy at Macworld.
▪ Changes in personnel reflected shifts in overall public health strategy.
▪ Moreover, it alerts us to the fact that short-sighted tactics may thwart the overall strategy.
▪ Some banks manage customers' investment portfolios with the customer and/or bank determining overall investment strategy.
▪ Subjects ranged from site matters to overall company strategy.
▪ Each practice area strategy should also be consistent with the firm's overall strategy.
▪ In the meantime, it is presently developing its overall strategy.
▪ What political strategies and tactics are used to influence budget allocations? 6.
▪ Now, we understand the difference here was largely over political strategy.
▪ As a political strategy it was highly effective, successfully confronting the medical discourse which lay behind regulation.
▪ These overhauls were to have been centerpieces of the Kohl political strategy for 1997.
▪ Few contemporary political strategies are conceived without considerable attention being paid to media considerations.
▪ Why is he always standing in the back there and taking copious notes if he is not planning and writing political strategy?
▪ At first sight it might be quite reasonable for the Labour party to employ the same approach to its political strategy.
▪ When the action slows, however, the novel bogs down in a lot of talk about military and political strategy.
▪ The aim of business strategies is competitive success for financial success.
▪ Newbridge officials said they are working out a business strategy with their prospective partner, whom they declined to name.
▪ It is worth noting that some writers on business strategy are well aware of this problem.
▪ What is the role of your work group in helping your company to implement its business strategy? 9.
▪ Instead they are supposed to discuss future business strategy.
▪ At heart, Sanborns remains a solidly middle-of-the-road company-conservative in its business strategy, middle-class in its marketing approach.
▪ Similarly, other business strategy questions now debated in the boardrooms will define who will be successful in the future.
▪ An emphasis on deciding development strategies at local level, in the light of local circumstances.
▪ Local economic development strategies divert attention and resources of government away from direct efforts to resolve social problems. 7.
▪ On the one side are those that suggest that land reform may be an effective development strategy.
▪ Technology development strategies exhibit a fundamental logical contradiction.
▪ What can realistically be accomplished by Community Economic Development strategies and what criteria can be used to determine and evaluate success?
▪ How were local economic development strategies carried out, what were their outcomes and impacts, and who were their beneficiaries?
▪ The development strategy can be further controlled by specifying a parameter and temporarily removing nodes satisfying from the list of active nodes.
▪ Technology development strategies are designed to pick technology winners.
▪ However, it is an approach that conflicts with traditional investment strategy.
▪ Traders and institutions value anonymity because it enables them to pursue investment strategies without being thwarted by competitors, the groups said.
▪ Each involves subtle differences in the investment strategy of the parties involved.
▪ Indeed, some of the largest institutional money managers catering to wealthy individual investors advertise tax-related investment strategies based on computer models.
▪ The liquidation of the Portfolio removed the necessity to re-examine the investment strategy.
▪ Ralph wants faster growth, so Steinmetz recommends a tougher investment strategy with an 8 percent return.
▪ Some banks manage customers' investment portfolios with the customer and/or bank determining overall investment strategy.
▪ There was no clear pattern to the investment strategies employed by the fund managers who scored best.
▪ Do firms employ investment related marketing strategies?
▪ Using a specific example, show how opinion leaders might be identified and influenced through a marketing strategy.
▪ Under the new marketing strategy, Cray Computer will offer the Cray-3 in two-, four- and eight-processor configurations.
▪ Mr Brown is responsible for marketing strategy, programme development and quality control, while Mr Morse will administer day-to-day operations.
▪ The marketing strategies of banks have been aimed in some cases at attracting young customers, especially the student market.
▪ But only 11-12 percent had prepared a formal marketing strategy or employed a marketing consultant in the past year.
▪ Companies must target significant sectors for their world marketing strategies to attack.
▪ Research can help a company to develop its global marketing strategy.
