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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a single/sole exception (=one on its own)
▪ All the men were killed, with the sole exception of Captain Jones.
lemon sole
sb's only/sole concern
▪ Rick's only concern was having a good time at the weekend.
sole command (=not shared with anyone)
▪ He was in sole command of a small military unit.
sole custody (=only one parent has it)
▪ The mother got sole custody because of the father's violence.
sole provider (=the only one)
▪ A widow, she is the sole provider for her family.
sole responsibility (=not shared with others)
▪ The financial director has sole responsibility for financial matters.
sole survivor (=only survivor)
▪ She was the sole survivor of the massacre.
the sole criterion (=the only one)
▪ Examination results are still seen as the sole criterion of success in education.
the sole of your foot (=the base of your foot, that you walk on)
▪ The soles of her feet were aching from the long walk.
the sole purpose
▪ I used to bake cakes for the sole purpose of giving them away.
▪ On his arrest for burglary, he admitted to all his previous offences with the sole aim of obtaining a custodial sentence.
▪ This emphasised that after military government was terminated the civil Governor would return to function as sole authority until December 1948.
▪ The Reformation accelerated this process, even though the Bible had become the primary if not the sole authority of the churches.
▪ Its sole authority is that of the United Nations Organisation itself.
▪ Rabbani was the sole candidate for the post.
▪ While it was not the sole cause of this, the poll tax was undoubtably the most important single factor.
▪ But sometimes fear is the sole cause.
▪ In addition suboptimal dietary iron intake was found in many of the patients though this was seldom the sole cause for anaemia.
▪ This does not necessarily mean that the cholesterol is the cause, or certainly not the sole cause, of heart attacks.
▪ As a fair-minded man, you must accept that women are treated as if they are the sole cause of illegitimacy.
▪ The defect need not be the sole cause of the damage.
▪ By keeping the Defence Ministry for himself, Barak has indicated that he intends to take sole charge of the peace process.
▪ But his trial continues on the sole charge alleging manslaughter.
▪ Perhaps Elena thought that if she was in sole charge she could make a proper tyrant out of him.
▪ Moreover, he was in sole charge of a relatively new branch office.
▪ He had more or less sole charge of the twenty-seven boys in the boarding section.
▪ By contrast, the writer is in sole control of the planning of the text.
▪ Assertions that intention is the sole criterion of validity are few, suspect, and found only in post-classical texts.
▪ But many borrowers choose an appealing discount deal as the sole criterion when they take out a loan.
▪ A criterion of instant and obvious utility can not be the sole criterion for the inclusion of items in the school curriculum.
▪ Thus age should not be the sole criterion for withholding aggressive treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in older patients.
▪ The sole criterion is the market price of the land.
▪ Britain seems to be the sole exception to this democratic path.
▪ The sole exception, Eros, found in 1898, closely approaches Earth.
▪ Almost the sole exception was a young Deputy called Pierre Laval.
▪ The sole exception was Coventry, a much larger city that was no real comparison with Colchester.
▪ Under the laws, the referee is the sole judge of fact and laws during a match.
▪ In other words, are the Houses the sole judges of the correctness of the judges' behaviour, or not?
▪ It follows therefore that if the sole member is also a director, he or she can not be the secretary.
▪ Scripps became the sole owner of more than 6, 000 acres in 1907.
▪ The company issued each purchaser with a document confirming that the purchaser was the sole owner of the wine he had purchased.
▪ Fat Herman had been sole owner of the Hotsy until Jack Diamond decided to join him as a fifty-fifty partner.
▪ Dunlop refused and for the first time revealed that he considered himself to be the sole owner of the horse.
▪ James Archer, Managing Director, sole owner of company.
▪ Since becoming sole owner of the family tailoring business, William had built it up very successfully.
▪ Normally only appropriate where significant reliance has had to be placed on management who are not the sole owners of the business.
▪ They arrived with a national ranking and sole possession of the number two slot in the Pac-10.
▪ It means Oregon is in sole possession of second place in the Pac-10.
▪ If the two-tier board structure were used, then the management board would have the sole power of day-to-day management.
▪ The Institute believes that sole practice should continue to be permitted, but with extra safeguards.
▪ The sole practitioners audited three companies with a full listing, and one company quoted on the Unlisted Securities Market.
▪ It is clear that two main concerns animated sole practitioners themselves on this subject.
▪ A recent hearing of the Disciplinary Tribunal highlighted the dangers, albeit in a case involving two sole practitioners.
▪ Comment 59% of respondents disagreed with this proposal, 82% of whom were sole practitioners.
▪ Thirdly, there was general confusion about how the suggestion might apply to sole practitioners.
▪ In contrast, medium-sized firms in particular thought the requirement should be aimed specifically at sole practitioners and firms in breach.
▪ A number argued that an outright ban should be introduced on the holding of client money by sole practitioners.
▪ On the facts, however, the accused was not the sole proprietor.
▪ With his broken-down truck and borrowed electricity, Carvel was the prototypical sole proprietor.
▪ Explain the difference between a sole proprietorship and a partnership.
▪ A sole proprietorship is a separate organization with a single owner, such as small shops and professional businesses.
▪ As the name implies, the sole proprietorship is owned and operated by a single individual.
▪ What are the differences between a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company?
