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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
insurance premium
▪ A free holiday does not include optional insurance premium.
▪ It would be necessary to increase the insurance premium.
▪ Simply paying the insurance premium each year without enquiring what cover is currently advantageous does not amount to good business.
insurance premium

n. payment for insurance [syn: premium]

Usage examples of "insurance premium".

You'd have done Bobby a much bigger favor letting him face the music for cashing the insurance premium check.

There was proof of the decay of his business, and the precarious state of his finances, and the payment of his fire - insurance premium only just in time to prevent its lapse.

I passed an alley in which a young whore was on her knees before a cop, paying her weekly insurance premium.

The man had, after all, taken his registration number, and although Dirk had no particular recollection of paying an insurance premium of late, he also had no particular recollection of not paying one either, which was a reasonably promising sign.

So long as payments were kept up on the house and the car, so long as the broker got a valid check for one year's insurance premium on the motorcycle, none of them would think anything of him.

Injuries were lavishly compensated, and the offender's insurance premium dutifully raised.