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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a flower bed (=an area for growing flowers in a garden)
▪ The flower beds had been weeded.
a hospital bed
▪ There is a shortage of hospital beds.
a river bed (=the bottom of a river)
▪ They walked along a dry river bed.
bed and board
bed and breakfast
▪ Is there anyone who does bed and breakfast round here?
bed bath
bed linen
camp bed
chair/bed/sofa etc
▪ Is that chair comfortable?
confined to bed
▪ She’s confined to bed with flu.
double bed
feather bedding
feather bed/pillow etc (=a bed etc that is filled with feathers)
four-poster bed
go to bed early
▪ I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.
in bed with flu
▪ Steven’s still in bed with flu.
long-stay hospital/ward/bed etc
oyster bed
river bed
sb's sick bed (=the bed where a sick person is lying)
▪ He left his sick bed to play in the game.
sofa bed
the sea bed (also the sea floor) (= the land at the bottom of the sea)
▪ A lot of these small creatures feed on the sea bed.
twin bed
▪ twin-bedded rooms
▪ Sam’s wet his bed again.
▪ The visiting officer found him living in one room which was almost entirely filled by a double bed.
▪ A double bed with a quilt.
▪ Two double bedrooms, bed and breakfast, central heating.
▪ The fact that sharing a double bed with my sister made me uncomfortable.
▪ Lounge with bed settee makes a double bed.
▪ Our room was barely big enough for a double bed and a couple of dinner-plate-size bedside tables.
▪ Choose either a suite with double bed or large suite with double bed plus double bed settee for one or two children.
▪ There was a double bed with a clock-radio on a table beside it.
▪ Bedroom with 2 single beds or bunks.
▪ There is just enough room for a narrow single bed.
▪ A Victorian mahogany single bed with walnut ends sold for £420; an Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe and dressing table, £360.
▪ One of the important things to take into account when designing single bed Fair Isle patterns is the length of the floats.
▪ Some contained a single bed, others were twin-bedded.
▪ There was a miniature rocking chair, and against the end wall a single bed with a miniature canopy over it.
▪ In it was a single bed and also the cradle in which she and Jessie had lain many years ago.
▪ I made his socks on my Singer KE2400 single bed machine which I have had for years.
▪ He was staring at the twin beds.
▪ Stairs lead to where the children will be sequestered and it has twin beds and its own bathroom, thank goodness.
▪ Two bedrooms with twin single beds.
▪ Surkov and I sprawled on the twin beds.
▪ They slept in twin beds in the front bedroom of 93 Mafeking Street.
▪ She did not go to the room with the twin beds but to the single room with the sloping ceiling.
▪ Tamar was lying on one of the twin beds wearing a pair of silk lounging pyjamas.
▪ Twenty heated minutes later he collapsed on to his twin bed, and turned on the telly.
▪ The only apparent relief from chess were two dolls and a golliwog on Judit's bunk bed.
▪ The rooms were actually quite luxurious with a shower, colour television and duvet covered bunk beds.
▪ Justin has an upper berth on one of two sets of bunk beds that take up most of the tiny room.
▪ Bedroom with bunk beds for two. 6 to 8 berth Luxury Caravans.
▪ The room, about the size of my apartment, was lined with fiberglass pallets arranged in tiers like bizarre bunk beds.
▪ The earthen floor was covered with planks and on either side were two rough bunk beds.
▪ The tills are stacked like bunk beds, 9 to 10 feet high.
▪ There were roses bedded out, climbing in flower beds, in pots and cut.
▪ Alpine strawberries either can be planted in a bed or around flower beds.
▪ The apartments are idyllically set amongst lovely flower beds, palm trees and tropical shrubs.
▪ Q: I have planted a border of red salvia around my flower beds.
▪ Uncle Albert was squatting down by the flower bed doing a spot of weeding.