▪ Another group of plants adopting a similar strategy to the cycads arose at about the same time.
▪ Thus far, Dole has shown no signs of adopting such a strategy.
▪ Companies which utilize an aggressive sales policy, based on personal selling, are said to be adopting a push strategy.
▪ The dental museum has adopted a different strategy.
▪ Several kinds of insects adopt a similar strategy.
▪ The parliamentary debate on the Report showed the Home Secretary adopting a two-pronged strategy in his response.
▪ In the few years that followed, Eliot adopted various strategies to keep his poetry flowing.
▪ On the other hand, a player faced with an Empire army would probably adopt a different strategy altogether.
▪ The Link group acts as a forum for the major environmental issues and agrees strategies to combat existing problems.
▪ He developed a strategy skilfully designed to establish intelligentsia leadership over this revolt.
▪ Women are subjects also, but they have had to develop another strategy to maintain subjectivity.
▪ Too little is done to implement existing preventive knowledge or to develop preventive strategies known to be effective.
▪ Since joining the company in March, Carpenter has developed a strategy to fend off Oakley.
▪ However, these very skills may inhibit working through the important intellectual issues embedded in developing the strategy.
▪ Encourage work-inhibited students to develop their own strategies to improve their own efforts.
▪ Professor Budd's remarks echo a widespread belief in the City that the Government needs to develop a credible monetary strategy.
▪ In the 1980s, the state had developed an aggressive economic-development strategy to support key industries.
▪ To this end he had devised a new strategy: the assault was not to be made by men but by guns.
▪ But many businesses are devising new strategies as the next millennium closes in.
▪ Researching and devising a strategy to build a smaller, smarter civil service is much, much harder work.
▪ Uppermost among them will be how they begin to devise a strategy to defeat a man who is both boxer and puncher.
▪ Rather than worrying about causing a problem, your focus should be on devising a strategy to correct one.
▪ Chelsea chairman Ken Bates has thus devised a two-pronged strategy to beat Cabra.
▪ After considerable grumbling and frustration, Roosevelt devised a different strategy for influencing the court.
▪ As you discuss strategy, address the following three dimensions.
▪ The process began in January 1942 when Churchill and his military leaders came to Washington to discuss strategy.
▪ The chairman of the division and I discussed endlessly what our strategy should be.
▪ Shortly after her election, the local board met to discuss goals and strategies for the year.
▪ Instead they are supposed to discuss future business strategy.
▪ After the Pensacola incident he contacted Ellie Smeal, offering to discuss litigation strategies.
▪ They were there to discuss strategies for slowing down the whirlwind of globalisation.
▪ Strengths and weaknesses were discussed, strategy plotted.
▪ Note that the average payment following the optimal strategy is around three times greater than the average payment following the myopic strategy.
▪ You can follow the same strategy with a preschooler.
▪ Note that the average payment following the optimal strategy is around three times greater than the average payment following the myopic strategy.
▪ Basically, telcos are following two strategies in their expansion: in-territory and out-of-territory.
▪ It was found that key characteristics was by far the most popular strategy, followed by realist strategy.
▪ I taught them the importance of structure but also that structure has to follow strategy.
▪ Ptarmigan seems to be following a strategy similar to that adopted by Mr Wilbraham in 1989.
▪ Now, in a new arena, Harmon appears to be following a similar strategy.
▪ The researcher is there to help the agency formulate the right strategy and the right advertising solution.
▪ They therefore had decided to wait and see how the operations progressed before attempting to formulate subsequent war strategy.
▪ Its aim was to examine scientific evidence on climate change, assess environmental and socio-economic impacts and formulate realistic response strategies.
▪ The exercise itself actively helps you to formulate your aims and strategy for bargaining.
▪ Only one other carpet company has been identified as implementing this strategy.
▪ Some RBOCs are actually implementing only one strategy, some are implementing both.
▪ From that you will develop a training strategy and then be responsible for deciding how to implement that strategy.
▪ The organizations in this study were implementing new strategies and introducing major restructuring.
▪ It also raises some of the problems involved in deciding how best to implement an organization's strategy.
