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earth mother

n. (context paganism English) The Great Goddess of the Earth and fertility.

earth mother

n. the earth conceived of as the female principle of fertility

Earth mother
  1. redirect Mother goddess#Earth Mother

Usage examples of "earth mother".

Why not admit it, instead of letting the despised Gaian Mystics credit it to the Earth Mother?

It is sometimes difficult for the Gorean mother, as for the Earth mother, to realize that their little boys have at last become men.

If we ever forget our Great Earth Mother, She will no long provide for us, and if the Great Mother should decide to turn Her back on Her children, we will no longer have a home.

She had only known force and pain before he had evoked in her the Gift of Pleasure which' the Great Earth Mother had given to Her children.

Ah, to be young again, and new to the Gift of Pleasure from the Great Earth Mother.