▪ The grass was mowed, the flower beds were weeded and edged.
▪ A flower bed could be used, or a low wall built.
▪ And, between the shops, the colorful patches of flower beds made it all appear orderly and safe.
▪ Plain hospital beds with flock mattresses laid on interlaced wire springs were for the junior members of the staff.
▪ The family and I gathered around his hospital bed.
▪ Nobody across the programme was dragged kicking and screaming out of their hospital bed into the community.
▪ Penny lay in another hospital bed suffering the acute, painful stages of the disease.
▪ I was surprised how weak and light-headed I felt on nipping out of my hospital bed to recover a dropped book.
▪ In her late fifties, she lay in the hospital bed with a rapidly progressing pancreatic cancer.
▪ Pooley covered his ears. 14 Small Dave lay in his hospital bed for some days before the doctors released him.
▪ At eighty-two, Margarett, reclining on a hospital bed in an apartment high above Boston, told me the story.
▪ It was decided in 1983 that students would in future be required to provide their own bed linen and towels.
▪ Burun could hear her ordering the slaves to unpack the boxes of bed linen.
▪ The twice-soaked bed linen lights quickly, paraffin overcoming blood.
▪ He has also chewed three torches, three combs, two hair brushes, and my bed linen.
▪ Relatives often have to provide non-medical care as well, and patients have to bring in their own blankets and bed linen.
▪ A floral chintz fabric is used at the windows and for the upholstered seat and valance under the white bed linen.
▪ Make sure they are cared for, with clean clothing and bed linen.
▪ Floral bed linen and a plain white quilted bedcover with masses of appliqued cushions, for example, capture the romantic look perfectly.
▪ A particularly interesting feature of the trestle piers was the method used for founding them on irregular river beds.
▪ These species do not grow in association with Lagenandra and Hygrophila because they do not occur in river beds.
▪ By 1803 the river beds, in some parts of the city, were two or three metres above the city.
▪ The cryptocorynes occur mainly in cultures of single species on overgrown river beds and are exposed to the conditions of amphibious life.
▪ It was thus possible to assemble a bridge pier and lower it complete on to the river bed.
▪ The entrepreneur made a million dollars out of Pet Rocks-rocks that you could find in any river bed.
▪ To my astonishment I find that we use the river bed as a road.
▪ By proceeding a little further, a scrambling descent to the river bed may be made.
▪ Their army flees on to the exposed sea bed, and there gets bogged down.
▪ The bell was now lowered very gradually, as she would be from here to the sea bed.
▪ While nodules are loose deposits, lying on the sea bed, sulphides are massive deposits below the ocean floor.
▪ Here the waters are split and piled up either side of a pathway across the sea bed.
▪ This accumulates on the sea bed as coral sand.
▪ The slimy floor of shifting sediment is useless to young oysters in search of a hard sea bed for a lifetime's home.
▪ These were most likely to have been zeroed by the action of sunlight prior to their deposition on the sea bed.
▪ There were roses bedded out, climbing in flower beds, in pots and cut.
▪ Denver climbed up on the bed and folded her arms under her apron.
▪ Once they had settled when and where, he climbed back into bed, hoping to catch another hour of sleep.
▪ How could I not climb to my bed as she asked?
▪ Ralph his son and now his wife all began to climb the stairs to bed.
▪ He climbed into bed and lay on his side, not moving and scarcely breathing.
▪ After he had turned off all the lights and climbed into bed, he felt Susan turning him over.
▪ She crawled out of bed, peered into the mirror, and gave a small groan.
▪ He was so tired his bones ached; but he crawled out of bed, put on his pants and watch.
▪ A second slab of beef has crawled out of bed and found his doorknob.
