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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a life policy/life insurance policy (=one that will pay out money if you die)
▪ New homeowners must usually buy a life policy before they can get a mortgage.
an insurance policy
▪ Is the damage covered by your insurance policy?
computer/car/insurance etc salesman
contents insurance (=insurance for things such as furniture that you have in your house)
European Health Insurance Card
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the
insurance adjuster
insurance broker
insurance policy
insurance premium
liability insurance/cover (=insurance that protects you against a liability claim)
▪ Many house and contents insurance policies have provision for liability insurance for claims of negligence against you.
life insurance
National Insurance
tax/insurance/credit card etc fraud
▪ He’s been charged with tax fraud.
travel insurance
▪ You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance.
▪ Indeed, the investment of the premiums from their general insurance business has made significant contributions to their overall profitability.
▪ MSAs would attract mainly the healthy and wealthy, leaving a pool of sicker, poorer people in the general insurance pool.
▪ In the way they work and their finances, general insurance companies are unusual creatures.
▪ A developing issue for actuaries has been the question of the possible use of professional certification of reserves for general insurance.
▪ The conspicuous features are like those for general insurance companies, but more so.
▪ There are numerous areas in which general insurance actuaries are currently developing new techniques, for example, medical expenses.
▪ Leases are long, perhaps 25 years, and tenants agree to be responsible for general insurance and repairs.
▪ Actuaries have been increasingly involved in merger and acquisition activity in the general insurance field.
▪ The costs involved in private medical insurance schemes have been rising very rapidly compared with inflation generally.
▪ Receiving a pension and medical insurance on the basis of past contributions is more dignified than being dependent on children or charity.
▪ Private medical insurance for those aged 60 and over.
▪ As the nation struggles to get a grip on medical costs, insurance companies have grabbed the reins.
▪ But you do collect bumps and bruises falling off windsurfers, so we insist on medical insurance.
▪ The severe limiting of the category would be pragmatic as well in securing more adequate medical insurance coverage.
▪ And even if you already have private medical insurance and life insurance, you may still need Lloyds Bank Accident Cashguard.
▪ All three, like everyone in the United States, have medical insurance.
▪ I am being punished for being an invalid and paying my national insurance contributions for 40 years.
▪ The Tory victory means that the family will pay £46 less in tax and national insurance contributions.
▪ Scrapping the income ceiling at which employees stop paying the 9% national insurance contribution would have attacked another anomaly.
▪ After paying tax and national insurance she gets £75 a week take home pay.
▪ However, you do not receive an increment for any week when you or a dependant are receiving another national insurance benefit.
▪ A second reform is therefore essential - to turn the national insurance tax from a proportional into a progressive tax.
▪ They also make a national insurance contribution on behalf of their employees.
▪ For a teacher on £16,500, this will equate to a loss of around £1,000 through tax and national insurance.
▪ The typical executive has a company car, private medical insurance and a company pension scheme.
▪ In addition, the measure would require automatic cancellation of private mortgage insurance at the 22 percent equity level.
▪ Insurance Private insurance premiums of £5 due from 1st September.
▪ We will abolish tax relief for private health insurance, whilst protecting the rights of existing policy-holders.
▪ Most consumers with private health insurance get it through their employers.
▪ The group also included Treasury ministers, who might be expected to support a change to private insurance if anyone would.
▪ The Department of Labor findings indicate that two out of five of these families are without private health insurance.
▪ Control may also be achieved through resource management, such as social insurance schemes or payment of retainers or fees for service.
▪ Myth No. 5: Individual accounts will erode political support for social insurance.
▪ Also, the social insurance scheme would cost more if there was a high level of unemployment.
▪ Cuts in personal and business taxation and social insurance levies are a top priority, to revive weak investment.
▪ The very principle of social insurance lies not merely threatened but broken by 12 years of abuse by the Government.
▪ This is the principle of universal social insurance.
▪ There are other processes which are undermining women's access to the social insurance system.
