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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a proud mother/father/parent
▪ Mark is the proud father of a three-week-old baby boy.
birth mother
earth mother
mother country
▪ The bond between the mother country and her former colonies grew stronger.
Mother Earth
mother lode
▪ The Sharper Image catalog is a mother lode of men’s gadgets and toys.
Mother Nature
▪ How could Mother Nature have dealt such a savage blow?
Mother of God
mother ship
Mother Superior
mother tongue
▪ children for whom English is not their mother tongue
mother's boy
Mother's Day
Mothering Sunday
mother/native tongue (=the language you learn as a child)
▪ She felt more comfortable talking in her native tongue.
Queen Mother
Reverend Mother
sb is old enough to be sb’s mother/father (=used when you think that someone is much too old to be having a relationship with another person )
▪ Why would she want to go out with someone who was old enough to be her father?
surrogate mother
working mother
▪ a working mother
biological parent/father/mother etc
▪ Adopted children and their biological parents may suffer stress long after the adoption. 4.
▪ It's now estimated that by 2010, children in stepfamilies will actually outnumber those living with two biological parents.
▪ Most of the debate was really about an alleged universality of the nuclear family of married biological parents and their legitimate children.
▪ My biological father is diagnosed as paranoid / schizophrenic.
▪ Or now, when they swear their biological father forced them to make the whole story up?
▪ Steven Lowe, Liverpool Who would be the biological parents of a human clone, and what legal ramifications would this have?
▪ The hearing would decide whether the state should terminate the rights of the biological parents and put the child up for adoption.
▪ The two candidates for the role of biological father were both Black Panthers.
expectant mother/father
▪ Everyone treats me with the temerity usually afforded to expectant fathers and potential Messiahs.
father/mother/authority figure
▪ A young girl needs a strong mother figure.
▪ And he registers genuine hurt at the fact that Buzzy regards Buck as more of a father figure than himself.
▪ As we get older, we may be abused by other authority figures - teachers, doctors, bosses.
▪ Disrespect the authority figure out there on the field and then wonder why the kids do it in their classrooms.
▪ Eventually Daley made the remarkable transition from political boss to father figure.
▪ He spoke seldom, but he was never impatient with her, always kind, a companionable father figure.
▪ It would seem that we are far more likely to obey unquestioningly when the authority figure is actually present.
▪ One wonders what is the unspoken view of the other authority figures involved in setting this up?
foster mother/father/parents
▪ By then, the girl had been put into the temporary care of foster parents by Wirral Council.
▪ His foster parents say they're giving him a break from events back home.
▪ News of the deal caused outrage in Britain, and Flintshire social services placed the girls with foster parents.
▪ On that occasion, they returned to Berkeley with a coachload of other would-be foster parents empty-handed.
▪ Richard had been passed from one set of foster parents to another until he was ten.
▪ The children went into voluntary care in June 1991 and were placed together with foster parents.
▪ The girl, who was with foster parents, wanted her family re-united.
▪ The sisters were separated, Lore working as a maid and the others going to foster parents.
hit the mother lode
lone mother/father/parent etc
▪ More than half of lone parents with two or more children had incomes below their absolute poverty level at £227 a week.
▪ One Parent Benefit is paid to 75% of lone parents.
▪ Sheila is a lone parent with two children, aged 13 and 15.
▪ Two thirds of lone parent families depend mainly on social security benefits, compared with one in eight two parent families.
▪ We can treat lone parents as poor people, needing means-tested social assistance of some sort - as we do now.
necessity is the mother of invention
noncustodial parent/father/mother
the Michael Jacksons/Mother Teresas/Microsofts etc of this world
Mother just loved crossword puzzles.
▪ a mother hen and her chicks
▪ a real mother of a car
▪ As a single mother, Linda relies on state benefits which are nowhere near enough.
▪ Like most mothers, I always feel anxious when my children come home late.
▪ My mother and father are both teachers.
▪ My mother says I have to be home by 9 o'clock.
▪ The 29-year-old mother of two was attacked while walking her dog in woods near her home.
▪ Brenda just tries to mother everyone.
▪ A new kind of mothering exists between these two extremes, at the locus of self.
▪ But why discuss mothering alone in a book about redefining motherhood?
▪ Fair enough-invention had been successfully mothered again by NECessity.
▪ In such societies girls learn mothering from their earliest years, usually by mothering their brothers and sisters.
▪ She mothered all of them in a way that Jennie could not now she was becoming more erratic.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mauther \Mau"ther\, n. [Cf. AS. m[ae]g? a maid.] [Also spelled mawther, mother.] A girl; esp., a great, awkward girl; a wench. [Prov. Eng.]


mother \moth"er\ (m[u^][th]"[~e]r), n. [Shortened from motherfucker as a euphemism.]

