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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a CD player (=a piece of equipment for playing CDs)
▪ She switched off the CD player.
a chess player
▪ Today, many chess players have online games.
a cricket player
▪ He used to be a professional cricket player.
a football player
▪ Like many little boys, his ambition was to be a football player.
a key player
▪ He won’t leave key players out of the team.
a piano player
bit player
▪ Although he was NRC chairman, Hervey was strictly a bit player in government.
cassette player
CD player
compact disc player
MP3 player
MP4 player
player piano
portable media player
radio-cassette player
record player
team player
▪ He was a good businessman, but never a team player.
▪ There are enough big money players cut down in their prime to give the new boy nightmares.
▪ The multimillionaire has slowly faded from the industry in the past decade but has been eager to be a big player again.
▪ Encouraged by the new legislation, he sought to become a big player on the local production scene.
▪ Millard may well be the biggest player in Division I basketball this season.
▪ Round-table talks, bringing together the heads of the republics and other big players, could lower the tension.
▪ The selloff in tech stocks happened, and the big players at aggressive growth funds started buying REITs.
▪ Even some of the bigger players are cautious.
▪ The slowdown has dented the bottom lines of some of the biggest players in the market.
▪ By close observation we can also detect two classes of players amongst our best piano players.
▪ Ironically, most of his better players fled anyway and the great teams of 1971-75 were quickly reduced to non-contenders.
▪ Steffi Graf is the best woman player of all time.
▪ Rice is rated the better pass rusher, Hardy the better all-around player.
▪ Personally I think Rocky's a better player than White.
▪ They got some pretty good players in this division.
▪ I think Shutt is a very good player, and I m happy with that deal.
▪ We still have lots of good players.
▪ But Fifa's latest proposals concede greater powers to players and consequently give little protection to the clubs.
▪ Parker, for all his reputation as an iconoclast and innovator, was one of the greatest blues players ever.
▪ He learned a lot then, and he is now maturing into a great player.
▪ His value only is to a team that believes it is one great player away from a title.
▪ Hence our shortage of great players.
▪ Phil was a great player in college.
▪ A few days before he had been witnessed on a squash court with the greatest player in the sport's history.
▪ Was he a greater football player than he was a hero?
▪ If communities there are to survive, women are the key players.
▪ Principals are key players and are encouraged to take the lead to ensure that identification procedures are implemented.
▪ Dale Baker and David Gibson are now key players in Bright's new look side, both made 70's.
▪ In the 1930s, they were key players in lettuce strikes in Salinas.
▪ The series dramatized the struggle by portraying the key players on both sides and probing their motives and strategies.
▪ Therefore, they were key players in those new integrated teams.
▪ All the major players now offer a range of minimum price contracts, which will use options and futures indirectly.
▪ Three of the six were major players.
▪ Heavy investment and brand support is promised by all the major players this year.
▪ To their surprise, many then become major players within their academic settings.
▪ Software houses will be the target and major players like Lotus Development and Borland are reportedly starting to kick Bristol's tyres.
▪ Enron is expected to be a major player in the new California market.
▪ Saatchi people always know the value of mixing it with major international players.
▪ That means they could go after high-priced, proven major league players.
▪ At four or five-all in games, other players lapse their concentration.
▪ Six other players could miss the final if cautioned again.
▪ By contrast opinion in the occupied territories concerning these other players was hardening rather than softening.
▪ He left the field wide open for whatever the other players in this charming charade might suggest.
▪ As ever, what happens depends upon the other player.
▪ He is best left alone, and needs neither help nor interference from other players.
▪ Even the other players stopped to watch.
▪ When he took up the game, there were no other young players around.
▪ The move is more about eliminating boundaries, developing best practice, and working together as team players.
▪ Now, it was being brought home, one manager said, that they were expected to be team players.
▪ Both, though, are team players, rather than individuals, and they should dovetail impressively into the Wigan set-up.
▪ But I became sort of a team player, although still pretty radical.
▪ How do you get on with your colleagues-are you an active team-player?
▪ Jody wants Red to be more of a team player.
▪ But she is a team player, and she knows what to say.
▪ Can employees continue to be team players if they are rewarded only for individual performance?
▪ The Eagles have infuriated their fans by letting top quality players join the free-agency merry-go-round.