▪ If in doubt, ask your insurance agent - and read your policy before disaster strikes.
▪ Mechanics were needed to keep them running, gas stations to fuel them, insurance agents to insure themthe list is endless.
▪ The next afternoon the insurance agent appeared in the office, carrying a bottle of homemade wine.
▪ The list can be prepared by hand, using your own notebook or a booklet available free from many insurance agents.
▪ The defendants, a life assurance company employed the plaintiff as an insurance agent.
▪ He pored over hospital bills and questioned the insurance agent about items that seemed too high.
▪ Robertson, above, also concerned an insurance agent, but there was no such obligation.
▪ Jones for everything else since her March 23 marriage to Michael Jones, a Phoenix-area insurance agent.
▪ Credit cards are particularly useful when travelling and there are often insurance benefits if you pay for your travel through them.
▪ Then they learn that Lincoln employees receive no company-paid dental insurance benefits, no paid holidays, and have no sick leave.
▪ Any increase in national insurance benefits are offset against the additional benefit that claimants obtain from income support.
▪ Such an approach ensures that those who are poor gain the full national insurance benefit increases.
▪ However, you do not receive an increment for any week when you or a dependant are receiving another national insurance benefit.
▪ In order to qualify for these national insurance benefits, you must have been married to your husband on the date he died.
▪ The largest part of the current welfare budget is paid out on national insurance benefits - such as old-age pensions and unemployment pay.
▪ The reform of the national insurance system advocated here will also lead to all workers building up entitlement to national insurance benefits.
▪ Ask an insurance broker to obtain some illustrations for you to compare.
▪ James Andrews, a former Lloyds insurance broker, now unemployed, was ill for 18 months.
▪ Ask an insurance broker for details, or look for advertisements in the canine press.
▪ Those participating will receive up to 20 percent discount on car insurance rates from the charity's insurance brokers.
▪ Its Brighton-based insurance broker says customers should only deal with agents which are.
▪ Your travel agent or insurance broker can advise you further on this.
▪ Frizzell Group is to be bought by Marsh and McLennan, the world's biggest insurance broker, for £107m.
▪ Bellingham practised as an insurance broker and his wife as a milliner.
▪ The insurance business cycle is also at a low ebb.
▪ Large corporations have sought, and are achieving, entry into the insurance business.
▪ The early wealth of the merchants made Bristol a banking centre and a centre for insurance business.
▪ As employers drop out of the health insurance business, the government Medi-Cal program generally picks up the slack.
▪ Indeed, the investment of the premiums from their general insurance business has made significant contributions to their overall profitability.
▪ In 1986 he set up his own insurance business, Kebco Insurance Agency, which he operates with his wife, Shelley.
▪ The principal legislation governing the conduct of insurance business is the Insurance Companies Act 1982.
▪ Right about here the psychiatrist rushes off to his meeting, and the director expounds on the hospital and insurance business.
▪ It is as if the only criterion used for calculating my car insurance premium was the type of car I am driving.
▪ For full details, ring. Car insurance.
▪ Those participating will receive up to 20 percent discount on car insurance rates from the charity's insurance brokers.
▪ C Ingle, Ilford Friends and colleagues, most of you I expect are experiencing heavy increases in house and car insurance.
▪ But State insurance commissioner Roxani Gillespie imposed a six-month freeze on all car insurance rates on October 2.
▪ Where statutory cover is involved, such as for car insurance, any claims would be met in full.
▪ Bob Delamare I recently renewed my car insurance.
▪ They recommended a glazier, a brush and an insurance claim.
▪ It also frees the company from any substantial future insurance claims.
▪ Guppy and Marsh, having lodged their bogus insurance claim, flew back to New York on Concorde.
▪ Managers of unclaimed property often have experience in insurance claims analysis and records management.
▪ Measures being taken include increasing the amount a property owner must pay towards an insurance claim.
▪ The package will cover areas not covered by insurance claims and will be directed mainly at the fish farming industry.
▪ Unemployment insurance claims have been rising rapidly.
▪ They may also be independent funds managed by insurance companies.
▪ It is a major opportunity for banks, insurance companies, and others with established brand names and good products.
▪ Banks, insurance companies and financial planning firms all hire lawyers to perform estate planning and estate administration services.