▪ What is the role of your work group in helping your company to implement its business strategy? 9.
▪ Finally, problems and possibilities for implementing these strategies politically will be identified.
▪ Most of the bosses questioned the new managers explicitly about how they intended to implement the new company strategies: 1 Costs!
▪ To woo customers, the company has devised a unique marketing strategy.
▪ During the first year after the marketing strategy took effect, the number of park visitors jumped by 10 percent.
▪ The previous commissioner spent months with us, analysing our game plans and marketing strategy.
▪ Word-of-mouth is their primary marketing strategy.
▪ Working with the Sales and Marketing Departments to devise creative marketing strategies and campaigns; planning and supporting promotional initiatives and opportunities.
▪ The companies' marketing strategies strongly depend upon effective first-line sales managers.
▪ To answer these challenges, any budding access provider will need to develop strong marketing strategies and programs to support future growth.
▪ Before you confirm a venue, plan your strategy for seat occupation in the main hall.
▪ Was the planned strategy carried out, and has it resulted in the objective being met?
▪ With companies now planning their entertainment strategy for the coming year, some will be looking for a more exciting day out.
▪ Even if a perfect solution is not found, the child goes from being passive to planning a strategy and eventually acting.
▪ Can land reform become part of a landscape-level land use planning strategy committed to social as well as environmental justice?
▪ So in the I-way, careful planning and strategy must be coupled with flawless execution.
▪ It never quite worked out as Lenin planned, but his strategy was inherited by Communists after him.
▪ They were expected to plan strategy and execute programs for their work units.
▪ Instead, they pursue a novel identity strategy designed to side-step the potentially problematic issue of nationality.
▪ If the system had been built on popular votes rather than the electoral college, each would have pursued a different strategy.
▪ The personalized nature of disputes caused litigants to pursue all possible legal strategies even when it would have been more rational to compromise.
▪ Traders and institutions value anonymity because it enables them to pursue investment strategies without being thwarted by competitors, the groups said.
▪ Small wonder then, that private financiers did not pursue this strategy.
▪ To return control to those who work down where the rubber meets the road, entrepreneurial leaders pursue a variety of strategies.
▪ For lawyers or accountants the notion of pursuing a flexible strategy towards employment makes a lot of sense.
▪ Key executives make a commitment to pursue a new strategy, only to return to business as usual.
▪ We decided to use a left-to-right strategy in the experiments described in Chapters 4, 5 and 6.
▪ Like many corporations, Hewlett-Packard also guards against wild currency swings and huge losses on overseas deals by using cautious trading strategies.
▪ Tackling truancy Schools reported using a range of strategies to tackle absence from school.
▪ The most frequently used strategy was develop alliances and coalitions.
▪ Note, we do not restrict player A to use a linear strategy.
▪ Preoperational children rarely use a strategy based on reasoning.
▪ They must present their arguments to the public, using whatever honest strategies they consider appropriate.
▪ a strategy to reduce the level of teenage smoking
▪ learning strategies
▪ Murdoch bought several TV stations, as part of his strategy for building a media empire.
▪ The company needs to focus on strategy.
▪ The government has no long-term strategy for reducing crime.
▪ the President's long-term economic strategy
▪ The rebels' strategy of guerrilla warfare has been remarkably successful.
▪ We need a new strategy for increasing our sales in Europe.
▪ We will continue to update our sales strategy.
▪ But ultimately, Ryan said, this would not prove a wise strategy.
▪ Events and issues shape the strategy.
▪ If Son has a grand strategy for extracting more value out of his ragbag of assets, it is hard to spot.
▪ Public entrepreneurs use a number of basic strategies to build mission-driven organizations.
▪ Secondly, it will evaluate the impact of government economic strategies within each area.
▪ The strategies in Axelrod's computer were definitely unconscious.
▪ The final score of a strategy was the sum of the points it gained against all the other strategies.
▪ Try these strategies to prevent these words from ever being uttered:-First, make all rules absolutely clear!
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Strategy \Strat"e*gy\, n. [Gr. ?: cf. F. strat['e]gie. See Stratagem.]

