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creation myth

n. A symbolic account of the creation of the world / universe in a particular culture; often involving a creator deity

Creation myth

Creation myths often share a number of features. They often are considered sacred accounts and can be found in nearly all known religious traditions. They are all stories with a plot and characters who are either deities, human-like figures, or animals, who often speak and transform easily.See:

  • They are often set in a dim and nonspecific past that historian of religion Mircea Eliade termed in illo tempore ("at that time"). Creation myths address questions deeply meaningful to the society that shares them, revealing their central worldview and the framework for the self-identity of the culture and individual in a universal context.See:

Creation myths develop in oral traditions and therefore typically have multiple versions; found throughout human culture, they are the most common form of myth.

Usage examples of "creation myth".

We have already seen that more than one version of the Creation myth existed among the early traditions of Israel.

In a neighbouring tribe of Bushmen who live in Hereroland, there exists a creation myth.

Does the ball game cult of this tribe, of which the Popol Vuh tells, have its roots in this creation myth?

This myth can be compared to the Sumerian creation myth, in which heaven and earth are united to begin with, but the world is not really created until the two are separated.

Nearly all peoples have developed their own creation myth, and the Genesis story is just the one that happened to have been adopted by one particular tribe of Middle Eastern herders.

The earliest known creation myth is probably from Sumer, circa 3000 B.