▪ It seems that they are designed and marketed to challenge the world's top players to the extreme.
▪ Read in studio One of the world's top snooker players has been gracing an unlikely stage.
▪ How can we attract players to the sport if a top class player is advocating potentially dangerous play?
▪ This is Sue Wright, one of the world's top squash players.
▪ It means he can not meet another top eight player until the quarter-finals.
▪ He will tell you he has been left a better player and a better person.
▪ Even amid so much emotional and physical upheaval, however, Maxwell made himself a better player.
▪ As to Levi being a better all-round player, let's go to our year-end statistics.
▪ Ironically, most of his better players fled anyway and the great teams of 1971-75 were quickly reduced to non-contenders.
▪ Now it's rarely the case that the replacement is actually a better player than the so-called old fellow.
▪ Nick Faldo may be a better player, but Ballesteros is a better golfer.
▪ You will discover, especially with the better players, that particular drills are valuable in ironing out their weaknesses.
▪ Although Meriwether was by far the better player of the game, in a single hand anything could happen.
▪ He was the young player who had made such an impression on me during my year on the amateur tour.
▪ Whiting had 18 points, and consistently frustrated the Lasers' young post players.
▪ She was in East Kilbride to give a masterclass to promising young players.
▪ If numbers continue to increase it is hoped to institute a training Wind Band for younger players.
▪ The pull down menus make the game easy to play and the smooth animation help keep the interest of younger players.
▪ This led to young players being drafted into top-class soccer before their abilities had had time to mature.
▪ Jamie, 18, is Boro's young player of the year while Sean, also 18, plays for the Quakers.
▪ Afterwards he told me that one or two of the younger players in the orchestra had never played the overture before.
▪ Read in studio Oxford University has been banned from fielding one of its best-ever basketball players ... because she's a woman.
▪ In another episode, Sanger directed an actor whose son is another former Montclair Prep basketball player.
▪ Along with rap artists and basketball players, these are the black men the black boys look up to.
▪ She then became a star basketball player in high school, taking her team to the state championship.
▪ Smith went on to the University of Kansas as a basketball player and then on to his legendary coaching career.
▪ We look at lots and lots of basketball players.
▪ Bradley, a Hall of Fame pro basketball player, first gained prominence as a college hoops star at Princeton.
▪ She had to be a basketball player.
▪ Anyone with a home cassette player can testify to the questionable long-term durability of tape recordings.
▪ Some studies of portable cassette players found that test subjects used headphones at levels ranging from 65-112 decibels.
▪ You may want to install a few luxuries like a portable television, radio / cassette player or a telephone extension.
▪ One reason cassette players and other consumer electronics are played so loud, Hull said, is the phenomenon of auditory adaption.
▪ The amount of explosive hidden in the radio cassette player which destroyed the aircraft was not detectable by any X-ray equipment.
▪ Gao Ma kept a smal cassette player in his pocket, listening to it with earphones.
▪ She put a tape in the cassette player but didn't hear the music.
▪ They stole a television, compact disc player, an amplifier and some speakers, worth a total of £900.
▪ One often felt assaulted, as if the volume had been turned up on a cheap compact disc player.
▪ We've fitted a compact disc player and protected it with a new security system.
▪ You might also want to add a cassette tape player or compact disc player, neither of which the tester had.
▪ It will also control lighting, curtains and the audio system with compact disc player.
▪ We designed motorized shopping carts with everything from compact disc players to built-in price scanners.
▪ Read in studio Now, imagine being able to show a feature film on your television from an ordinary compact disc player.
▪ Today, portable optical disc players are also emerging.
▪ They made our football players look a bit weak because of all the big shoulder pads and everything.
▪ You can even call an acrobat or a football player great.
▪ In the first case, a 17-year-old high school football player struck his head on the ground while being tackled.
▪ He was a star athlete at Springfield College, a football player and track-and-field star.
▪ One more jarring landing on an injury that would have sent football players four times her size hobbling to the bench.
▪ The football player explained patiently to anyone who would listen that the name was chosen for him, not by him.
▪ Middlesbrough will offer new contracts in the summer to full back Jimmy Phillips and midfield player Mark Proctor.
▪ The game also allowed the long-running feud between Limpar and Derby midfield player Mark Pembridge to continue.
▪ Boro midfield player Graham Kavanagh was voted the best player in the tournament.
▪ Then again I think to enable Speed and Macca to get forward we need a holding midfield player.
