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claims adjuster

n. A person who investigates insurance claims in order to determine the liability of the insurance company

claims adjuster

n. one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement [syn: adjuster, adjustor, claims adjustor, claim agent]

Claims adjuster

Claims adjusters investigate insurance claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the company's liability. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean and New Zealand the term loss adjuster is used. Other claims adjusters who represent policyholders may aid in the preparation of an insurance claim.

Generally, in the United States a claim adjuster duties should include the following elements:

  • Verify an insurance policy written by the insurance company exists for the insured person and/or property.
  • Investigate the circumstances and the sequence of events leading up to the claimed damages occurring as the result of someone's negligence or risks of direct physical loss or damages to property, culminating in the loss of property and or bodily injury.
  • After obtaining the above investigation evaluate the covered injury and or damages that have been determined according to the coverage grants.
  • Negotiate a settlement according to the applicable law, coverage insured for following best insurance practices.

In casualty insurance the main type of coverages include but may not be limited to the followings:

  • First party auto and other than auto coverages (sometimes referred to collision and comprehensive coverages) there are numerous types of first party insurance coverages for any kind of risk of loss or damages.
  • Third party liability for property damage of others property and bodily injury. (in law terms these are "tort" claims)

Key words to define via a hot link . Investigation, negligence, third party, first party and property damages. Insurance best practices and tort.

Usage examples of "claims adjuster".

There was probably a second insurance company, representing the owner of the vehicle she'd hit, and it was always possible that the other claims adjuster had something in his files.

Whether it pays anything helpful is up to the claims adjuster and the lawyers, if it comes to that.

This life-role is as interesting as my former life-role, which was that of a claims adjuster for the Great Northern Insurance Company, a position which compelled me to spend my time amid the debris of our civilization: rumpled fenders, roofless sheds, gutted warehouses, smashed arms and legs.

I had saved very little money, and I took the first halfway decent job I could find, working as an insurance claims adjuster, which gave me $9,000 a year and a free use of a car.

He worked for Butterworth Insurance, which I'd never heard of, and he said he was a claims adjuster, but I thought he was probably an accountant sent out because they didn't want to send anyone more important to a nothing rock like Jefferson.

The search was no more than a token, to satisfy the claims adjuster!

The claims adjuster thinks I had something to do with Odyssey's disappearance.

Now go call the home office and find out what claims adjuster we're supposed to use while Durmont's laid up.