▪ Once, a few years ago, his father had broken into the house and crawled into his bed.
▪ It would be wonderful to crawl into bed, to ask Matron for an aspirin.
▪ She snapped him up as soon as he finished the sausage she fed him and he crawled into her bed crying.
▪ She crawled on to the bed and hugged herself like a child with no one there to bring comfort.
▪ Jen came out of the bathroom, dressed in a shirt this time, and crawled into bed alongside me.
▪ Little Nemo falling out of his bed at the end of every strip still brings a wry smile.
▪ At night I fall into bed weary instead of tense.
▪ Safely in her room, she fell on her bed and began to cry.
▪ They fell into bed, and then he was writhing under her twitching hair.
▪ She opened her and Clare's bedroom door and fell across Clare's bed, which was nearest.
▪ He was terribly frustrated and kept trying until he fell back on his bed, exhausted.
▪ A long sliver of light fell across Senga's bed, sparkling off lustrous black hair.
▪ He sets the phone back into the receiver and falls on to the bed.
▪ I wanted to get to bed early so that I could be up in time for the naming ceremony of the new catapult.
▪ She takes off her shoes, gets into bed and picks up her book, but she does not look at it.
▪ John gets down under the bed, awkwardly pulling himself forward with his elbows.
▪ He got out of bed and put on his faded burgundy dressing gown.
▪ When at last she got into bed she allowed herself a few angry tears, then brushed them furiously away.
▪ He also began to get weaker and weaker until he could not get out of bed.
▪ But almost immediately Kafka - me, dammit - begins thinking again, and I get out of bed.
▪ He goes to getting ready for bed, pulling off his clothes.
▪ Few of us go to bed sober, he pronounced.
▪ I went up to the bed, took a deep breath, and turned the covering back.
▪ He could - should! - get off now and go to bed.
▪ I was just going to bed, he said.
▪ The younger boys go to bed at nine o'clock.
▪ It wasn't until after he had gone to bed that Willie asked about the room.
▪ Shall we go to bed, now?
▪ Putting a sober expression on his face, he went to the bed.
▪ She jumped out of bed and, pulling on her shirt, darted next door into the head.
▪ I jumped off the brass bed and ran down the path toward the house.
▪ She jumped out of bed and ran to the window.
▪ One time he jumped out of bed in the middle of the afternoon and put on a suit and tie.
▪ I went to my room and locked the door and ... I jumped into bed and pulled the duvet right over me.
▪ He ran ahead quickly, jumped into bed, and pretended to be asleep as the princesses returned to their room.
▪ When Charlie woke the next morning he jumped out of bed immediately and was washed and dressed before anyone else had stirred.
▪ But just then McMurphy jumped off his bed and went to rustling through his nightstand, and I hushed.
▪ She had lain on her bed at her farmhouse home on January 2 and put a double-barrelled shotgun to her head.
▪ But Helen lay in her bed under the roof as silent and immovable as the body of her child.
▪ He was lying in bed in Miles and Juliet's spare room.
▪ Blue gets back to his room on Orange Street, lies down on his bed, and tries to weigh the possibilities.
▪ Later, as they lay in bed listening to the rain, John wondered how their new life together would ever work.
▪ For the most part, he either lies on his bed or paces back and forth in his room.
▪ Hugh lay in the bed with tears on his face.
▪ We had lain in the same bed for a whole night, and she told me the story of her life.
▪ But there is a problem when it comes to putting the girls to bed.
▪ They put on a bed sheet and ride around trying to get something out of their systems.
▪ You two, Luke and Helen, can put yourselves to bed.
▪ Both of them were soldiers and both were wounded and put in the same bed.
▪ If Olwyn did not go of her own accord she was taken, undressed and washed and put to bed forcibly.
