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Dover sole

Dover sole refers to two species of flatfish:

  • The common sole, Solea solea, found in European waters, the "Dover sole" of European cookery.
  • Microstomus pacificus, found in the northeastern Pacific and called "Dover sole" along the Pacific coast of America.

Usage examples of "dover sole".

They naturally fell into conversation: it was a conversation of no very great importance, bearing chiefly on the weather, the strong likelihood of rain later in the day, the appetite engendered by sea-air, and the difference between the true Dover sole and upstarts from the German Ocean, but it was pleasant, harmless and friendly.

McCrae, Canon Pennyfather's housekeeper, had ordered a Dover sole for the evening of his return.

I do apologize for this fish,' he added, making a delicate incision in a slice of Dover sole.

The lemonade could have used a little sugar to make up for not having no lemons, and with no ketchup to bring out the subtle nuances of flavor in the Dover sole, I decided they sold the leftovers to cobblers who had appropriated the word for shoe bottoms.

Those items were all in evidence, but they were accompanied by roast beef, Dover sole, and a variety of pastries and tarts that boggled the mind.

There'll be tangerines too, and casaba melons, honeydews, filet of Dover sole, baked Alaska, and cockles and mussels.