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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
bring chaos
▪ A bomb scare brought chaos to the town centre yesterday.
cause chaos/disruption
▪ Floods caused chaos across much of the country.
descent into alcoholism/chaos/madness etc
▪ his descent into drug abuse
▪ Upon reflection, we might wonder why such an economy does not collapse in complete chaos.
▪ Drastic, unprepared liberalisation can lead to economic chaos, as in the Ivory Coast in 1988.
▪ Unhealthy organizations, however, use cost justification as an after-the-fact means of tidying up economic chaos.
▪ The country was plunged into economic chaos.
▪ In a country that has seen six presidents in five years, political chaos is taken for granted.
▪ The parasite has been nurtured by abject poverty, intermittent political chaos and, some charge, international indifference.
▪ The Callaghan government never recovered from the sense of ungovernability and social chaos heralded by the winter of discontent.
▪ If jobs are not created to take up the people who are coming off of welfare, social chaos is the result.
▪ Underlying the disquiet was a strong current of belief that the act of going tieless was tantamount to social chaos!
▪ World heavyweight boxing ends the year much as it started this year and almost every other year - in total chaos.
▪ He kept our family in total chaos.
▪ Soon the system was in total chaos.
▪ Bookings, reservations, staffing ... just about everything, they claimed, was in a state of total chaos.
▪ Britain's in for five years of total chaos and the middle-classes will soon be taking to the streets.
▪ I mean there was total chaos.
▪ Her nerve-ends in total chaos, Robbie could hardly believe this was really happening, this shivering delight.
▪ But when she entered the house, she was confronted by a scene of utter chaos.
▪ I went to rejoin the train and it was utter chaos.
▪ It looked like utter chaos to me, but organised chaos.
▪ She sat on the bed looking at the utter chaos around her.
▪ They've talked about Mondo 2000, virtual raves, about smart drugs and new psychedelics, about chaos theory and fractals.
▪ Or perhaps chaos theory provides a more effective meaning-making metaphor.
▪ Their true story spans chaos theory, something called strange attractors and the inner marvels of microprocessors.
▪ Contemporary chaos theory talks about so-called strange attractors, which are the ordering principles within such apparently random patterns.
▪ Fractals, quarks and chaos theory share space with morphic resonance, channelling and UFO-lore.
▪ Such people often see their lives more effectively framed by the reality metaphors that modern quantum physics and chaos theory provide.
▪ No one was seriously injured, but M4 Westbound was closed bringing traffic chaos.
▪ To all the critics who have predicted traffic chaos Labour councillor Jim Skinner has the same reply.
▪ He was reading a newspaper, apparently oblivious to the contribution he was making to the traffic chaos.
▪ He accepts that Skinnergate should be pedestrianised to stop the traffic chaos.
▪ The West End suffered traffic chaos.
▪ Elsewhere thousands of commuters avoided traffic chaos by staying at home.
▪ Cracking up ... bridge closure causes traffic chaos.
▪ No one was seriously injured, but M4 Westbound was closed bringing traffic chaos.
▪ Lewis, through collective bargaining, brought order out of chaos.
▪ Human beings have themselves been responsible for bringing chaos and pain back to a world of ordered beauty.
▪ Under water:Flash floods and blizzards bring winter chaos.
▪ They are immigrants who travel across the world breaking down the moral order, bringing chaos to organized society.
▪ The Bible beginning is a beautiful, purposeful design, bringing order out of chaos.
▪ With her catapult and her shop lifting, Jake causes chaos.
▪ Diverted traffic has been causing chaos on roads.
▪ Currently highways authorities and main services providers are allowed to cause chaos by digging up roads whenever and wherever they wish.
▪ Flooding and snow cause chaos Flooding and snow have caused chaos in much of the Central South area.
▪ This not only causes chaos, but is also a waste of water and causes pollution.
▪ I caused chaos, too, in the Houlton Silver Band, who were hoisting their instruments prior to marching off.
▪ But some fear it will cause chaos in the town centre and disrupt local trade.