  1. Same as motherfucker. [Vulgar slang]

  2. A person or thing with some exceptional quality, as great size or power; as, a grizzly stuck his nose in my tent and I grabbed my pistol and shot the mother. [Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English modor "female parent," from Proto-Germanic *mothær (cognates: Old Saxon modar, Old Frisian moder, Old Norse moðir, Danish moder, Dutch moeder, Old High German muoter, German Mutter), from PIE *mater- "mother" (cognates: Latin mater, Old Irish mathir, Lithuanian mote, Sanskrit matar-, Greek meter, Old Church Slavonic mati), "[b]ased ultimately on the baby-talk form *mā- (2); with the kinship term suffix *-ter-" [Watkins]. Spelling with -th- dates from early 16c., though that pronunciation is probably older (see father (n.)).\n

\nMother nature first attested c.1600; mother earth is from 1580s. Mother tongue "one's native language" first attested late 14c. Mother of all ________ 1991, is Gulf War slang, from Saddam Hussein's use in reference to the coming battle; it is an Arabic idiom (as well as an English one), for instance Ayesha, second wife of Muhammad, is known as Mother of Believers. Mother Carey's chickens is late 18c. sailors' nickname for storm petrels, or for snowflakes. Mother lode attested by c.1882, from mining [1849].


1540s, "to be the mother of," from mother (n.1). Meaning "to take care of" is from 1863. Related: Mothered; mothering.


"a thick substance concreting in liquors; the lees or scum concreted" [Johnson], probably from Middle Dutch modder "filth, dregs," from PIE *meu- (see mud).


Etymology 1 n. 1 A (human) female who

  1. parent#Verbs a child

  2. gives birth to a baby

  3. donates a fertilized egg or

  4. donates a body cell which has resulted in a clone. Sometimes used in reference to a pregnant female, possibly as a shortened form of mother-to-be. 2 A female parent of an animal. 3 (context figuratively English) A female ancestor. 4 (context figuratively English) A source or origin. 5 (context when followed by a surname English) A title of respect for one's mother-in-law. 6 (context figuratively English) Any elderly woman, especially within a particular community. 7 (context figuratively English) Any person or entity which performs mothering. 8 A film or membrane which is developed on the surface of fermented alcoholic liquids, such as vinegar, wine, etc., and acts as a means of conveying the oxygen of the air to the alcohol and other combustible principles of the liquid, thus leading to their oxidation. 9 The principal piece of an astrolabe, into which the others are fixed. 10 The female superior or head of a religious house; an abbess, etc. 11 (context obsolete English) Hysterical passion; hysteri

    1. v

    2. (context transitive English) To treat as a mother would be expected to treat her child; to nurture. Etymology 2

      n. Something that is the greatest or most significant of its kind. Etymology 3

      alt. 1 (context euphemistic coarse slang English) motherfucker. 2 (context euphemistic colloquial English) A striking example. n. 1 (context euphemistic coarse slang English) motherfucker. 2 (context euphemistic colloquial English) A striking example. Etymology 4

      alt. (context nonstandard English) A cat that catches moths. n. (context nonstandard English) A cat that catches moths.

  1. n. a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother); "the mother of three children" [syn: female parent] [ant: father, father]

  2. a stringy slimy substance consisting of yeast cells and bacteria; forms during fermentation and is added to cider or wine to produce vinegar

  3. a term of address for an elderly woman

  4. a condition that is the inspiration for an activity or situation; "necessity is the mother of invention"

  1. v. care for like a mother; "She fusses over her husband" [syn: fuss, overprotect]

  2. make children; "Abraham begot Isaac"; "Men often father children but don't recognize them" [syn: beget, get, engender, father, sire, generate, bring forth]

Mother (Pink Floyd song)

"Mother" is a song by Pink Floyd. It appears on The Wall album, released in 1979. This song was one of several to be considered for the band's "best of" album, Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd.