▪ I admit that in aiding her to recover the monies from the insurance company, I had also helped Leyland escape punishment.
▪ The result is that they are bought up by development companies, insurance companies and pension funds looking to maximize their value.
▪ I recently worked with the marketing department at a large insurance company.
▪ The knowledge workers in the insurance company were responsible for processing this mass of data to maintain operational control of the business.
▪ But we are victims of our history: The insurance companies began bringing me their cases again.
▪ Beveridge wanted a system based on insurance, with the public making insurance contributions to finance benefits like the state pension.
▪ The Tory victory means that the family will pay £46 less in tax and national insurance contributions.
▪ It is the national insurance contributions that have become the second largest element, with 17 percent of the total.
▪ Many women have now moved voluntarily to paying the full national insurance contribution.
▪ Indeed, because of the insurance contribution condition, the opposite is the case, particularly in relation to the unskilled.
▪ Scrapping the income ceiling at which employees stop paying the 9% national insurance contribution would have attacked another anomaly.
▪ National insurance contributions by individuals are also a form of direct personal taxation.
▪ There is no additional fee or paperwork for this insurance cover, it is all included within the International Datapost price.
▪ It does not deter firms from supplying on credit, and there is always insurance cover to fall back on.
▪ Within 28 days we will forward your confirmation, full details of your holiday and insurance cover.
▪ It is usual when taking out a mortgage to arrange adequate insurance cover in the event of death.
▪ Protection: Consider taking out permanent health insurance cover in case illness prevents Mike from working.
▪ It is essential to have good professional advice, and to review the adequacy of your insurance cover from time to time.
▪ Walkers are therefore advised to take out suitable insurance cover.
▪ Once established, these boundaries enabled shippers, carriers, banks, and insurance companies to contract for appropriate insurance coverage.
▪ By the end of the stories, however, the need for insurance coverage for outpatient treatment was deemed paramount.
▪ It is true that a considerable overlapping of insurance coverage has resulted from this basic arrangement.
▪ A bill to let workers carry health insurance coverage from one employer to another should be a sure bet to become law.
▪ But concerns have surfaced that use of the treatment is being stymied by gaps in insurance coverage.
▪ The severe limiting of the category would be pragmatic as well in securing more adequate medical insurance coverage.
▪ All were treated at private treatment centers which required either insurance coverage or self-payment for the treatment.
▪ We should prefer this to making credit insurance generally mandatory on several grounds.
▪ The reward to them from credit insurance would be the security which this would give against payment problems.
▪ Chairman John Reeve said Severfield has taken out credit insurance to offset future bad debt problems.
▪ Only 35 percent of the companies in the survey used credit insurance to secure themselves against bad debts.
▪ In assessing the suitability of any credit insurance underwriter, companies must be satisfied with a number of key issues.
▪ Time allowed 00:19 Read in studio Eighty jobs are to go at an insurance group in Gloucester.
▪ The Trinity insurance group, now in liquidation, has written to policyholders warning they are now without cover.
▪ They wanted somewhere really stunning to entertain clients of a major insurance group.
▪ We will abolish tax relief for private health insurance, whilst protecting the rights of existing policy-holders.
▪ Comprehensive health insurance and universal access to health care has the potential to facilitate this process and improve surveillance.
▪ We make basic health insurance affordable for all low-income people not now covered.
▪ The Senate bill would raise the tax deduction for health insurance bought by the self-employed.
▪ A universal system of health insurance known as Medicare, funded from general taxation, was introduced in 1984.
▪ Otherwise, he has to buy his own health insurance, which costs hundreds of dollars a month.
▪ Employers buy health insurance with pre-tax dollars.
▪ Where would I get a job that had health insurance for my kids?
▪ It works in conjunction with existing professional indemnity insurance and enables estates to be wound up without delay.
▪ Insurance group Sun Alliance was clouded by a £466m loss on the back of its exposure to mortgage indemnity insurance.
▪ However small a member's practising income, certificate and professional indemnity insurance will still be needed.
▪ Even if you only work for a few hours a week, take out professional indemnity insurance.
▪ To the extent that professional indemnity insurance is known to be available there is, in fact, an encouragement to litigate.