▪ Another comes each evening to put him back in bed.
▪ The ground crew can now work to refuel, clean the squashed bugs off the bubble and put the aircraft to bed.
▪ Somebody put sticks in my bed.
▪ It was a small house so they had to share a bed.
▪ Every woman has her own ideas, and often those ideas are not shared by the man who shares her bed.
▪ Even the thought of sharing a bed with him didn't seem so threatening when he was being kind.
▪ The couple and four children share a bed and a fold-out cot in the only bedroom.
▪ The Child Poverty Action Group says children are forced to share beds in households deprived of basics such as wardrobes and carpets.
▪ We stayed in hotels, sharing single beds in small dark rooms.
▪ They'd shared a bed in Cumberland and she had comforted Gordon because nothing was quite right.
▪ Two, sometimes three, generations can be found sharing a bed.
▪ Later, he sat on the bed, his insides chilled, his throat raw.
▪ After a moment, Slim sat down on the bed opposite my chair.
▪ Then she sat on the bed next to Sarah.
▪ After Polly left, I undressed and sat on the bed, the package in my lap.
▪ Philippa sat cross-legged beside the bed, as if meditating on the carpet.
▪ She used to come into his room and sit there by his bed and cry.
▪ My hair sticks to it when I sit up in bed.
▪ My stoned ex-roommate had sat dazed on his bed, the eviction notice in his hands, while I packed furiously.
▪ An hour later Peggy was sitting by Victoria's bed.
▪ He was sitting on the bed when they took out their guns.
▪ And then she was sitting on the bed and he had his arms about her.
▪ We were sitting together on the bed.
▪ She was sitting on a diagnostic bed in what was obviously a medlab of some kind.
▪ As they pass the other cabin, Primo notices, through its lit window, Angelita, sitting cross-legged on a bed.
▪ I pictured nocturnal gamblers crouching over their cards, sleepless lovers writing letters, nurses sitting by the beds of invalids.
▪ Lisa Sands, 30, is sitting up in bed, beginning to form words and opening her eyes.
▪ He had been brought up in a hut where six people slept in one bed.
▪ He wanted a story from me-and then to sleep in my bed.
▪ Nowadays we need the iron fist of policing in order that we might sleep soundly in our beds.
▪ Like Jackson Till, who slept under the bed.
▪ We made up a bed on the floor and we took turns to sleep in the bed itself.
▪ Help your children learn to go to sleep in their beds and without your help.
▪ They need somewhere warm and soft to sleep and the bed should be made twice as thick as it is normally.
▪ She told Chucha civilized people had to sleep on beds, coffins were for corpses.
▪ They explained that they were poor and that the sick man was rich and could afford to stay in bed without working.
▪ It made it tough to stay in bed until the dorm lights came on at six-thirty.
▪ He then sparked off a row by suggesting that floating voters should stay in bed on polling day.
▪ When she felt bad, she would go to bed and stay in bed for a day or two at a time.
▪ You can stay in bed all day if you like.
▪ I wanted to stay by this bed, protecting the child.
▪ If you are a benighted official, go home and stay in bed.
▪ After the ball Dot tucked her up in bed and promised her a cup of cocoa with brandy in it.
▪ Affection may be expressed with hugs, smiles, pats on the head, friendly greetings, and being tucked into bed.
▪ Perhaps some one's still there, or she's tucking Darius up in bed.
▪ His body ached to be tucked into bed for the night or for eternity.
▪ But when you know that she's safely tucked up in bed, you come out with a towel around you.
▪ He tucked the chintzy bed cover over his sleeping friend and switched off the light.
▪ After this bad day, anyone not tucked up in bed is making them suspicious.
▪ At about midnight when all the children were tucked up in bed we visited the Grotto.
▪ Even dry children may wet the bed under stress, like a change of school, a divorce or moving house.