▪ Additional disadvantages of the sole proprietorship include certain tax disadvantages.
▪ A partnership shares most of the advantages and disadvantages of the sole proprietorship.
▪ Their sole purpose was to kill, by any means, provided the end result was the death of the chosen victim.
▪ The sole purpose of marriage, then, is to bear and raise kids?
▪ From then on, many changed banks, with the sole purpose of giving their previous firm a run for its money.
▪ She believes he bought this property from Durance with the sole purpose of turning out the others.
▪ These are corporations deliberately set up, taken over, or controlled for the explicit and sole purpose of executing criminal activity.
▪ Its sole purpose was the development of the Sturmabteilungen.
▪ The whole school seemed to have been designed with the sole purpose of freezing all the pupils to death.
▪ However, this is not a study of symphonic forms, and our sole purpose is to indicate the situation.
▪ The sole reason for the breach was the plaintiff's omission to use the equipment.
▪ They are there for the sole reason that they bring farmers huge subsidies.
▪ Shropshire has been chosen as the sole representative for Britain.
▪ In the 200 metres Britain's sole representative, teenager Ade Mafe, finished eighth.
▪ Tom was the sole representative of his side of the family, but what about all the other cousins?
▪ Fulham became London's sole representatives in the second round when they beat Bath 2-1 at Craven Cottage.
▪ There have even been attempts to pressurise Desmond Haynes, the island's sole representative, into joining the boycott.
▪ I was the sole representative of the general practitioners.
▪ From the moment you take the big glass off my hands you will have the sole responsibility for it.
▪ The federal government has sole responsibility to enforce immigration laws, including the prevention of illegal entries into the United States.
▪ What I mean is, women are vulnerable when they are housewives because they also have sole responsibility for childcare at home.
▪ Education is not considered the sole responsibility of the schools.
▪ The Church is still beset by those who believe that its ministry is the sole responsibility of the clergy.
▪ She's matched with a somewhat feckless husband and has the sole responsibility for a large family.
▪ But the important decisions ... well, it stands to reason that these would be the sole responsibility of the man.
▪ And for de Gaulle each state should have the sole right to decide what its vital interests might be.
▪ Other health care professions are subordinate to the organised autonomy of doctors who claim sole rights of diagnosis and treatment.
▪ The Commission's sole right to propose legislation remained untouched.
▪ No wonder male chauvinists want to reclaim the sole right to do so.
▪ For a moment longer, raw gaze and taste and smell were his sole sources of wisdom.
▪ The sump was the sole source of water for drinking and washing.
▪ The quantum mechanical formalism itself is left as the sole source of insight.
▪ I wanted to be the sole source of their happiness.
▪ These students would then, no doubt, be accused of depriving immigrants of their sole source of livelihood.
▪ In the small coal communities, the pit was as often as not the sole source of wage-earning incomes.
▪ When the MoD was the sole source of information, the press could only speculate as to the veracity of its statements.
▪ Here archaeology is usually the sole source of information.
▪ The cast's sole survivor from the great Minstrel days says that's a shame.
▪ General Electric is the sole survivor from the original index.&038;.
▪ The sole survivor, Barry O'Shaughnessy, 19, was seriously ill in hospital last night.
▪ Stewart walked off with the look of one who was the sole survivor of a particularly nasty plane crash.
▪ Bumboy not only won: it was more or less the sole survivor.
▪ It is in this latter style that the sole survivor, 167 - has been restored for the Centenary celebrations.
▪ I am the sole survivor of my family.
▪ We can also book twin or double rooms in nearby houses for your sole use for a £55 supplement.
▪ Supplements per person per night: Double room for sole use £15.95.
▪ Arthur will retain sole ownership of the company.
▪ Everyone ignored my sole contribution to the conversation.
▪ I think he came here with the sole intention of causing trouble.
▪ NASA's sole concern was the safety of the astronauts.
▪ The sole purpose of his trip was to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall.
▪ the sole survivor of the crash
▪ Also, although productive efficiency is the central, it is not the sole issue where these matters are concerned.
▪ Ciba-Geigy Plastics has appointed Plastic Technology Service as sole distributor for small lot quantities of its range of engineering plastics.
▪ Other health care professions are subordinate to the organised autonomy of doctors who claim sole rights of diagnosis and treatment.
▪ The sole unit, quiet, with a separate outside entrance, sleeps four to five and has a kitchen.
▪ The quantum mechanical formalism itself is left as the sole source of insight.
▪ The validity of product measures as the sole form of evaluation can be considered at a number of levels.
▪ The Virbram sole unit could do with a little more rigidity for scrambling, but provides good adhesion for walking on all surfaces.
▪ Moving soundlessly on his thick rubber soles, he ghosted swiftly down to the lowest platform.
Rubber heels squelch and rubber soles squish Rain water from buildings descends without.
▪ Henry walked across the glossy tiled floor, his rubber soles squeaking.
▪ Besides menu costs, economists also discuss shoe-leather costs, because inflation makes people run around more, wearing down their soles.
▪ Moving soundlessly on his thick rubber soles, he ghosted swiftly down to the lowest platform.
▪ The soles of her feet were feathery soft.
▪ The floorboards struck ice up through the unprotected soles of her feet.
▪ The rain, still fresh on the grass, began to seep through the soles of his boots.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sole \Sole\, n. [F. sole, L. solea; -- so named from its flat shape. See Sole of the foot.] (Zo["o]l.)