▪ It is engaged in internecine warfare over the general provision of indemnity insurance for investors.
▪ So make sure that you maintain a professional indemnity insurance policy for any work that you may intend to do!
▪ The amounts involved are often huge, well above any amount that would be covered by professional indemnity insurance.
▪ The insurance industry is also very concerned about rising car crime.
▪ He also worked in the insurance industry.
▪ In the meantime, the insurance industry has set up Pool Re, which began collecting premium income in January.
▪ There are several crucial reasons why the insurance industry was so opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment nationwide.
▪ That is a beginning, but I expect the insurance industry to do much more in helping to reduce car crime.
▪ In the meantime, it behooves us all, patients and doctors alike, to learn how the health insurance industry works.
▪ He also plans drug pricing restrictions and insurance industry reform.
▪ Overall, the insurance industry profits from litigation.
▪ This bond requirement is not a substitute for the normal liability insurance carried by freight forwarders.
▪ And there usually is a set-up fee and security deposit, plus liability insurance.
▪ Old liability insurance policies that were in effect at the time of the relevant incidents can be valuable.
▪ My own medical liability insurance bill is something between $ 25, 000 and $ 32, 000 annually.
▪ Many house and contents insurance policies have provision for liability insurance for claims of negligence against you, it is worth checking.
▪ The partnership purchases workers' compensation and liability insurance, which reduces the bureaucratic burden on participating companies.
▪ It doesn't recommend trespass, it urges that you should consult the police and get third-party liability insurance.
▪ If you serve alcohol in a public place, you may have to buy liability insurance. 10.
▪ His contemporaries believed he made his sister-in-law take out substantial life insurance and then poisoned her.
▪ These calls and mailings are probably selling living trusts, annuities, life insurance or a combination of these.
▪ Conditions of service are good with a contributory pension scheme, subsidised canteen and free life insurance.
▪ Families with young children typically do need life insurance.
▪ Health insurance, yes, but not life insurance.
▪ Is the compensation for extra risk lowered by the availability of life insurance?
▪ Because neither life insurance nor private health plans normally cover you against the financial consequences of a permanently disabling accident.
▪ Bupa has about 60 percent of the private health insurance market.
▪ Keating said the merger would have substantially reduced competition in the life insurance market.
▪ He is being exhaustively briefed on such things as rural medicine and trends in the insurance market.
▪ Names, as individual investors in the insurance market are known, will vote on the proposals this spring.
▪ In the insurance market, there has been an upsurge in activity.
▪ The insurance market identified shuttle craft as the most vulnerable in the Gulf and raised premiums accordingly.
▪ The troubles of Lloyd's, London's main insurance market, are more familiar.
▪ If you want to suspend this policy you must send your certificate of motor insurance back to us.
▪ Switch from comprehensive to third party motor insurance if your car's value has fallen far enough.
▪ It specialises in motor insurance and has doubled the number of policies it sells each year as well as moving into household insurance.
▪ By 1990 motor insurance had kept in line with average earnings and risen to £223.
▪ With motor insurance zooming in cost, this could give you a valuable saving.
▪ The plans are a variation on an earlier form of PEPs which restricted investors to bonds and insurance plans.
▪ I also assumed that as my husband he would be covered by my health insurance plan.
▪ The organization contracts with 26 insurance plans.
▪ Charges for the surgery at Columbia vary depending on the insurance plan.
▪ They may look forward to good occupational pension, a significant state earnings-related pension and a cash sum from maturing insurance policies.
▪ The company said the remaining amount will be picked up by its insurance policy.
▪ The surplus is no more than a biological insurance policy, and their parents may begrudge the cost of cover.
▪ For exam-ple, Minnesota mandates that every insurance policy include toupees for people who go bald.
▪ But as an insurance policy against litigation, Liggett positively oozes charm.
▪ Marson notes that he has all the necessary equipment, along with a million-dollar umbrella insurance policy to cover the young fighters.
▪ So I took out an insurance policy against a possible breakdown in the production.
▪ In a real sense, the balanced budget amendment is an insurance policy against a bad budget deal.
▪ A free holiday does not include optional insurance premium.
