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sole proprietors

n. (sole proprietor English)

Usage examples of "sole proprietors".

A lot of them are sole proprietors, don't have the time or expertise, or access to the right resources.

The wealth, whose constant increase must have rendered them the sole proprietors of the earth, was alternately bestowed by the repentant father and plundered by the rapacious son: their persons were adored or violated.

It was probably the Eschaton's heavy-handed idea of a joke: a group called the space settlers' society had found themselves the sole proprietors of a frigid, barely terraformed asteroid, with a year's supply of oxygen and some heavy engineering equipment for company.

The patriarch, now Rhodan's greatest enemy after his rebuff, knew only one goal: annexing the Solar Imperium with Arkon and making his clan sole proprietors of the export-import business.

They learned the name of the planet and the technical name for the wave-train entities which had inherited it and which would shortly be its sole proprietors.