  1. Any one of several species of flatfishes of the genus Solea and allied genera of the family Soleid[ae], especially the common European species ( Solea vulgaris), which is a valuable food fish.

  2. Any one of several American flounders somewhat resembling the true sole in form or quality, as the California sole ( Lepidopsetta bilineata), the long-finned sole ( Glyptocephalus zachirus), and other species.

    Lemon, or French, sole (Zo["o]l.), a European species of sole ( Solea pegusa).

    Smooth sole (Zo["o]l.), the megrim.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bottom of the foot" ("technically, the planta, corresponding to the palm of the hand," Century Dictionary), early 14c., from Old French sole, from Vulgar Latin *sola, from Latin solea "sandal, bottom of a shoe; a flatfish," from solum "bottom, ground, foundation, lowest point of a thing" (hence "sole of the foot"), of uncertain origin. In English, the meaning "bottom of a shoe or boot" is from late 14c.


"single, alone, having no husband or wife; one and only, singular, unique," late 14c., from Old French soul "only, alone, just," from Latin solus "alone, only, single, sole; forsaken; extraordinary," of unknown origin, perhaps related to se "oneself," from PIE reflexive root *swo- (see so).


common European flatfish, mid-13c., from Old French sole, from Latin solea "a kind of flatfish," originally "sandal" (see sole (n.1)); so called from resemblance of the fish to a flat shoe.


"furnish (a shoe) with a sole," 1560s, from sole (n.1). Related: Soled; soling.


Etymology 1 n. (context dialectal or obsolete English) A wooden band or yoke put around the neck of an ox or cow in the stall. Etymology 2

alt. (context dialectal Northern England English) A pond or pool; a dirty pond of standing water. n. (context dialectal Northern England English) A pond or pool; a dirty pond of standing water. Etymology 3

alt. (context transitive UK dialectal English) To pull by the ears; to pull about; haul; lug. vb. (context transitive UK dialectal English) To pull by the ears; to pull about; haul; lug. Etymology 4

  1. 1 only 2 (context legal English) unmarried (especially of a woman); widowed. Etymology 5

    n. 1 (label en anatomy) The bottom or plantar surface of the foot. 2 (label en footwear) The bottom of a shoe or boot. 3 (context obsolete English) The foot itself. 4 Solea solea, a flatfish of the family ''Soleidae''. 5 The bottom or lower part of anything, or that on which anything rests in standing. 6 # The bottom of the body of a plough; the slade. 7 # The bottom of a furrow. 8 # The horny substance under a horse's foot, which protects the more tender parts. 9 # (context military English) The bottom of an embrasure. 10 # (context nautical English) A piece of timber attached to the lower part of the rudder, to make it even with the false keel. 11 (context mining English) The seat or bottom of a mine; applied to horizontal veins or lodes. v

  2. (context transitive English) to put a sole on (a shoe or boot)

  1. adj. not divided or shared with others; "they have exclusive use of the machine"; "sole rights of publication" [syn: exclusive, sole(a)]

  2. being the only one; single and isolated from others; "the lone doctor in the entire county"; "a lonesome pine"; "an only child"; "the sole heir"; "the sole example"; "a solitary instance of cowardice"; "a solitary speck in the sky" [syn: lone(a), lonesome(a), only(a), sole(a), solitary(a)]

  1. n. the underside of footwear or a golfclub

  2. lean flesh of any of several flatfish [syn: fillet of sole]

  3. the underside of the foot

  4. right-eyed flatfish; many are valued as food; most common in warm seas especially European


v. put a new sole on; "sole the shoes" [syn: resole]


Sole may refer to:

  • Sole (foot), the bottom of the foot
  • Sole (shoe), the bottom supporting member of the shoe
Sole (hip hop artist)

James Timothy "Tim" Holland Jr. (born September 25, 1977), better known by his stage nameSole, is an American underground hip hop artist from Portland, Maine. He is one of eight co-founders of the record label Anticon. He has been a member of the groups Northern Exposure, Live Poets, Deep Puddle Dynamics, So-Called Artists, Da Babylonianz, Sole and the Skyrider Band and Waco Boyz.