▪ The study found that employers would save an average of 12 percent over traditional health insurance premiums.
▪ Simply paying the insurance premium each year without enquiring what cover is currently advantageous does not amount to good business.
▪ States would get money to pay the insurance premiums.
▪ Car insurance premiums shot up by almost a quarter - and drivers will suffer 15 percent rises over the next year.
▪ Much of the cost-cutting is driven by patients and their employers, who were alarmed by rising insurance premiums, she said.
▪ You're not paying above the odds for the car, or the insurance premium for that matter.
▪ Employers and individuals would pay new taxes into the system rather than paying insurance premiums.
▪ Medicare is the federal health insurance program for the elderly.
▪ The remaining 1. 9 percent would continue to be paid into the federal disability insurance program.
▪ Jude Medical and Medtronic gained as federal budget talks stalled, making drastic cuts in the Medicare health insurance program less likely.
▪ Mangano described a complicated, time-consuming bureaucratic process that the insurance programs are required to undertake to set their reimbursement rates.
▪ I've been a life insurance salesman and I was in the deep freeze business for ages.
▪ But I get a big thrill out of seeing players go on to become doctors and lawyers and insurance salesmen.
▪ Jennifer and insurance salesman Dennis Crawford split up when the model was a teenager.
▪ Several dozen insurance salesmen went pale.
▪ Stan had discovered that he was a good insurance salesman.
▪ They could have been greengrocers, insurance salesmen, buggy repairmen, schoolteachers, congressmen or even preachers as much as criminals.
▪ You were an insurance salesman once, why can't you go back to that?
▪ Control may also be achieved through resource management, such as social insurance schemes or payment of retainers or fees for service.
▪ Also, the social insurance scheme would cost more if there was a high level of unemployment.
▪ The costs involved in private medical insurance schemes have been rising very rapidly compared with inflation generally.
▪ So they are extending their repertoire of services to include unit trusts, PEPs plans and insurance schemes.
▪ Beveridge argued that other social policies were necessary to underpin his insurance scheme.
▪ The Law Society ran a compulsory liability insurance scheme for solicitors under statutory powers.
▪ We see one specially strong advantage in an industry-wide self-financing insurance scheme of this sort.
▪ Beveridge's insurance scheme was broadly put into legislation.
▪ If we don't want that, then we pay more tax or have an insurance system.
▪ The health care and health insurance system we knew is gone.
▪ There are other processes which are undermining women's access to the social insurance system.
▪ Social Security feels like a funded insurance system.
▪ In fact, it would turn Beveridge on its head and use the national insurance system as a tax system.
▪ He estimated the added cost to the insurance system would be $ 65 billion over seven years.
▪ We will reform the tax and national insurance system, and take 740,000 low-paid people out of tax.
▪ Britain's national insurance system is far more efficient than private insurance.
▪ But don't expect your travel insurance to pay up unless you're injured or get your luggage damaged in the storms.
▪ It does not include travel insurance, wine and drinks with meals and room service.
▪ Most banks are also able to offer travel insurance.
▪ Airlines offer some cover but the amount payable can be small in comparison with sums offered by the travel insurance specialists.
▪ The mortgage is not only capped at 7.25%, it gives free unemployment insurance during the first two years.
▪ Admittedly, unemployment insurance is not the key perpetrator of unemployment.
▪ According to a recent survey, one in four new borrowers takes out unemployment insurance, double the number of three years ago.
▪ Eighty percent of wages replaced when on unemployment insurance!
▪ Even the United Kingdom Beveridge scheme had only a minor effect on unemployment insurance.
▪ State laws spread unemployment insurance payments over a four-day week.
▪ In the United States unemployment insurance, accident compensation and public assistance underwent no major changes.
▪ Among themselves, economists usually agree that welfare payments and unemployment insurance make getting a job less attractive.
▪ In essence, hedgers as a group buy insurance from speculators who take calculated gambles.
▪ In fact, many buy snow insurance as a hedge against extreme weather.
▪ Employers buy health insurance with pre-tax dollars.
▪ Otherwise, he has to buy his own health insurance, which costs hundreds of dollars a month.
▪ Remove restrictions on insurers and let people buy for themselves inexpensive insurance.
▪ Edward M.. Kennedy, D-Mass., laid out an alternative approach that would provide vouchers for families to buy insurance.
▪ Mazzocchi said taxes to buy insurance for the uninsured would be a windfall for the insurance industry.