Mother (disambiguation)

A mother is a female parent.

Mother may also refer to:

Mother (1996 film)

Mother is a 1996 comedy-drama film directed by Albert Brooks, co-written by Brooks with Monica Johnson, and starring Brooks and Debbie Reynolds as son-and-mother.

Mother (John Lennon song)

"Mother" is a song by English musician John Lennon, first released on his 1970 album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. An edited version of the song was issued as a single in the United States on Apple Records, on 28 December 1970. The single runs about 1:41 shorter than the album due to a lack of the tolling bells intro and a quicker fadeout. The B-side features "Why" by Yoko Ono. The song peaked in the US at number 19 on the Cashbox Top 100 and number 43 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Mother (Kubb album)

Mother is the debut album of British band Kubb. It was released on 14 November 2005 in the UK on the Mercury Records label. It reached a peak of #26 the week of 13 February 2006. The album was never released in the US, although some versions have surfaced stateside (these versions removed the track "Bitch," bringing the album down to 11 tracks).

Mother (energy drink)
Not be confused with the "Mother" variety of Full Throttle energy drinks, also made by Coca-Cola.

Mother is an energy drink marketed to Australians and New Zealanders by Coca-Cola. Introduced in late 2006, it competes with the two leading energy drinks on the market, V and Red Bull, in the $151 million industry.

In Europe the energy drink Relentless, also sold by Coca-Cola, is identical in taste to Mother but has a different colour.


Mothers are females who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus, dependent on the context, females can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising their child(ren), supplying their ovum for fertilisation, or some combination thereof. Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood, or the state of being a mother. Females who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms 'birth mother' or 'biological mother', regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent their child. Accordingly, a female who meets only the second condition may be considered an adoptive mother, and those who meet only the third a surrogacy mother.

The above concepts defining the role of mother are neither exhaustive nor universal, as any definition of 'mother' may differ based on how social, cultural, and religious roles are defined. The parallel conditions and terms for males: those who are (typically biologically) fathers do not, by definition, take up the role of fatherhood. It should also be noted that mother and fatherhood are not limited to those who are or have parented. Females who are pregnant may be referred to as expectant mothers or mothers-to-be, though such applications tend to be less readily applied to (biological) fathers or adoptive parents.

Mother (video game series)

The consists of three role-playing video games: the 1989 Mother for the Famicom, the 1994 Mother 2, known as EarthBound outside of Japan, for the Super NES, and the 2006 Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance. Written by Shigesato Itoi and published by Nintendo, and featuring game mechanics modeled on the Dragon Quest series, the Mother series is known for its sense of humor, originality, and parody. Set in a late 20th century United States, the player uses weapons and psychic powers to fight hostile, everyday objects. Signature elements of the series include the lighthearted plots, the battle sequences with psychedelic backgrounds, and the "rolling HP meter": as player health ticks down like an odometer, players can outrun the meter to heal before dying. While the franchise is popular in Japan, in the United States, it is best associated with the cult following behind EarthBound.

While visiting Nintendo for other business, Itoi approached Shigeru Miyamoto about making Mother. When approved for a sequel, Itoi increased his involvement as a designer in the five-year development of EarthBound. When the project began to flounder, producer and later Nintendo president Satoru Iwata rescued the game. EarthBound English localizers were given great liberties when translating the Japanese game's cultural allusions. The American version sold poorly despite a multimillion-dollar marketing budget. Mother 3 was originally slated for release on the Nintendo 64 and its 64DD disk drive accessory, but was cancelled in 2000. Three years later, the project was reannounced for the Game Boy Advance alongside a rerelease of Mother and Mother 2 in a combined cartridge: Mother 1 + 2, released in 2003. The new Mother 3 abandoned the 3D graphics progress for a 2D style, and became a bestseller upon its release. EarthBound was rereleased for the Wii U Virtual Console in 2013, and Mother received its English-language debut in 2015 for the same platform, retitled EarthBound Beginnings.

EarthBound is widely regarded as a video game classic, and is included in multiple top ten lists. In absence of continued official support for the series, an EarthBound fan community organized online to advocate for further series releases through petitions and fan art. Their projects include a full fan translation of Mother 3, a full-length documentary, and a fangame sequel to Mother 3. The protagonist of EarthBound, Ness, received exposure from his inclusion in all four entries of the Super Smash Bros. series. Other Mother series locations and characters have made appearances in the fighting games.

