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television show

n. a program broadcast by television [syn: television program, TV program, TV show]

Usage examples of "television show".

Wise science teachers, sensing the shift in public opinion, accorded more time and emphasis to creationism, as they called it, than to the much-ridiculed theory of evolution, and a generation of California students was beginning to believe that Darwinism was a fraud perpetrated by atheistic humanists, because Reverend Strabismus and the other preachers who shared his television show said so.

Cathy heard Rose tell Steve Vizard on his television show that although he suffered heart problems, he still had the occasional smoke.

Jaine doubted any morning television show could use even a fraction of what had been said, but the studio crew had been fascinated.

She thought it was disrespectful that this room, where they worked and argued and struggled to understand what happened to planes in flight, had been turned into a prop for a television show.

Morris got hooked on magic at the age of five when he saw Buffalo Bob perform a trick on the Howdy Doody television show.