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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cytoplasm \Cy"to*plasm\ (s?"t?-pl?z'm), n. [Gr. ky`tos hollow vessel + ???? a mold.] (Biol.) The substance of the body of a cell, as distinguished from the karyoplasma, or substance of the nucleus. -- Cy`to*plas"mic (-pl?z"m?k), a. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1874, from cyto- + -plasm.


n. (context cytology English) The contents of a cell except for the nucleus. It includes cytosol, organelles, vesicles, and the cytoskeleton.


n. the protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus


In cell biology, the cytoplasm is the material or protoplasm within a living cell, excluding the cell nucleus. It comprises cytosol (the gel-like substance enclosed within the cell membrane) and the organelles – the cell's internal sub-structures. All of the contents of the cells of prokaryote organisms (such as bacteria, which lack a cell nucleus) are contained within the cytoplasm. Within the cells of eukaryote organisms the contents of the cell nucleus are separated from the cytoplasm, and are then called the nucleoplasm. The cytoplasm is about 80% water and usually colorless.

It is within the cytoplasm that most cellular activities occur, such as many metabolic pathways including glycolysis, and processes such as cell division. The concentrated inner area is called the endoplasm and the outer layer is called the cell cortex or the ectoplasm.

Movement of calcium ions in and out of the cytoplasm is a signaling activity for metabolic processes.

In plants, movement of the cytoplasm around vacuoles is known as cytoplasmic streaming.

Usage examples of "cytoplasm".

There they are, moving about in my cytoplasm, breathing for my own flesh, but strangers.

He loves a woman, has entered one who so awakes the possibilities buried in his cytoplasm that the urge to get her as round, as loose-draped in the belly as a medieval Virgin is now stronger than any that has ever possessed him.

The eye itself is made of millions of tiny facets built up of alternating layers of cytoplasm and guanine crystalson the same principle as the mirror optics of the Nar eye and the eyes of the other advanced life forms on this planet.

These drugs creep through the porins deep inside the cytoplasm and lock onto the various vulnerable sites in the RNA protein factories.

Genetic material floated in the watery cytoplasm, enclosed within the plasma membrane.

His mind seemed to float in the sea of warm cytoplasm before him, void of points of reference except for the cells.

Andy goes into a long-winded explanation, the gist of which is that the revitalizers stir up cytoplasm in animal cells and refresh them.

Put a drop of my blood between two cover-slips and pull, stain the dried smear with Wright's, and under the microscope you will see biconcave red cells, polymor-pholcucocytes in their infinite variety, the dull-blue stodgi-ness of monocytes, lymphocytes with sky-clear cytoplasm.

First, fragments of not-yet-peptided glycan are assembled inside the cytoplasm.

Right now my major focus involves how the oocyte cytoplasm reprograms an adult cell nucleus.

Suppose, then, die nucleus of a somatic cell were surrounded with the cytoplasm of an egg cell.