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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ All parenting is shared between the family and the wider kinship and friendship network, and between this system and state provision.
▪ But when parenting is shared the lines of responsibility are blurred and formal assessments can lead to resentment.
▪ Inadequate parenting has left them wounded, confused, fearful of intimacy, double-minded, and addicted to all kinds of emotions.
▪ It also maintains the powerful traditional link between ideas of parenting, and ideas of biological motherhood.
▪ So, in the Act parenting is for life, because children need continuity, security, and a sense of identity.
▪ Two-fifths of the ex-care sample had a rating of poor parenting, compared to one in nine of the comparison group.
▪ What, in general, is the effect of such rigid parenting?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1959, verbal noun from parent (v.). An earlier term was parentcraft (1930); also see parentage.


n. Process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. vb. (present participle of parent English)


Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship.

The most common caretaker in parenting is the biological parent(s) of the child in question, although others may be an older sibling, a grandparent, a legal guardian, aunt, uncle or other family member, or a family friend. Governments and society may have a role in child-rearing as well. In many cases, orphaned or abandoned children receive parental care from non-parent blood relations. Others may be adopted, raised in foster care, or placed in an orphanage. Parenting skills vary, and a parent with good parenting skills may be referred to as a good parent.

The English pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott described the concept of "good-enough" parenting in which a minimum of prerequisites for healthy child development are met. Winnicott wrote, "The good-enough mother...starts off with an almost complete adaptation to her infant's needs, and as time proceeds she adapts less and less completely, gradually, according to the infant's growing ability to deal with her failure." Views on the characteristics that make one a good or "good-enough" parent vary from culture to culture. Additionally, research has supported that parental history both in terms of attachments of varying quality as well as parental psychopathology, particularly in the wake of adverse experiences, can strongly influence parental sensitivity and child outcomes.

Parenting (magazine)

Parenting was a magazine for families and it was published in United States between 1987 and 2013. Its headquarters was in Winter Park, Florida.

Usage examples of "parenting".

Gary Ezzo, who in the Babywise book series endorses an “infant-management strategy” for moms and dads trying to “achieve excellence in parenting,” stresses how important it is to train a baby, early on, to sleep alone through the night.

It may also be that low birthweight is a strong forecaster of poor parenting, since a mother who smokes or drinks or otherwise mistreats her baby in utero isn’t likely to turn things around just because the baby is born.

It may also be that low birthweight is a strong forecaster of poor parenting, since a mother who smokes or drinks or otherwise mistreats her baby in utero isn't likely to turn things around just because the baby is born.

Anyone who tries even casually to follow their advice may be stymied, for the conventional wisdom on parenting seems to shift by the hour.

This leads a lot of parents to spend a lot of their parenting energy simply being scared.

The first is that neither of us professes to be a parenting expert (although between us we do have six children under the age of five).

The second is that we are less persuaded by parenting theory than by what the data have to say.

Culture cramming may be a foundational belief of obsessive parenting, but the ECLS data show no correlation between museum visits and test scores.

It may be that honesty is more important to good parenting than spanking is to bad parenting.

Here is the conundrum: by the time most people pick up a parenting book, it is far too late.

It will certainly address these scenarios and dozens more, from the art of parenting to the mechanics of cheating, from the inner workings of the Ku Klux Klan to racial discrimination on The Weakest Link.

The Nurture Assumption was in effect an attack on obsessive parenting, a book so provocative that it required two subtitles: Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do and Parents Matter Less than You Think and Peers Matter More.

Since November 1, 2011, expectant parents who fail to obtain a parenting license can be forced to give up their child for adoption five days after birth.

They were now a necessary precondition for government service, education, employment in most fields, and to obtain licenses for, among other things, firearms purchase, parenting, and driving.

Improvements in interpersonal communications resulting from the Truth Machine have led to a lower divorce rate, better parenting, better education, and exponential increases in economic prosperity and scientific progress.