Sole (currency)

The sole was a unit of currency in Argentina and Bolivia during the 19th century, equivalent to the real. The name sole was used alongside real in Argentina, whilst in Bolivia it replaced the real in 1827 and circulated until decimalization in 1864.

Category:Modern obsolete currencies


Tonya M. Lumpkin (born Tonya M. Johnston; July 17, 1973) is an American rapper from Kansas City, Missouri, better known by her stage name, Solé.

Sole (fish)

Sole is a fish belonging to several families. Generally speaking, they are members of the family Soleidae, but, outside Europe, the name sole is also applied to various other similar flatfish, especially other members of the sole suborder Soleoidei as well as members of the flounder family. In European cookery, there are several species which may be considered true soles, but the common or Dover sole Solea solea, often simply called the sole, is the most esteemed and most widely available.

Sole (foot)

The sole is the bottom of the foot.

In humans the sole of the foot is anatomically referred to as the plantar aspect. The equivalent surface in ungulates is the hoof.

Solé (surname)

Solé is a French and Spanish surname.

  • :fr:Jean Solé (1948) known as Solé, a French comics artist
  • Julien Solé (1971), known as :fr:Julien/CDM, French comics artist, son of Jean Solé
  • :fr:Pedro Solé (1905-1982), joueur et entraîneur de football espagnol ;
  • Robert Solé (1946), French writer and journalist
  • :fr:Jordi Solé Tura (1930-2009), Spanish politician

Usage examples of "sole".

That determination had become an obsession now, which he recognized for what it was-the sole reason for his survival and for his recently taken decision firstly to be accepted as a reformed and model prisoner at Port Arthur and secondly to abscond therefrom.

A great many expressions of kindred tenor might easily be adduced, leaving it hardly possible to doubt as indeed we are not aware that any one does doubt that many of the Jews literally held that sin was the sole cause of bodily dissolution.

O thou, my squire, amiable companion of my favorable and adverse adventures, take note and fix in thy mind what thou wilt see me do here, so that thou mayest recount and relate it to the sole cause of all my actions!

He further donated to the monks of Nogent for their sole use the rights to the fish in the river Ailette over a given distance from the Rue de Brasse to the Pont St.

On rare occasions one or other of us had sight of the Cavaliere Aquamorta, who maintained the same magnificence at the Albergo del Sole, and was reputed to be making large sums with his faro-bank.

When I came to look at my third basket, judge my dismay to find that it was addressed to the Cavaliere Aquamorta, at the Albergo del Sole.

Then there was a small library of other books, including a medical lexicon published in London and an almanac beginning at the year 1731, the Holy Bible, ink, pens and writing paper, a box of watercolours and brushes, reams of fine-quality drawing paper, knitting needles and wool, a roll of soft tanned leather from which to make the uppers for footwear- the soles would be cut from buffalo rawhide.

She took ambergris from her pack and crumbled it, rubbed the waxy green granules into the soles of her feet, her wrists.

Marianna had given a big party with wine from her cellars and many different kinds of fish: from mackerel and amberjack roasted over the embers to small boiled squid, from stuffed sardines to baked sole.

Pawnbroker Fang, who will sell the root to somebody like the Ancestress, who will squat like a huge venomous toad upon a folk deity whose sole purpose in life is to aid the pure in heart.

One of the strongest instances of an animal apparently performing an action for the sole good of another, with which I am acquainted, is that of aphides voluntarily yielding their sweet excretion to ants: that they do so voluntarily, the following facts show.

Rapidly, she ordered sole angelique for them both, artichoke hearts, mushrooms tarragon, and green salad with vinaigrette dressing.

A pencil, drawn over the sole of the foot, occasioned a visible shrinking movement, and, on looking once more at the eyes, I detected a slight change that told me that the atropine was beginning to take effect.

Many businesses rely on static passwords as the sole means of authentication for remote users.

She called me her sole friend, her only protector, and in speaking of her grief in not being able to see me any more whilst she remained in the convent, she begged me to remain faithful to her dear friend.