▪ Another makes a pet of a snowball, which wets the bed then runs away.
▪ It made the sheets feel as if she'd wet the bed.
▪ Tickle him until he wets the bed.
▪ Child may wet the bed and have constipation.
▪ Every other night he wet his bed, and he argued with Clarisa almost constantly.
▪ Depth of sleep Many parents say that they think their child wets the bed because of being in such deep sleep.
▪ Dear Kidsday: My 8-year-old sister still wets the bed!
be tucked up in bed
▪ At about midnight when all the children were tucked up in bed we visited the Grotto.
▪ Five minutes later she was tucked up in bed, sleeping happily once again, while Jake had retreated to his little ante-room.
▪ Most girls never drink or smoke, and are tucked up in bed by midnight.
▪ Next day John is tucked up in bed at his flat in Tufnell Park.
crawl into/out of bed
▪ He was so tired his bones ached; but he crawled out of bed, put on his pants and watch.
orthopedic bed/chair/shoe etc
single bed/room etc
▪ A single room supplement of £8 per person per night applies at hotels indicated.
▪ Additional night, single room and upgrade prices are available.
▪ His own family-seven strong-live in a single room in the house.
▪ Lounge / dining / kitchen areas with seating which converts to a double or two single beds are required.
▪ One of the important things to take into account when designing single bed Fair Isle patterns is the length of the floats.
▪ Supplements per person per night: No single room supplement.
▪ Supplements per person per night: No supplement in single rooms without private facilities.
sth is not a bed of roses
▪ Our marriage hasn't been a bed of roses.
take to your bed
▪ But on 20 November, his condition worsened, and he took to his bed.
▪ He was depressed, so severely that he took to his bed.
▪ If he took to his bed now, he might as well stay there - permanently.
▪ Old Eugene had taken to his bed.
▪ We are told it was a bilious attack which had forced Désirée to take to her bed instead of the boards.
▪ Whenever there's a whiff of trouble she takes to her bed with the asthma.
▪ a double bed
▪ an old brass bed
▪ Smooth stones covered the creek bed.
▪ the river bed
▪ I tiptoe over to her bed and give her a nudge.
▪ I was back in a few minutes, but the boy was not on his bed.
▪ She slides her hand under the mattress on the double bed, brings out a revolver and slips it into her bag.
▪ She thought Robin must sleep in this bed with Penny, curled around her protectively as you would sleep with a kitten.
▪ The screens were around the bed and the draught from the door set them billowing like sails.
▪ We made love in my big bed as the lemon light of winter days passed into reddish nights.
▪ Were they to be three in that huge bed?
orthopedic bed/chair/shoe etc
single bed/room etc
▪ A single room supplement of £8 per person per night applies at hotels indicated.
▪ Additional night, single room and upgrade prices are available.
▪ His own family-seven strong-live in a single room in the house.
▪ Lounge / dining / kitchen areas with seating which converts to a double or two single beds are required.
▪ One of the important things to take into account when designing single bed Fair Isle patterns is the length of the floats.
▪ Supplements per person per night: No single room supplement.
▪ Supplements per person per night: No supplement in single rooms without private facilities.
sth is not a bed of roses
▪ Our marriage hasn't been a bed of roses.
▪ Are you about ready to bed down for the night, Bern?
▪ It can also be used to bed wood floor blocks, cork and vinyl tiles.
▪ Luch bedded on a bag of bracken in a corner, but she and Ranald woke earlier than the old man.
▪ So the total effect was like bedding down for the night on the north face of Kilimanjaro.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bed \Bed\, n. [AS. bed, bedd; akin to OS. bed, D. bed, bedde, Icel. be?r, Dan. bed, Sw. b["a]dd, Goth. badi, OHG. betti, G. bett, bette, bed, beet a plat of ground; all of uncertain origin.]