▪ The sale, which was expected, brings to a close a chapter that began when Xerox bought insurance company Crum&038;.
▪ Carry costs can include such items as insurance, storage and deterioration as well as borrowing costs.
▪ I called Art again, whose broadcast career included insurance pitches to old folks.
▪ A free holiday does not include optional insurance premium.
▪ It does not include travel insurance, wine and drinks with meals and room service.
▪ The package also includes free unemployment insurance for the first two years.
▪ The most likely incremental reforms include insurance premium caps and price controls on hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals.
▪ Pay exempt enterprises include banks and insurance companies.
▪ These might include residual value insurance, up-grade options and so on.
▪ Unfortunately it is becoming harder to obtain public liability insurance cover because of the very large amounts awarded nowadays in damage claims.
▪ It is also difficult to obtain insurance cover in substantial amounts to cover this type of liability.
▪ The Society has obtained very good insurance cover at a very reasonable premium.
▪ The only types of insurance that I have come across are for horse owners wishing to obtain insurance for their own horse.
▪ For £9.00 we are pleased to offer a top-up insurance comprising of the following additional cover.
▪ We need to give breaks to those companies offering higher wages, insurance and career benefits.
▪ Some have gone even further and are offering free mortgage protection insurance for new borrowers.
▪ Schwab and Great-West are offering 10-year term insurance and universal life insurance, which includes an interest-earning savings or investment account.
▪ A council spokesman said mortgage holders were offered a choice of insurance companies.
▪ Schwab initially will offer three types of insurance products to California customers starting May 6.
▪ Personal pensions are offered by insurance companies, banks, building societies, unit trusts and friendly societies.
▪ Most banks are also able to offer travel insurance.
▪ It became increasingly difficult to pay insurance and assistance benefits and at the same time keep them below the level of wages.
▪ Their employers pay for health insurance only one-third of the time.
▪ But this was a small price to pay for insurance against a leadership sell-out.
▪ One Southern deejay remembers asking a New York label for money to help pay off his insurance.
▪ We have paid home insurance for the last 25 years and have never made a claim.
▪ Premiums that you pay for group-term life insurance for up to $ 50, 000 in coverage.
▪ Homebuyers are also paying the price for insurance company ineptitude over unemployment cover.
▪ Employers and individuals would pay new taxes into the system rather than paying insurance premiums.
▪ The major banks now provide insurance, security-dealing, trustee and executor services.
▪ However, many small businesses do not provide insurance now and would face a new expense under Proposition 186.
▪ These can be minimised by writing the bond under a suitable trust provided by the insurance company.
▪ Benefits analysts have estimated that companies now providing health insurance pay, on average, about 10 percent of their payroll.
▪ They take advantage of people's dislike of uncertainty by providing insurance services.
▪ They mature in 10 years, come in $ 1, 000 minimums and provide insurance against an unexpected inflation surge.
▪ First Fidelity does not plan to sell MetLife insurance through its branches, even if the law is changed to allow it.
▪ To reassure investors, some utilities have taken to selling bonds with insurance, once an unusual tactic for utility bonds.
▪ Some advisers, for example, earn commission from selling you insurance - but don't tell you.
▪ My father wanted me to sell insurance like him.
▪ On the practical side he was now selling more fossils than insurance.
▪ Joseph Kiernan, 55, will head the new business of selling insurance bonds that assure payments.
▪ Taken on to sell insurance, patent medicines and beauty products, I sold my own animals and bought an old bicycle.
▪ The company agreed to sell its insurance unit to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts&038;.
carry insurance/a guarantee etc
comprehensive insurance/cover/policy
▪ At the moment few organizations have comprehensive policies or programs of team rewards in place.
▪ Drive defensively and have comprehensive insurance.
▪ Fully comprehensive insurance, maintenance and servicing costs etc. are also not included.
▪ One manager told me it would be more economic to give everyone comprehensive cover.
third party insurance/cover/policy
▪ Members of the scheme also benefit from a third party insurance, for a premium of £2 a year.
▪ With some landowners now looking towards insisting on third party cover for climbers, insurance is increasingly looking indispensable.
▪ Many Americans cannot afford health insurance.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurance \In*sur"ance\, n. [From Insure.]