▪ Pool are helping former Newcastle United midfield player Michael Parkinson to recover from injury.
▪ As an advanced midfield player he s ok, but as an out and out striker ... Please!!
▪ The midfield player broke an arm during the midweek draw with Arsenal and will be in plaster for six weeks.
▪ The Wimbledon midfield player officially lodged an appeal with the Football Association against his £20,000 fine and six-month suspended ban.
▪ Hatton said something about buying him a record player for a wedding present.
▪ There was a thumping noise coming from above that was a record player.
▪ She sold her record player to Eric from the top floor.
▪ But we didn't have a record player, so every night we'd get it out and look at it.
▪ There was no television set, no record player, not even a radio.
▪ We cleared the old billiard room of furniture and put on the record player, and danced reels.
▪ There was a crash downstairs as some one knocked the record player over.
▪ Even now, record players and radios could be heard.
▪ He was of International standard as a rugby player and captain of cricket.
▪ He was a promising young rugby player, either at full-back or three-quarter.
▪ First, that rugby players are a highly intelligent, dedicated and wise bunch.
▪ It was hardly a situation conducive to producing a relaxed and committed rugby player, just newly married.
▪ Harris was a large man, energetic, powerfully built, and a keen boxer and rugby player in his youth.
▪ Nostalgia tends to be an acute instinct in most sportsmen: in rugby players it can be positively overwhelming.
▪ In those days rugby was for rugby players, not spectators.
▪ He's not a bad tennis player, though cricket's really his game.
▪ If Stefan Edberg is your kind of tennis player, stick to cognac.
▪ She won three Olympic medals and is still considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
▪ From Seles down, the list of competitors reads like a who's who of international tennis players.
▪ He dates Ann Grossman, a professional tennis player.
▪ Originally from Plymouth, she was a very keen squash and tennis player before suffering a knee injury at skiing.
▪ In her youth Amy had been an avid tennis player.
▪ Sturgeon became over-protective of his players to an impossible degree.
▪ It has warned the site could become a danger to players if repairs are not carried out.
▪ So the bargaining takes on a nouveau comic tone, and we all become role players in the funny business.
▪ Under her leadership, our chapter also became a major player on the local political scene.
▪ Some kids dream of becoming a major-league baseball player.
▪ If the monster can play and/or the class player is big and good in the air, that is a bonus.
▪ I am going to play with different players to see if I can find a new partner.
▪ On one occasion, a socialist game was played, in which players took the parts of rich and poor countries.
▪ A: It is difficult because you are playing the best players.
▪ Woodward believes the quintuplet would benefit from playing alongside and against players of National League First Division and international standard.
▪ I made a point of playing all my players in the first two days.
▪ I would be playing the greatest squash player ever in 12 hours' time.
ace pilot/player/skier etc
be no mean performer/player etc
▪ Kinnock fils, who is no mean performer on the rugby field, has developed a taste for academe.
marquee player, actor etc
musician/player/car etc of the year
▪ A former Car of the Year winner, it has done well on the Continent but has been under-rated here.
▪ All won national Player of the Year honors during their Bruins careers.
▪ Going up against league player of the year Mary Raskauskas, Thompson tallied 17 points and 10 rebounds.
▪ Jeff was voted their Player of the Year last season, but they've let me have him for six months.
▪ On defense, Mutombo, the three-time defensive player of the year, hung around the lane to block and alter shots.
▪ Then came the news of Price, the two-time City 4-A Player of the Year.
▪ a bass player
▪ a game for four players
▪ a tennis player
▪ He is recognized as the world's greatest chess player.
▪ I like chess, even though I'm not a very good player.
▪ It's now the turn of player number three.
▪ Kelleher was a star basketball player in high school and college.
▪ One of the players had been injured, and had to leave the field.
▪ One of the players has been sent off the field.
▪ Rodriguez was voted Player of the Year.
▪ She sang "I'll Fly Away," accompanied by two guitar players.
▪ Simpson is a talented singer and piano player.
▪ The school has a reputation for producing top-class football players.
▪ Up to six players can play this game on-line.
▪ Wikerson is not as good a player as Phillips.
▪ It happened - whether by accident or design Olivia didn't know-that she and the Nawab were the last two players left.
▪ Macintosh computers come with a player that can handle a variety of sound formats.
▪ On the pitch I had noticed that the players had become a little more tense.
▪ The four bench players Miami used played 57 minutes, took nine shots and missed seven of them.
▪ The next step is to talk to the player.
▪ You have a defender, you have an offensive player.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Player \Play"er\, n.

