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car insurance

n. insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents [syn: automobile insurance]

Usage examples of "car insurance".

Sinc6 the collapse of cut-price car insurance firms, I'd read somewhere, privately run insurance schemes had to show a minimum backing of fifty thousand pounds before the Board of Trade would give them permission to exist.

Probably I'll be back behind the counter Monday morning doing car insurance.

But a Peter Parker type can't afford car insurance in this town, so now I transport myself on a bicycle.

The top drawer contained a car insurance policy, an unopened bottle of the same Scotch, a package of paper cups and a big manila envelope with a small metal clasp at the top.

After term life insurance payments, car insurance, retirement payments, and union dues, he had to live on less than $12,000 a year.

One of them said MARRIAGE DIVORCE CAR INSURANCE on a sloppily lettered sign.