  1. The act of insuring, or assuring, against loss or damage by a contingent event; a contract whereby, for a stipulated consideration, called premium, one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by certain specified risks. Cf. Assurance, n., 6.

    Note: The person who undertakes to pay in case of loss is termed the insurer; the danger against which he undertakes, the risk; the person protected, the insured; the sum which he pays for the protection, the premium; and the contract itself, when reduced to form, the policy.
    --Johnson's Cyc.

  2. The premium paid for insuring property or life.

  3. The sum for which life or property is insured.

  4. A guaranty, security, or pledge; assurance. [Obs.]

    The most acceptable insurance of the divine protection.

  5. Hence: Any means of assuring against loss; a precaution; as, we always use our seat belts as insurance against injury.

    Accident insurance, insurance against pecuniary loss by reason of accident to the person.

    Endowment insurance or Endowment assurance, a combination of life insurance and investment such that if the person upon whose life a risk is taken dies before a certain specified time the insurance becomes due at once, and if he survives, it becomes due at the time specified. Also called whole life insurance.

    Fire insurance. See under Fire.

    Insurance broker, a broker or agent who effects insurance.

    Insurance company, a company or corporation whose business it is to insure against loss, damage, or death.

    Insurance policy, a certificate of insurance; the document containing the contract made by an insurance company with a person whose property or life is insured.

    Life insurance. See under Life.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "engagement to marry," a variant of ensurance (see ensure). Commercial sense of "security against loss or death in exchange for payment" is from 1650s. Assurance was the older term for this (late 16c.).


n. A means of indemnity against a future occurrence of an uncertain event.

  1. n. promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company

  2. written contract or certificate of insurance; "you should have read the small print on your policy" [syn: policy, insurance policy]

  3. protection against future loss [syn: indemnity]


Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.

An entity which provides insurance is known as an insurer, insurance company, or insurance carrier. A person or entity who buys insurance is known as an insured or policyholder. The insurance transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known relatively small loss in the form of payment to the insurer in exchange for the insurer's promise to compensate the insured in the event of a covered loss. The loss may or may not be financial, but it must be reducible to financial terms, and must involve something in which the insured has an insurable interest established by ownership, possession, or preexisting relationship. The insured receives a contract, called the insurance policy, which details the conditions and circumstances under which the insured will be financially compensated. The amount of money charged by the insurer to the insured for the coverage set forth in the insurance policy is called the premium. If the insured experiences a loss which is potentially covered by the insurance policy, the insured submits a claim to the insurer for processing by a claims adjuster.

Insurance (constituency)

The Insurance functional constituency is a functional constituency in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong first created in 1998. The constituency is restricted to only 134 insurers.

A similar Financing, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services functional constituency was created for the 1995 election by Governor Chris Patten with a much larger electorate base of total 171,534 eligible voters.

Usage examples of "insurance".

The ablest lawyers in the Senate, in general, pressed the claim of the insurance companies to the balance of the fund, including Mr.

He settles in Memphis in 1869, and accepts a position as head of an insurance company, which fails in 1873.

Like the audiovisuals, it not only transmitted in to the Times, but made a recording as insurance against transmission failure.

Among the letters was one addressed to a fire insurance company, probably relating to a policy on the Beaverwood building.

Local insurance associations and loan companies kept Benedict Filesthe pen a man had used to sign his contract, his snubbed-out cigarette butt, a plastex hanky with which he had mopped his brow, an object left in security, the remains of a biopsy or blood testso that Benedick could use his power against those who renege on these companies and flee, on those who break their laws.

Gordon Bennington from the dead because Fidelis Insurance Company hoped he was a suicide, not an accidental death.

I was here to raise Gordon Bennington from the dead because Fidelis Insurance Company hoped he was a suicide, not an accidental death.

Negro businesspeople in Pittsburgh who owned a stationery and bookstore, a photography gallery, a loan company, a real estate company, and an insurance company.

In 1782 Casanova made a few more Reports to the Tribunal, for one of which, regarding the failure of an insurance and commercial house at Trieste, he received six sequins.

Lacone wants me to baby-sit those chops for a while, earn him a break on his insurance rates.

He had been a downtown party committeeman, and the proprietor of a vast insurance agency that enjoyed uncanny success in underwriting municipal agencies.

In fact, state representative Glen Maxey cosponsored a death-futures bill in the Texas Legislature with Chisum in order, he said, to bring the trade under the regulation of the state Department of Insurance.

Bernardette Dinh, sir, I work for the insurance office right over there.

Ordinand had caused a huge flutter in the dovecotes of owners of good-as-gold horses, and I in conjunction with our chummy insurance syndicate at Lloyds was busy raising defenses against copycat kidnaps.

The garageman also obliged him by providing the legally necessary insurance for the van, through his sister-in-law, who ran an office across the street.