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auto insurance

n. (context US English) Insurance purchased by the owner of a vehicle to cover losses due to traffic accidents or theft

Usage examples of "auto insurance".

I'm working undercover on an auto insurance fraud case and I'm here in the company of a thug who's going to start looking for me any minute.

He turned his attention to a file folder marked AUTO INSURANCE and fed its contents into the shredder.

He had a high-tech tan, coal-black hair, and wasn't old enough to qualify for decent rates on his auto insurance.

Let's not-even mention the fact that my association with CF had culminated in the wholesale bust-up of a multimillion-dollar auto insurance scam.

Motorists coming west on 125th Street from the Triborough Bridge saw a speaker standing in the tonneau of an old muddy battered US Army command car, parked in the amber night light at the corner of Second Avenue, in front of a sign which read: CHICKEN AUTO INSURANCE, _Seymour Rosenblum_.

Maybe they cheated on auto insurance, then graduated to doctoring pharmaceutical billings.