Mother (Luna Sea album)

Mother is the fourth album by Japanese rock band Luna Sea, released on October 26, 1994. It reached number two on the Oricon chart. The album was named one of the top albums from 1989-1998 in a 2004 issue of the music magazine Band Yarouze and Allmusic called it one of the band's best, along with 1998's Shine.

Mother (Luna Sea song)

"Mother" is the fifth single by Japanese rock band Luna Sea, released on February 22, 1995. The song reached number 5 on the Oricon singles chart. This version of "Mother" is slightly different from the album's. The B-side is a live version of "Déjàvu" recorded on December 27, 1994 at the Nippon Budokan.

Mother (opera)

Mother, op. 35 is a quarter-tone opera in ten scenes by the Czech composer Alois Hába. It was completed in 1929 to the composer's own libretto; its plot is drawn from author's native Valašsko. The opera is written in prose.

Mother (1985 film)

Mother ( or ; also known as Woman Requiem) is a 1985 South Korean film directed by Park Chul-soo. It won several awards at the Grand Bell Awards, including Best Film.

Mother (1955 film)

Mother (, translit. Mat, also released as 1905) is a 1955 Soviet drama film directed by Mark Donskoy and based on the eponymous novel by Maxim Gorky. It was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

Mother (2009 film)

Mother is a 2009 South Korean drama film directed by Bong Joon-ho, starring Kim Hye-ja and Won Bin.

Mother (The Avengers)

"Mother" is a fictional character in British TV series The Avengers. "Mother" is a codename. In the series the incumbent in the role is a wheelchair-bound male British government official. He made his debut in "The Forget-Me-Knot", which was Emma Peel's final episode and Tara King's first. In subsequent episodes he gives orders to John Steed and Tara King. He appears in most episodes of series six, the last season of the series. In the television series Mother is portrayed by Patrick Newell.

Actor Patrick Newell had played various characters in previous episodes of The Avengers, most recently Sir George Collins, a sometime Minister of the Crown and close relative of the Attorney General, in season five's "Something Nasty in the Nursery".

The 1998 film based on the series, also titled The Avengers, depicts Mother giving orders to Steed and Mrs Peel. In the movie, he is portrayed by Jim Broadbent.

Mother (video game)

, later released outside Japan as EarthBound Beginnings, is a role-playing video game developed by Ape and published by Nintendo for the Famicom. The game is modeled on the gameplay of the Dragon Quest series, but is set in the late 20th century United States, unlike its fantasy genre contemporaries. Mother follows the young Ninten as he uses his great-grandfather's studies on psychic powers to fight hostile, formerly inanimate objects and other enemies. The game uses random encounters to enter a menu-based, first-person perspective battle system. It is the first game in the Mother series and was followed by two sequels, EarthBound in 1994 and Mother 3 in 2006.

The game's writer and director, Shigesato Itoi, pitched the game concept to Shigeru Miyamoto while visiting Nintendo's headquarters for other business. Though Miyamoto denied the proposal at first, he eventually gave Itoi a development team. The game was released in Japan on July 27, 1989. A North American version was localized into English, but was abandoned as commercially nonviable. A copy of this prototype was later found and circulated on the Internet under the unofficial, fan-created title EarthBound Zero. The game was eventually released worldwide under the name EarthBound Beginnings for the Wii U Virtual Console on June 14, 2015.

Reviewers noted the game's similarities with the Dragon Quest series and its simultaneous parody of the genre's tropes. They considered the game's sequel, EarthBound, very similar and a better overall implementation of Mother gameplay ideas. Critics also noted the game's high level of difficulty and issues of balance. Mother sold 150,000 copies and received a "Silver Hall of Fame" score from Japanese reviewer Weekly Famitsu. Jeremy Parish of wrote that Mother importantly generated interest in video game emulation and the historical preservation of unreleased games. The game was later rereleased in Japan on the single-cartridge compilation Mother 1+2 for the Game Boy Advance in 2003.

