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The Collaborative International Dictionary
smooth sole

Scaldfish \Scald"fish`\, n. [Scald, a. + fish.] (Zo["o]l.) A European flounder ( Arnoglossus laterna, or Psetta arnoglossa); -- called also megrim, and smooth sole.

smooth sole

n. A kind of flatfish, the megrim.

Usage examples of "smooth sole".

It was slow, dreamy and peaceftil, his body mine as much as mine was his, so that I curled my foot round his leg and felt both smooth sole and hairy shin, felt callused palm and tender flesh, was knife and sheath together, the rhNthm of our movement that of one heart beating.

With a smooth sole, you could easily tell which was deeper, but even that was not proof that the deeper one was made first, given the fact that people walk differently and are of different weights.