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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ All the instrumentalists, of course, weave solos through this fabric of sustained notes, but the focal point is Threadgill.
▪ First, the ballet livrets of this period treat the instrumentalists as members of discrete groups.
▪ From this point on, she was more of a composer than an instrumentalist.
▪ I am sure that Einstein, Heisenberg, and Dirac didn't worry about whether they were realists or instrumentalists.
▪ It was like playing for Toscanini would be for an instrumentalist.
▪ The playing throughout the evening was truly superb, every instrumentalist bowing and blowing and thumping as though for dear life.
▪ Then the instrumentalists would take up the melancholy tune themselves and we would see the title card.
▪ These can be used simultaneously should you wish to play with another instrumentalist.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instrumentalism \In`stru*men"tal*ism\, n. (Philos.) The view that the sanction of truth is its utility, or that truth is genuine only in so far as it is a valuable instrument. -- In`stru*men"tal*ist, n.

Instrumentalism views truth as simply the value belonging to certain ideas in so far as these ideas are biological functions of our organisms, and psychological functions whereby we direct our choices and attain our successes.
--Josiah Royce.


Instrumentalist \In`stru*men"tal*ist\, n. One who plays upon an instrument of music, as distinguished from a vocalist.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1823, from instrumental in the musical sense + -ist.


n. One who plays a musical instrument, as distinguished from a vocalist


n. someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession) [syn: musician, player]