Mother (1926 film)

Mother (, Mat) is a 1926 Soviet film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin depicting one woman's struggle against Tsarist rule during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The film is based on the 1906 novel The Mother by Maxim Gorky. It is the first film in Pudovkin's "revolutionary trilogy", alongside The End of St. Petersburg (1927) and Storm Over Asia (aka The Heir to Genghis Khan) (1928).

The film underwent restoration in 1968 in the Mosfilm studio and a sound track was added with music by Tikhon Khrennikov.

Mother (advertising agency)

Mother is a creative agency with offices in London, New York and Buenos Aires. Mother is the UK’s largest independent advertising agency. The agency's philosophy is "To make great work, have fun and make a living. Always in that order."

Mother (short story)

Mother is a short story by Owen Wister that was written and published originally in an anthology titled A House Party: An Account of Stories Told at a Gathering of Famous American Authors, the Storytellers Being Introduced by Paul Leicester Ford. Wister republished his short story in book form in 1907, adding approximately 25 percent new material at the beginning in order to adequately introduce the story and replace the frame that was previously supplied by the anthology.

Mother (TV series)

Mother is a Japanese television drama that aired on Nippon TV between 14 April and 23 June 2010, starring Yasuko Matsuyuki.

Mother (Susumu Yokota album)

Mother is a studio album by Susumu Yokota, released in 2009.

Mother (1999 film)

Mother is a 1999 Indian comedy film, produced & directed by Saawan Kumar on Saawan Kumar production banner. Starring Jeetendra, Rekha, Rakesh Roshan, Randhir Kapoor, Sanober Kabir in pivotal roles and music composed by Dilip Sen-Samir Sen. The film is based on the stage musical Mamma Mia!. This film first debut to Sanober Kabir in her acting career.

Mother (1952 film)

is a 1952 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Mikio Naruse, starring Kinuyo Tanaka in the title role. The film is based on the on a prize-winning entry of a school essay-writing competition and screenplay by Yūko Mizuki.

The film is presented as the view of young woman named Toshiko Fukuhara, the daughter of a widowed mother of four children during the tough post-war years.

Mother (Danzig song)

"Mother" is a song by American heavy metal/hard rock band Danzig. It was originally released in August 1988 as the lead single from their debut album, Danzig.

In 1993–1994, almost six years after its original release, a remixed version of the song titled "Mother '93" became a hit on radio and earned Buzz Bin rotation on MTV after a music video incorporating live footage was created to promote the band's new EP, Thrall: Demonsweatlive. During this time the single was reissued by American Recordings, with the remix title updated to "Mother '94" on later versions.

"Mother" remains Danzig's highest charting single. It peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and 43 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, the song peaked at number 62 on the singles chart.

Mother (Blondie song)

"Mother" is the lead single from Blondie's ninth studio album Panic of Girls and was written by Kato Khandwala, Ben Phillips (Guitarist for The Pretty Reckless) and the band's lead singer Deborah Harry. It was released in the United Kingdom on May 22, 2011 on all major online platforms. It is the first single release from the band since " Good Boys" in 2003.

Mother (1914 film)

Mother is a 1914 silent film drama directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring Emma Dunn. The film marked Tourneur's first American made film. Dunn was 39 years old and had starred on Broadway in the play version of the story this film is based on. This film was produced by William A. Brady who also produced the 1910 play. The film has a similar plot to the 1920 Fox film Over the Hill to the Poorhouse.

The Library of Congress has a complete print.

Mother (1963 film)

is a 1963 Japanese drama film written and directed by Kaneto Shindo.

Mother (Natalie Maines album)

Mother is the first solo studio album by American singer Natalie Maines, best known as the lead vocalist of the Dixie Chicks. It was released on May 7, 2013.

Mother (1991 film)

Mother Madar, is a 1991 Iranian drama film directed by Ali Hatami.

Mother (2014 film)

is a 2014 Japanese autobiographical film directed by Kazuo Umezu. Ainosuke Kataoka will play the role of Umezu.

Mother (Axel Hirsoux song)

"Mother" is a song by Belgian singer Axel Hirsoux. It was chosen to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Denmark after winning Eurosong 2014. The song was written by Spanish songwriter Rafael Artesero and British songwriter Ashley Hicklin, who also composed the 2010 Belgium Eurovision entry " Me and My Guitar" performed by Tom Dice.