  1. The science of military command, or the science of projecting campaigns and directing great military movements; generalship.

  2. The use of stratagem or artifice.

  3. a plan of action encompassing the methods to be adopted from beginning to end of a task or endeavor, focussing on the general methods; -- contrasted with tactics, which is a plan for accomplishing subgoals of lesser extent than the primary goal. Thus, a strategy is a plan for winning a war, and a tactic is a plan for winning a battle.

  4. Biol. A behavior evolved and exhibited by a living organism to accomplish some important goal, as a foraging strategy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1810, "art of a general," from French stratégie (18c.) and directly from Greek strategia "office or command of a general," from strategos "general, commander of an army," also the title of various civil officials and magistrates, from stratos "multitude, army, expedition, encamped army," literally "that which is spread out" (see structure (n.)) + agos "leader," from agein "to lead" (see act (n.)). In non-military use from 1887.


n. 1 The science and art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of warfare. 2 A plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal.

  1. n. an elaborate and systematic plan of action [syn: scheme]

  2. the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war


Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship") is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. In the sense of the "art of the general", which included several subsets of skills including "tactics", siegecraft, logistics etc., the term came into use in the 6th century C.E. in East Roman terminology, and was translated into Western vernacular languages only in the 18th century. From then until the 20th century, the word "strategy" came to denote "a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a dialectic of wills" in a military conflict, in which both adversaries interact.

Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited. Strategy generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources). This is generally tasked with determining strategy. Strategy can be intended or can emerge as a pattern of activity as the organization adapts to its environment or competes. It involves activities such as strategic planning and strategic thinking.

Henry Mintzberg from McGill University defined strategy as "a pattern in a stream of decisions" to contrast with a view of strategy as planning, while Max McKeown (2011) argues that "strategy is about shaping the future" and is the human attempt to get to "desirable ends with available means". Dr. Vladimir Kvint defines strategy as "a system of finding, formulating, and developing a doctrine that will ensure long-term success if followed faithfully."

Strategy (game theory)

In game theory, player's strategy is any of the options he or she can choose in a setting where the outcome depends not only on his own actions but on the action of others. A player's strategy will determine the action the player will take at any stage of the game.

The strategy concept is sometimes (wrongly) confused with that of a move. A move is an action taken by a player at some point during the play of a game (e.g., in chess, moving white's Bishop a2 to b3). A strategy on the other hand is a complete algorithm for playing the game, telling a player what to do for every possible situation throughout the game.

A strategy profile (sometimes called a strategy combination) is a set of strategies for all players which fully specifies all actions in a game. A strategy profile must include one and only one strategy for every player.

Strategy (TV series)

Strategy is a Canadian game show television series which aired on CBC Television in 1969, with Alex Trebek as host, accompanied by announcer Jay Nelson and model Dee Miles. The half-hour series was broadcast weekdays at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern time) from 1 April to 7 October 1969.

Strategy (card game)

Strategy is a solitaire card game which uses a deck of 52 playing cards. It belongs to the same family as Sir Tommy and Calculation, and this can be regarded as the more difficult cousin of Sir Tommy.

The cards in the deck are dealt one at a time. Aces, whenever they appear, are placed onto the foundations and are built up by suit. Cards that cannot yet be built are placed on any one of eight wastepiles, the top cards of which are available for play. Once a card is placed on a wastepile, the next place it will go is to foundations; it cannot be moved to another wastepile.

The game finishes after all cards are dealt to the wastepiles and all appropriate cards are built. The game is won when all cards end up in the foundations.

