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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
insurance adjuster
▪ Feffer, wishing to divert him, had told him the tale of the insurance adjuster who pulled out the pistol.

Usage examples of "insurance adjuster".

A gentleman with a Black 8c Decker attempted to truncate a stubborn insurance adjuster in Homestead.

The painting was burnt, the art historian is dead, and she told the insurance adjuster she had no doubts about the painting’.

I've got to make arrangements for an insurance adjuster to put a price on the damage at my place, and I want to tell my house cleaning service to straighten up the wreckage while I'm gone.

When they returned to her home, they found the insurance adjuster standing on the back porch looking hesitant.

You know, he came to me yesterday after the insurance adjuster left, asking me to compare the depth and width of the Pit to various cathedral spires.