▪ With large groups, however, this method can cause chaos at the reception desk. 2.
▪ But dad John Watts makes sure all his 12 children take their turn and controls the chaos.
▪ Both conveyed an unmistakable impression of a just-barely-#controlled chaos.
▪ Everywhere, the atmosphere is one of controlled chaos.
▪ The right faction wants to create tension and chaos, said Karem Korbanzadeh.
▪ The half-solution created electoral chaos, with some black representatives voting against it.
▪ It will still create administrative chaos.
▪ The donors themselves help to create the chaos.
▪ This allows healthy growth whereas imbalance creates illness and chaos.
▪ His message was to strike, disrupt, riot, and create chaos until the Shah was forced to abdicate.
▪ What would that do except create chaos?
▪ Fernandez was hired to end 20 years of chaos caused by decentralising New York's huge school system.
▪ Fed up, Harrison walked out and the sessions ended in chaos.
▪ Drastic, unprepared liberalisation can lead to economic chaos, as in the Ivory Coast in 1988.
▪ Change without unity would lead to disruption and chaos.
▪ They especially object to the insistence that the polling be nonpartisan, saying this will lead to chaos and excessively personalized competition.
▪ To his supporters, Rawlings remains an incorruptible savior and pragmatist who kept the country from plunging into chaos.
▪ The country was plunged into economic chaos.
▪ Apparently Merton College had refused to take northern students and Oxford had been plunged into chaos and riot.
▪ Here, such is the pace of change, it seems rather that wholesale chaos occasionally results in selective progress.
▪ These myths justify male control as necessary to prevent the supposed chaos that results when women take control.
▪ Emergencies were declared in 12 states and transport links thrown into chaos.
▪ He briefly dissolved Congress in 1992 to successfully fight two guerrilla insurgencies that had thrown the country into chaos.
▪ Of course there will have to be a register: otherwise, the system will be thrown into chaos.
▪ Now the ruling, which could open the way for new prosecutions, has thrown the issue into chaos.
▪ Antonio plays a character whose life is thrown into chaos by Angelina's femme fatale.
throw sb/sth into confusion/chaos/disarray etc
▪ Advancing on a narrow front, the bristling schiltrons threw their opponents into confusion on such unfamiliar, unstable ground.
▪ But a Cup replay would throw those plans into disarray.
▪ He briefly dissolved Congress in 1992 to successfully fight two guerrilla insurgencies that had thrown the country into chaos.
▪ However, the death of Vial shortly afterwards threw everything into confusion.
▪ Instead, it was going directly across their path, which threw them into confusion.
▪ It was their starting-point that was often illogical or arbitrary and threw the listener into confusion.
▪ Now the ruling, which could open the way for new prosecutions, has thrown the issue into chaos.
▪ Since the middle of the 1870s a world monetary depression had thrown trade into confusion.
▪ I arrived home unexpectedly and found the house in chaos.
▪ Passengers spoke of complete chaos as the fire spread through the ship.
▪ The earthquake caused widespread chaos throughout the region.
▪ We've just moved into the new office and I've no idea where anything is - it's chaos!
▪ When McNamara got the job, the department was in chaos.
▪ Zbitski said the reform coalition must find a way to steer the country out of its political and economic chaos.
▪ A more ruthless woman would have let the whole place slide into chaos until he learned to do things for himself.
▪ Bookings, reservations, staffing ... just about everything, they claimed, was in a state of total chaos.
▪ Gnarled old men ignore the chaos sipping coffee and chatting with fishermen as they untangle their nets.
▪ I went to rejoin the train and it was utter chaos.
▪ Such parliamentary chaos is not a symptom of underlying social disorder.
▪ The executive transporter bay was a chaos of foam and whirling shapes which might or might not have been armed troopers.
▪ The half-solution created electoral chaos, with some black representatives voting against it.
▪ Thousands of pounds worth of smoke and water damage reclaiming the family home from chaos.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chaos \Cha"os\ (k[=a]"[o^]s), n. [L. chaos chaos (in senses 1 & 2), Gr. cha`os, fr. cha`inein (root cha) to yawn, to gape, to open widely. Cf. Chasm.]