Category:Single-deck solitaire card games

Strategy (disambiguation)

A strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.

Strategy may also refer to:

In biology:

  • Evolutionarily stable strategy

In business:

  • Corporate strategy, a series of top-level management decisions which help navigate the direction of the corporation in terms of products, markets, promotion and price levels
  • Business strategy, the art and science of enabling an organization to achieve its objective
    • Marketing strategy, a process that allows an organization to increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage
    • Technology strategy, a document that explains how information technology should be used as part of a business strategy
    • Digital strategy, the process of specifying an organization's processes to deploy online assets
  • Trading strategy, a predefined set of rules to apply in finance
  • Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company, an American consulting firm

In geopolitics and military planning:

  • Geostrategy, a foreign policy guided principally by geographical factors pertaining to political and military planning
  • Grand strategy, military strategy at the level of an entire nation state or empire's resources
  • Military strategy, planning the conduct of warfare
  • Naval strategy
  • Nuclear strategy
  • Strategy, a classic text on military strategy by B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Fabian strategy

In gaming:

  • Strategy game, a game in which the players' decision-making skills determine the outcome, rather than chance
    • Strategy video game, a video game in which the players' long-term planning skills determine the outcome, rather than reflexes
  • Strategy (game theory), a complete plan of action in a game or a business situation
    • Mixed strategy, a game theory strategy which chooses randomly between possible moves
  • Strategy (game), a solitaire card game
  • Chess strategy, the evaluation of positions and setting up goals and tactics in chess
  • American football strategy
  • Poker strategy


  • Strategy (album) by the band Level 42
  • Strategy pattern, a computer science design pattern
  • Strategy (TV series), a 1969 Canadian television game show
  • Strategy Safari, by Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand and Joseph Lampel.
  • Coping strategies in psychology, to solve problems and minimize or tolerate stress or conflict

Usage examples of "strategy".

The problem with all of this is that the whole strategy is dangerous and antithetical to our strategic circumstances with Iraq.

In short, we the hosts can either change our strategies about assimilating the immigrant flood or, alternatively, remain unchanged but dam the source of the deluge and do so under legal auspices.

While his claque was applauding, the three judges huddled in strategy.

On this third evening, as the dark sands of Barchan gradually cooled, the Pursuit Team settled down to its first strategy session.

If you are looking for a strategy to use in confrontations with policemen that will guarantee you an expensive ticket, talking to them in Blamer Mode like this is certainly it.

Unable to think of any other strategy, she kept Blotchy moving steadily forward.

Until Brian Boru had wiped away alternate succession, and the divisiveness it engendered, with sword and strategy.

As he left his office and walked across the lawn the Bursar reviewed the strategy he had decided on during the night.

Although the specifics have been updated in light of current technology, and the strategy is all my personal invention, the essential philosophy behind our operation comes courtesy of my late business associate Auric, who rather explosively departed this veil of tears several years ago.

The invention of formal arithmetic and symbolic logic, both mathematicizing the instinctive strategies of human reason, making them as distinct and solid as geometric proofs.

If the merrow had the time and wit to consider the matter, it might have realized the folly of this strategy.

At first they seemed indifferent, for they were absolute fatalists, but her strategy of mollification meant they no longer pointed their guns at the prisoners while they slept, and their weapons, wrapped in cloths, were kept out of sight behind the television.

Aside from the hands-on things one learns about dogs, dog care, dog gear, racing strategy, and the like, there is also a body of knowledge that comes to the musher seconthand, by-products of the life dogs have caused the musher to lead.

Two nights ago, he had fought a terrific battle and had won it, saving the lives of others through tactics that had outmastered the strategy of Shiwan Khan.

Inspired by earlier works of Duff, Hull, Townsend, and building on insights of Schwarz, the Indian physicist Ashok Sen, and others, Witten announced a strategy for transcending the perturbative understanding of string theory.