Mother (1937 film)

Mother'' (Hungarian:Mámi'') is a 1937 Hungarian comedy film directed by Johann von Vásáry and starring Sári Fedák, Jenő Pataky and Lia Szepes. The film was based on a play by Rezsö Török, with art direction by Márton Vincze. The arrival from Texas of an eccentric relative and her son, disrupt the rhythm of a wealthy Hungarian family.

Mother (1910 play)

Mother is a 1910 play which was the first successful play by Jules Eckert Goodman.

The play was first performed on March 7, 1910 in Plainfield, New Jersey. Produced by William A. Brady, it debuted on Broadway on September 7, 1910 at the Hackett Theatre. It played at the Hackett through December 3, 1910, and then moved to the Circle Theatre, where it opened on December 5 and ran through December 31, for a total run of 133 performances.

The play was adapted to the screen in a 1914 silent film of the same name.

Mother (Once Upon a Time)

"Mother" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on May 3, 2015.

In this episode, Emma Swan reunites Lily with Maleficent, Isaac must find a new ally as Gold's heart grows darker, and Regina and Robin Hood must deal with Zelena's pregnancy. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is reunited with Cora upon her return from Wonderland, but questions her mother's intentions as to why she wants to "help" her.

Mother (1951 film)

Mother (Persian: Madar) is a 1951 Iranian drama film directed by Esmail Kushan.

Mother (1910 film)

Mother is a 1910 American silent short drama produced by the Thanhouser Company. The film is a melodrama that focuses with Will Allen who runs away from home after being violently abused by his stepfather and his mother keeps a candle lit for him to return home. Twenty years later, Will returns home after having become a successful lawyer, but cannot find his parents. Will later takes the case to defend a lady being prosecuted by a client company. After being successful he recognizes the lady as his mother and they are reunited. The film's cast included Anna Rosemond, Frank H. Crane and Carey L. Hastings, but other credits are uncertain. The film was released on September 6, 1910, and was met with mixed reviews. The film is presumed lost.

Usage examples of "mother".

They all shuffle, all these strange lonely children of God, these mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives whose noisy aberrations are safely muffled now by drugs.

He may have thought I was just as involved in the plan to evacuate our people to the Abesse as Mother was.

But I have bethought me, that, since I am growing old and past the age of getting children, one of you, my sons, must abide at home to cherish me and your mother, and to lead our carles in war if trouble falleth upon us.

And since according to those same canonical institutions all such are to be condemned as heretics, but you holding to wiser counsel and returning to the bosom of our Holy Mother the Church have abjured, as we have said, all vile heresy, therefore we absolve you from the sentence of excommunication by which you were deservedly bound as one hateful to the Church of God.

Conquerors followed, and conquerors of those, an empire killed its mother aborning, a religion called men to strange hilltops, a new race and a new state bestrode the Earth.

I do not dispense abortifacients except in extreme cases when the life of mother and child both are at risk.

Very few fruits these days are allowed to remain attached to their mother plant until abscission occurs.

Not long afterwards, they repeated the experiment, this time by persuading their mother and father to watch the episodes of the television serial Brookside which dealt with a sexually abusive father who was buried under the patio.

If your mother was abused by her father, she may well have married a sexually abusive man.

He might also have said, that when the proposition was made to himself and Grace, both had shrunk from the alliance with disgust: and that both had united in humble though vain remonstrances to their mother, against the sacrifice, and in petitions to their sister, that she would not be accessary to her own misery.

Through his mother, Rivkah, once Princess of Achar, Axis was second in line to the Acharite throne behind Borneheld.

Fernbrake Lake, one of the four magical lakes in Achar, lay deep in the Bracken Ranges far to the south of the Avarinheim, and the Avar people had to travel secretly through the hostile Skarabost Plains to reach the lake they called the Mother.

Thus, all the while that Galileo was inventing modern physics, teaching mathematics to princes, discovering new phenomena among the planets, publishing science books for the general public, and defending his bold theories against establishment enemies, he was also buying thread for Suor Luisa, choosing organ music for Mother Achillea, shipping gifts of food, and supplying his homegrown citrus fruits, wine, and rosemary leaves for the kitchen and apothecary at San Matteo.

The magistrate was acquainted with the girl, and the mother laughed at having duped me so easily.

Towards the end of the year 1728 my mother returned to Venice with her husband, and as she had become an actress she continued her artistic life.