  1. An empty, immeasurable space; a yawning chasm. [Archaic]

    Between us and there is fixed a great chaos.
    --Luke xvi. 26 (Rhemish Trans.).

  2. The confused, unorganized condition or mass of matter before the creation of distinct and orderly forms.

  3. Any confused or disordered collection or state of things; a confused mixture; confusion; disorder.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "gaping void," from Old French chaos (14c.) or directly from Latin chaos, from Greek khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty," from *khnwos, from PIE root *gheu- "to gape, yawn" (cognates: Greek khaino "I yawn," Old English ginian, Old Norse ginnunga-gap; see yawn (v.)).\n

\nMeaning "utter confusion" (c.1600) is extended from theological use of chaos for "the void at the beginning of creation" in Vulgate version of Genesis (1530s in English). The Greek for "disorder" was tarakhe, however the use of chaos here was rooted in Hesiod ("Theogony"), who describes khaos as the primeval emptiness of the Universe, begetter of Erebus and Nyx ("Night"), and in Ovid ("Metamorphoses"), who opposes Khaos to Kosmos, "the ordered Universe." Meaning "orderless confusion" in human affairs is from c.1600. Chaos theory in the modern mathematical sense is attested from c.1977.


n. 1 (initialism of congenital high airway obstruction syndrome English) 2 (context slang English) (initialism of can't have anyone over syndrome English)

  1. n. a state of extreme confusion and disorder [syn: pandemonium, bedlam, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness]

  2. the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos

  3. (Greek mythology) the most ancient of gods; the personification of the infinity of space preceding creation of the universe

  4. (physics) a dynamical system that is extremely sensitive to its initial conditions

Chaos (Sesame Park)

Chaos is the name of a fictional character, a puppet cat in the Canadian children's television show Sesame Park. She mostly addressed herself in the third person, much like Elmo does in the American series, and is also known to get herself in sticky situations.

Chaos is performed by Karen Valleau

Category:Fictional cats Category:Sesame Park

Chaos (cosmogony)

Chaos ( Greek , khaos) refers to the formless or void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths, or to the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth.

CHAOS (operating system)

CHAOS is a small (6Mbyte) Linux distribution designed for creating ad hoc computer clusters. CHAOS is a Live CD which fits on a single business card sized CD-ROM. This tiny disc will boot any i586 class PC (that supports CD booting), into a working openMosix node, without disturbing (or even touching) the contents of any local hard disk.

Designed for large-scale ad hoc clusters, once booted, CHAOS runs from memory allowing the CD to be used on the next node (and allowing for automated rebooting into the host operating system). CHAOS aims to be the most compact, secure and straightforward openMosix cluster platform available.

Chaos (2005 Dominion film)

Chaos is a 2005 American horror film about the rape and murder of two adolescent girls. It is a remake of Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left, only with all character names changed and a different ending. It stars Kevin Gage and was written and directed by David DeFalco. The film has received widespread critical panning, having a Rotten Tomatoes's rating of 6%. and a Metacritic score of 1 out of 100.


Chaos or CHAOS may refer to:

  • Lawlessness (disambiguation), a lack of laws or law enforcement
  • Anarchy, lawlessness or a stateless society
Chaos (2005 Capitol film)

Chaos is a 2005 Canadian-British thriller film directed by Tony Giglio, and starring Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe and Wesley Snipes. The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on February 19, 2008.

Chaos (2001 film)

Chaos is a 2001 French comedy-drama film written and directed by Coline Serreau.

Currently, a remake of this movie in English, to star Aishwarya Rai and Meryl Streep, is planned.

Chaos (2000 film)

is a 2000 Japanese mystery- thriller film, directed by Hideo Nakata. It stars Miki Nakatani and Masato Hagiwara. It is based on Shōgo Utano's novel .

CHAOS (Linux clustering)

CHAOS (Clustered High Availability Operating System) is a Linux distribution produced within the Livermore Computing center at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It augments the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution with kernel modifications and user-space tools to support HPC ( high-performance computing) clustering. This means that it helps to bring multiple computers together to run as one; numerously increasing the power of an everyday computer. It is used on Linux clusters within the Livermore Computing center.

Chaos (genus)

Chaos is a genus of amoebae, in the family Amoebidae. The largest and best known species, the so-called "giant amoeba" Chaos carolinense, can reach lengths of 5 mm, although most specimens fall between 1 and 3 mm.

Members of the genus closely resemble Amoeba and share the same general morphology, producing numerous cylindrical pseudopods, each of which is rounded at the tip. However, while Amoeba have a single nucleus, Chaos can have as many as a thousand. Because of this attribute, C. carolinensis was once placed in the genus Pelomyxa along with the other giant multinucleate amoeba, Pelomyxa palustris. Recently, molecular phylogenetic studies of this species have confirmed the view of some earlier researchers that it is more closely related to Amoeba than to Pelomyxa. The species is now placed in the independent genus Chaos, a sister group to Amoeba. Chaos species are versatile heterotrophs, able to feed on bacteria, algae, other protists, and even small multicellular invertebrates. Like all Amoebozoa, they take in food by phagocytosis, encircling food particles with its pseudopodia, then enclosing them within a food ball, or vacuole, where they are broken down by enzymes. The cell does not have a mouth or cytostome, nor is there any fixed site on the cell membrane at which phagocytosis normally occurs.