  1. An article of furniture to sleep or take rest in or on; a couch. Specifically: A sack or mattress, filled with some soft material, in distinction from the bedstead on which it is placed (as, a feather bed), or this with the bedclothes added. In a general sense, any thing or place used for sleeping or reclining on or in, as a quantity of hay, straw, leaves, or twigs.

    And made for him [a horse] a leafy bed.

    I wash, wring, brew, bake, . . . make the beds.

    In bed he slept not for my urging it.

  2. (Used as the symbol of matrimony) Marriage.

    George, the eldest son of his second bed.

  3. A plat or level piece of ground in a garden, usually a little raised above the adjoining ground. ``Beds of hyacinth and roses.''

  4. A mass or heap of anything arranged like a bed; as, a bed of ashes or coals.

  5. The bottom of a watercourse, or of any body of water; as, the bed of a river.

    So sinks the daystar in the ocean bed.

  6. (Geol.) A layer or seam, or a horizontal stratum between layers; as, a bed of coal, iron, etc.

  7. (Gun.) See Gun carriage, and Mortar bed.

  8. (Masonry)

    1. The horizontal surface of a building stone; as, the upper and lower beds.

    2. A course of stone or brick in a wall.

    3. The place or material in which a block or brick is laid.

    4. The lower surface of a brick, slate, or tile.

  9. (Mech.) The foundation or the more solid and fixed part or framing of a machine; or a part on which something is laid or supported; as, the bed of an engine.

  10. The superficial earthwork, or ballast, of a railroad.

  11. (Printing) The flat part of the press, on which the form is laid.

    Note: Bed is much used adjectively or in combination; as, bed key or bedkey; bed wrench or bedwrench; bedchamber; bedmaker, etc.

    Bed of justice (French Hist.), the throne (F. lit bed) occupied by the king when sitting in one of his parliaments (judicial courts); hence, a session of a refractory parliament, at which the king was present for the purpose of causing his decrees to be registered.

    To be brought to bed, to be delivered of a child; -- often followed by of; as, to be brought to bed of a son.

    To make a bed, to prepare a bed; to arrange or put in order a bed and its bedding.

    From bed and board (Law), a phrase applied to a separation by partial divorce of man and wife, without dissolving the bonds of matrimony. If such a divorce (now commonly called a judicial separation) be granted at the instance of the wife, she may have alimony.


Bed \Bed\, v. i. To go to bed; to cohabit.

If he be married, and bed with his wife.


Bed \Bed\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bedded; p. pr. & vb. n. Bedding.]

  1. To place in a bed. [Obs.]

  2. To make partaker of one's bed; to cohabit with.

    I'll to the Tuscan wars, and never bed her.

  3. To furnish with a bed or bedding.

  4. To plant or arrange in beds; to set, or cover, as in a bed of soft earth; as, to bed the roots of a plant in mold.

  5. To lay or put in any hollow place, or place of rest and security, surrounded or inclosed; to embed; to furnish with or place upon a bed or foundation; as, to bed a stone; it was bedded on a rock.

    Among all chains or clusters of mountains where large bodies of still water are bedded.

  6. (Masonry) To dress or prepare the surface of stone) so as to serve as a bed.

  7. To lay flat; to lay in order; to place in a horizontal or recumbent position. ``Bedded hair.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English beddian "to provide with a bed or lodgings," from bed (n.). From c.1300 as "to go to bed," also "to copulate with, to go to bed with;" 1440 as "to lay out (land) in plots or beds." Related: Bedded; bedding.


Old English bedd "bed, couch, resting place, garden plot," from Proto-Germanic *badjam "sleeping place dug in the ground" (cognates: Old Frisian, Old Saxon bed, Middle Dutch bedde, Old Norse beðr, Old High German betti, German Bett, Gothic badi "bed"), from PIE root *bhedh- "to dig, pierce" (cognates: Hittite beda- "to pierce, prick," Greek bothyros "pit," Latin fossa "ditch," Lithuanian bedre "to dig," Breton bez "grave"). Both "sleeping" and "gardening" senses are in Old English. Meaning "bottom of a lake, sea, watercourse" is from 1580s.


n. 1 (alternative form of B.Ed. nodot=1 English) (qualifier: Bachelor of Education). 2 (initialism of banana equivalent dose English)

  1. n. a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"

  2. a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"

  3. a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed" [syn: bottom]

  4. (geology) a stratum of rock (especially sedimentary rock); "they found a bed of standstone"

  5. a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit; "he worked in the coal beds" [syn: seam]

  6. single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance; "slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach" [syn: layer]

  7. the flat surface of a printing press on which the type form is laid in the last stage of producing a newspaper or magazine or book etc.

