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professional wrestling

n. 1 An entertainment business characterized by the performance of choreographed wrestling matches with predetermined outcomes. 2 A theatrical presentation of a choreographed wrestling match as part of the professional wrestling business. 3 Any form of wrestling in which the wrestlers receive payment for participating.

professional wrestling

n. wrestling for money

Professional wrestling

Professional wrestling (colloquially abbreviated to pro wrestling or wrestling) is an athletic form of entertainment based on a portrayal of a combat sport. Taking the form of live events held by touring promotions, it portrays a unique style of combat based on a combination of adopted styles, which include classical wrestling, catch wrestling and various forms of martial arts, as well as an innovative style based on grappling ( holds/ throws), striking, and aerialism. Various forms of weaponry are sometimes used.

The content including match outcomes is choreographed and the combative actions and reactions are executed in special manners designed to both protect from, yet simulate, pain. These facts were once kept highly secret, but they are now openly declared as the truth. By and large, the true nature of the content is ignored by the performing promotion in official media in order to sustain and promote the willing suspension of disbelief for the audience by maintaining an aura of verisimilitude. Fan communications by individual wrestlers and promotions through outside media (i.e., interviews) will often directly acknowledge the fictional nature of the spectacle, making the predetermined nature of the sport something of an open secret. The presentation of scripted events as legitimate is known as kayfabe.

Although the combative content is staged and communicated between the wrestlers, there are legitimate physical hazards resulting in serious injury and death in limited cases, due to the realism and contact involved in the performance.

Professional wrestling (disambiguation)

Professional wrestling is the name given to an athletic form of fictional entertainment.

Professional wrestling is also a term that references a professional combat sport.