The cell's membrane, or plasmalemma, is loose and extremely plastic, allowing the organism to change shape from one moment to the next. The cytoplasm within the membrane is conventionally described as having two parts: the internal fluid, or endoplasm, which contains loose granules and food vacuoles, as well as organelles such as nuclei and mitochondria; and a more viscous ectoplasm around the perimeter of the cell, which is relatively clear and contains no conspicuous granules. Like other lobose amoebae, Chaos move by extending pseudopodia. As a new pseudopod is extended, a variable zone of ectoplasm forms at the leading edge and a fountaining stream of endoplasm circulates within. The effort of describing these motions, and explaining how they result in the cell's forward movement, has generated a large body of scientific literature.

Chaos (mythology)

__notoc__ In Greek mythology, Chaos , according to Hesiod, Chaos ("Chasm") was the first thing to exist: "at first Chaos came to be" (or was) "but next" (possibly out of Chaos) came Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros. Unambiguously born "from Chaos" were Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night).

The Greek word "chaos" , a neuter noun, means "yawning" or "gap", but what, if anything, was located on either side of this chasm is unclear. For Hesiod, Chaos, like Tartarus, though personified enough to have born children, was also a place, far away, underground and "gloomy", beyond which lived the Titans. And, like the earth, the ocean, and the upper air, it was also capable of being affected by Zeus' thunderbolts.

For the Roman poet Ovid, Chaos was an unformed mass, where all the elements were jumbled up together in a "shapeless heap".

According to Hyginus: "From Mist (Caligine) came Chaos. From Chaos and Mist, came Night (Nox), Day (Dies), Darkness (Erebus), and Ether (Aether)." An Orphic tradition apparently had Chaos as the son of Chronus and Ananke.

In Aristophanes's comedy Birds, first there was Chaos, Night, Erebus, and Tartarus, from Night came Eros, and from Eros and Chaos came the race of birds.

Chaos (Warhammer)

In Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 fictional universes, Chaos refers to the malevolent entities which live in a different timespace, known as the Warp in Warhammer 40,000 and as the Realm of Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy. The term can refer to these warp entities and their influence, the servants and worshippers of these entities, or even the parallel universe in which these entities are supposed to reside. The most powerful of these warp entities are those known as the Chaos Gods, also sometimes referred to as the Dark Gods, Ruinous Powers, or the Powers of Chaos. Similarities exist between the Warhammer idea of Chaos and the concept of Chaos from Michael Moorcock's Elric saga, which also influenced D&D's alignment system. Further similarities can be seen with the godlike extradimensional Great Old Ones of horror writer H. P. Lovecraft's stories.

CHAOS (TV series)

CHAOS is an American comedic drama that aired on CBS from April 1, to July 16, 2011, as a mid-season replacement for The Defenders. The series was officially cancelled on May 15, 2011.

Chaos (professional wrestling)

Chaos is a professional wrestling stable, primarily performing in the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) promotion. The group was formed in 2009, when members of the Great Bash Heel stable turned on their leader Togi Makabe and reformed under new leader Shinsuke Nakamura. Throughout the years, members of Chaos have held all seven NJPW championships.

Chaos (2008 film)

Chaos is a 2008 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Herman Yau and starring Gordon Lam, Andrew Lin, Kristal Tin and Charmaine Fong.

Chaos (journal)

Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering nonlinear systems and describing the manifestations in a manner comprehensible to researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines. The editor-in-chief is Jürgen Kurths of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Chaos (performer)

Chaos is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, dancer, and burlesque performer from Michigan. She is a member of the Pin Up Girls burlesque- cabaret company in Los Angeles and has her own line of workout videos: Yoga For Indie Rockers, Pilates For Indie Rockers, and the forthcoming Burlesque Workout For Indie Rockers.

Chaos started dancing at the age of 3 and was teaching dance by the time she reached high school. She expanded her studies to include yoga and pilates while attending Western Michigan University, then relocated to Fort Lauderdale to attend The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. While in Fort Lauderdale, she studied Hardbody yoga under her mentor Tari Rose, who encouraged her to become a certified yoga instructor.

