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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The Indigo Girls' eponymous debut album "The Indigo Girls" won a Grammy award in 1988.
▪ Cross Action intends eventually to build support for all widely used databases into its eponymous system.
▪ Formerly landlord of the eponymous Comedian pub at Sunniside, the ever-buoyant Bob has gone downhill to Crook.
▪ Quixote, Don, eponymous hero of the great novel by Cervantes.
▪ Salieri's mistress Caterina Cavalieri, and the author of the text, Stephanie himself, as the eponymous impresario.
▪ You can grey your fingers on the dust of endless eponymous saints.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eponymous \E*pon"y*mous\, a. [Gr. ?; 'epi` upon, to + ? for ? name.] Relating to an eponym; giving one's name to a tribe, people, country, and the like.

What becomes . . . of the Herakleid genealogy of the Spartan kings, when it is admitted that eponymous persons are to be canceled as fictions?

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"giving one's name to," 1833; see eponym + -ous. Related: Eponymously. Alternative form eponymal is used in reference to the other classical eponymos, a title of certain magistrates in ancient Greece who gave their names to the years when they held office. Eponymic has been used in the sense "name-giving; pertaining to eponymic myths" as well as "of or pertaining to a classical eponymos."


a. Of, relating to, or being the person or entity after which something or someone is named.


adj. being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym [syn: eponymic]

Eponymous (album)

Eponymous is the first greatest hits and the second compilation album by American alternative rock band R.E.M., released in 1988. It was their last authorized release on I.R.S. Records, to whom they had been contracted since 1982, having just signed with Warner Bros. Records.

Eponymous is notable for its inclusion of several rare or alternative versions of known tracks, most notably the soundtrack contribution "Romance", which had not previously appeared on an R.E.M. record. Spanning from the initial single release of " Radio Free Europe" to the previous year's breakthrough hit album Document, Eponymous provides a fair overview of R.E.M.'s early work.

The album features the alternate title "File Under Grain", a reference to the cover photograph. A previous album, Document, had "File Under Fire" inscribed on it and Reckoning, featured the words "File Under Water". On the backside of the LP cover was a photograph of singer Michael Stipe with the words "They Airbrushed My Face" above his head.

Released in October 1988, just a month before R.E.M.'s Warner Bros. debut Green appeared, Eponymous reached #44 in the US and #69 in the UK.

Usage examples of "eponymous".

Nubian -the eponymous smith - who, swinging high his hammer, was about to crush the noddle of a fallen enemy sprawled across the anvil.

It does burgers and ribs too, and deep-fried whitebait, and has red-check tablecloths, and candles in wine bottles under great red vesuviuses of congealed wax, and complimentary breadsticks and gigantic pepper mills on every table, so I book the table for two, eight-thirty, name of Jackson, from a red-faced man with dirty fingernails who may or may not be the eponymous Luigi, then head back to my digs.

Where he had been thrown out of the garden of chemistry, however, his eponymous hero remained eternally welcome in Africa.