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unemployment insurance

n. Insurance against loss of earnings during the time that an able-bodied worker is involuntarily unemployed.

Unemployment insurance (Japan)

, also known as is the "user pays" system of unemployment benefits that operate in Japan. It is paired with and referred to collectively as . It is managed by Hello Work.

Usage examples of "unemployment insurance".

She sat there, her stomach aching and her thirst ravaging her almost to the point of madness.

However, as of the time of this writing, if you go to a WorkForce Center in Minnesota, they aren't allowed to answer questions about unemployment insurance.

Anyway, I need a new job, and while I'm looking, I'd like Unemployment Insurance.

Every outlaw should learn everything there is to know about the rules governing unemployment insurance.

Many have to go to work to stay eligible for next summer's unemployment insurance, it is too cold for big outdoor parties, and the constant rain makes riding an uncomfortable hazard.

Daphne, not very reassured, found it wise to retreat into the prescribed formulae of the State of New York for dealing with an unemployment insurance applicant.

With a few exceptions, even those with saleable skills prefer to draw unemployment insurance.

He works as a laborer now and then, but only to stay eligible for unemployment insurance, known in outlaw circles as the 52-26 Club.

What with unemployment insurance, food stamps, and welfare, a lot of former migrants have quit migratin'.

He could almost see the squares of linoleum on the floor, the queues of those who, like himself, wanted only to collect unemployment insurance for a while, in the hope that during that time the world would clarify itself for them.