  1. One who plays, or amuses himself; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler.

  2. One who plays any game.

  3. A dramatic actor.

  4. One who plays on an instrument of music. ``A cunning player on a harp.''
    --1 Sam. xvi. 16.

  5. A gamester; a gambler.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English plegere, agent noun from play (v.). Stage sense is from mid-15c. As a pimp's word for himself (also playa), attested from 1974. Player-piano attested from 1901.


n. 1 One that plays 2 # One who plays any game or sport. 3 # (context theater English) An actor in a dramatic play. 4 # (context music English) One who plays on a musical instrument. 5 # (context gaming video games English) A gamer; a gamester. 6 # (context gambling English) A gambler. 7 # (context historical English) A mechanism that actuates a player piano or other automatic musical instrument. 8 # (context electronics English) An electronic device or software application that plays audio and/or video media, such as CD player. 9 One who is playful; one without serious aims; an idler; a trifler. 10 A significant participant.

  1. n. a person who participates in or is skilled at some game [syn: participant]

  2. someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession) [syn: musician, instrumentalist]

  3. a theatrical performer [syn: actor, histrion, thespian, role player]

  4. an important participant (as in a business deal); "he was a major player in setting up the corporation"


Player may refer to:

  • Player (dating), a man or woman who has romantic affairs or sexual relations or both with other women or men but will not marry or commit to any one relationship
  • Player (game), a participant in a game
    • Player character, a character in a video game or role playing game who is controlled or controllable by a player
    • Player-coach, in sports, is a member of a sports team who simultaneously holds both playing and coaching duties
    • Player-manager
    • Football player
  • Player (political), a participant in politics who has or is perceived to have influence or power

Player may also refer to:

Player (game)

A player of a game is a participant therein. The term 'player' is used with this same meaning both in game theory and in ordinary recreational games.

Normally, there are at least two players in a game, but one-player games exist and are collectively known as solitary games (such as the Solitaire card game and many video games).

"To become a player, one must voluntarily accept the rules and constraints of a game."

Player (band)

Player is an American rock band that made their mark during the late 1970s. The group scored several US Hot 100 hits, three of which went into the Top 40; two of those single releases went Top 10, including the No. 1 hit " Baby Come Back", written by group members Peter Beckett and J.C. Crowley.

Player (M. Pokora album)

Player is the second album by French pop/ R&B singer M. Pokora which was released on January 26, 2006 in France. The album debuted at #1 on the French charts in the first week.

Player (political)

A political player is a participant in politics who has or is perceived to have influence or power, although usually on a smaller level than a global power elite. The phrase may refer to an individual who is a candidate or elected or appointed official, but more commonly refers to someone who is not in office but still wields power or influence, such as a lobbyist, a fundraiser or contributor, a whistleblower, a political consultant, a labor union or labor leader, a corporation, or even an entire industry. More recently, with the rise of the Internet, web-based groups such as and online organizations, like ActBlue, have become political players as well.

Player (Player album)

Player is the eponymous debut album from Los Angeles, California-based rock band Player.

Player (Capsule album)

Player (stylised PLAYER) is the eleventh studio album by the Japanese electronica band Capsule, released on March 3, 2010. The album debuted at the 3rd and 4th position in the Oricon daily and weekly charts respectively, selling 27,549 copies in its first week of release, setting a new high rank for the group. The album sold a total of 47,853 copies and stayed in the charts for ten weeks. Player is Capsule's second highest-selling album in their career, after More! More! More!.

Player (song)

"Player" is a song recorded by American singer Tinashe for her upcoming second studio album, Joyride (2016). It features guest vocals by American singer Chris Brown. The song was released by RCA Records as the album's lead single on October 2, 2015. "Player" was written by Tinashe, Myron Birdsong, Brown, its producers Lulou and Alexander Kronlund, and Chloe Angelides.

Usage examples of "player".

But Jonson gave dramatic value to the masque, especially in his invention of the antimasque, a comedy or farcical element of relief, entrusted to professional players or dancers.

An artsy sax player sporting a little silver goatee squeezed his eyes shut in ecstasy, leaning into his spotlight serenade.

She had always regarded herself as a pretty fair player, but the Autocrat was head and shoulders above her.

Behind him a hundred or more players in line slowly marched toward the slab of rubber which marked the batting position.

Every afternoon for a week the coach put these players through batting and sliding practice, then ordered them out to run around the track.

Games of battledore and shuttlecock with Torquil were more a penance than a pleasure, for not only was he an indifferent player but an extremely bad-tempered one as well, frequently hurling his battledore from him in disgust, tearing the feathers from the shuttlecock, or walking off the court in a fury.

One of the belote players remembered that the last time he came in was on Monday.

Like any Belter, he looks much like an undermuscled basketball player.

Forest City Club of Cleveland, Ohio, and who at that time enjoyed a wide reputation as a billiardist as well as a ball player.

At this moment Blotto, with the air of a strolling player, ambled into the room.

She looked inside one of the pockets and found a small softbook and music player with headset, a sleeping mask, and earplugs, all marked with Bootstrap logos.

As she sampled them, Cressy saw that a group of bouzouki players had arrived and were tuning their in struments.

She bowed, hugged me and left a sweaty imprint I could smell all night, then passed the money back to her drummers and bouzouki player.

The right-hand side of the drawing illustrates the foundation outline, the left-hand side a frontal view as if seen from a tall oak, though Brill stands in the middle of a depression between the hills, empty except for the sorcerer and his players, and the heaps of stone on the south side.

The ninth glass found Anna in the dome building, standing beside Brill as she watched the players tune their instruments.