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cult following

n. A group of fans who are highly dedicated to a specific area of culture.

Cult Following

Cult Following is the second studio album by American-born, Montreal-based indie rock artist Little Scream. It was released on Merge Records (in the United States) and Dine Alone Records (in Canada) on May 6, 2016.

Usage examples of "cult following".

He could be eliminated because he didn't fulfill the second qualification: a cult following reaching down to the present time.

Since its 1998 debut, the series has built a large cult following, even in this country.

After a small cult following was killed, Artemis's priests managed to turn the lightning back on Herostratus.

On first coming out in 1988 it quickly developed a cult following among water-pollution-control engineers and was enjoyed, though rarely bought, by many radical environmentalists.

I attracted a cult following and built up a four-star review scrapbook.

Pettus runs his own publishing company and maintains a daily web journal which has attracted a cult following.

Occasionally, though, like tonight, they stick on some obscure American folk/country artist, someone with a cult following which could arrive together in the same car.

And because of that, she had actually gotten a very special kind of cult following.

It proved that even kidnappers can have a cult following these days.