Chaos developed her own style of yoga workout that incorporates elements of Hardbody yoga, Bikram yoga, Pilates, and aerobics. She found that the usual rainforest/chanting music associated with yoga lacked the energy needed for the vigorous workouts she'd developed. She began testing a variety of musical styles with her classes and quickly discovered that rock music and yoga workouts went surprisingly well together. The mix became increasingly popular; students commented that the classes were more fun, and Chaos observed the students were working harder in class. This eventually led to the Fitness For Indie Rockers line of workout videos that Chaos developed with award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo. The videos are distributed by HALO 8 Entertainment, Ryko Filmworks, and WEA.

Some yoga devotees have questioned the combination of rock music and yoga. Chaos told Big Shot Magazine:

"If listening to indie rock helps you dig deeper into that warrior or pushes you to do one more downward dog push-up, well then I say keep on rockin'!" 2

A broad spectrum of musicians supported the new approach to yoga workouts by contributing their own music; artists such as Kevin Devine, Alec Empire, Jet Lag Gemini, Crash Romeo, The Dillinger Escape Plan, House of Fools, Pelican, Enduser, Ladyfinger (ne), Criteria, Edgey, Paulson, Sorry About Dresden, Roses Are Red, and more.

Alec Empire told Plug In Music:

"Believe it or not, we are all into yoga since years. I remixed Björk's song " Jóga" a while back. I loved the idea of indie rockers doing it to my song! The image of yoga being some hippie new age ambient thing is very outdated by now...the techniques helped me to focus my music is only about energy..." 3

In addition to fitness instruction, Chaos performs with the Pin Up Girls burlesque-cabaret company in Los Angeles.

Chaos (Paul Bley album)

Chao is an album by pianist Paul Bley , bassist Furio Di Castri and drummer Tony Oxley recorded in Italy in 1994 and released on the Soul Note label in 1998.

Usage examples of "chaos".

Ahead of anyone in the government, and more clearly than any, Adams foresaw the French Revolution leading to chaos, horror, and ultimate tyranny.

Formally, he was replying to the ideal of clear and harmonious beauty in the Tolstoy epic by affirming the possibility of a new aesthetics which could express modern chaos and complexity.

Over to the side, Daniel, who, like me, was oblivious to anything that could not be seen through the camera lens, kept right on filming, panning across the back of the ahu, not noticing the absolute chaos just to his left.

He is the one Wonderland creature who explicitly presents Alice with a broad-based, ostensibly reasonable explanation of the chaos that surrounds her.

Sometimes I think we are all like that myopic coiner at his press, taking the blind slugs one by one from the tray, all of us bent so jealously at our work, determined that not even chaos be outside of our own making.

They had noticed that, whereas everyone else had seven apertures, for sight, hearing, eating, breathing and so on, Chaos had none.

Closely in touch with Greek thought and Greek literature during the eighth, ninth, and tenth centuries, it is easy to understand that the Arabian writers were far ahead of the Christian scholars of Europe of the same period, who were struggling up out of the practical chaos that had been created by the coming of the barbarians, and who, besides, had the chance for whatever Greek learning came to them only through the secondary channels of the Latin writers.

Johnson had been dispatched by Governor Barnett to try to restore some order to the chaos in Oxford.

Britain into even bloodier chaos from which there might be no deliverance.

Better a controlled cut, unthreatening in the mutual courtesy of the Hyarke, than a Bloodletter desperate for this red inspiration, therefore dangerous in his chaos.

None of the reconnaissance Bolos in the direct path of the missile strike survived, but the chaos and massive spikes of EMP generated by the missiles which killed them had a disastrous effect on the missiles which had acquired the rest of the Battalion.

Then the Brandenburg Gate bloomed like a monstrous stone flower and the screaming began--a thin, high shriek piercing the chaos.

The champs, a chaos of people and cars, was a blur of indistinct movement, the lights and colors a smear of milky pink.

I got a new hold of him as we staggered and plunged, roaring the while like the wild beasts we were, the teeth chattering in the Martian heads as they watched us, and then, exerting all my strength, lifted him fairly from his feet and with supreme effort swung him up, shoulder high, and with a mighty heave hurled him across the tables, flung that ambassador, whom no Martian dared look upon, crashing and sprawling through the gold and silver of the feast, whirled him round with such a splendid send that bench and trestle, tankards and flagons, chairs and cloths and candelabras all went down into thundering chaos with him, and the envoy only stayed when his sacred person came to harbour amongst the westral odds and ends, the soiled linen, and dirty platters of our wedding feast.

They would take the temperature of dust clouds and nebulas, track down gravitational anomalies, and provide pictures of the controlled chaos around the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.