  8. a foundation of earth or rock supporting a road or railroad track; "the track bed had washed away"

  9. [also: bedding, bedded]

  1. v. furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"

  2. place (plants) in a prepared bed of soil

  3. put to bed; "The children were bedded at ten o'clock"

  4. have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?" [syn: roll in the hay, love, make out, make love, sleep with, get laid, have sex, know, do it, be intimate, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, screw, fuck, jazz, eff, hump, lie with, have a go at it, bang, get it on, bonk]

  5. go to bed in order to sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He turns out at the crack of dawn" [syn: go to bed, turn in, crawl in, kip down, hit the hay, hit the sack, sack out, go to sleep, retire] [ant: get up, get up]

  6. [also: bedding, bedded]

Bed (album)

Bed is the third solo album by Juliana Hatfield, released in 1998.

Bed (book)

Bed is a short story collection by Tao Lin, published in 2007.

Bed (disambiguation)

A bed is a piece of furniture.

Bed or beds may also refer to:

  • a figure of merit about a facility such as a hospital, nursing home or prison (as in, "a 600-bed hospital")
  • Bed (album), by Juliana Hatfield
  • Bed (book), by Tao Lin
  • "Bed" (song), by J. Holiday
  • "Beds" (Lil Fizz song)
  • Bed (geology)
  • Bed-In, the peace activism event by John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  • Garden bed
  • Hospital bed, a bed specially designed for use in health care
  • Stream bed
  • Truck bed
  • Bachelor of Education, an academic degree
  • Banana equivalent dose, a unit of radiation exposure
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Hanscom Field, an airport, IATA code BED
  • Bed, a painting by Robert Rauschenberg
  • "Bed", a Men Behaving Badly episode

A bed is a piece of furniture used as a place to sleep or relax.

Most modern beds consist of a soft, cushioned mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either on a solid base, often wood slats, or a sprung base. Many beds include a box spring inner-sprung base, a large mattress-sized box containing wood and springs that provide additional support and suspension for the mattress. Beds are available in many sizes, ranging from infant-sized bassinets and cribs, small beds for a single child or adult, to large queen and king-size beds designed for two adults. While most beds are single mattresses on a fixed frame, there are other varieties, such as the murphy bed, which folds into a wall, the sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa, and the bunk bed, which provides two mattresses on two tiers. Temporary beds include the inflatable air mattress and the folding camp cot. Some beds contain neither a padded mattress nor a bed frame, such as the hammock.

Beds may have a headboard for resting against, with others also having side rails and footboards (or "footers"). "Headboard only" beds may incorporate a "dust ruffle", "bed skirt", or "valance sheet" to hide the bed frame. To support the head, a pillow made of a soft, padded material is usually placed on the top of the mattress. Some form of covering blanket is often used to insulate the sleeper, often bed sheets, a quilt, or a duvet, collectively referred to as bedding. Bedding is the removable non-furniture portion of a bed, which enables these components to be washed or aired out.

Bed (geology)

250|thumb| Tilted sedimentary bedding in shales of the Cretaceous Salto del Fraile Formation, Peru. In geology a bed is the smallest division of a geologic formation or stratigraphic rock series marked by well-defined divisional planes (bedding planes) separating it from layers above and below. A bed is the smallest lithostratigraphic unit, usually ranging in thickness from a centimetre to several metres and distinguishable from beds above and below it. Beds can be differentiated in various ways, including rock or mineral type and particle size. The term is generally applied to sedimentary strata, but may also be used for volcanic flows or ash layers.

In a quarry, a bedding is a term used for a structure occurring in granite and similar massive rocks that allows them to split in well-defined planes horizontally or parallel to the land surface.

Bed (song)

"Bed" is a song by American R&B singer J. Holiday. It is the second single released from his debut album Back of My Lac'. The song was produced by Los Da Mystro, who co-wrote the song with The-Dream.

Chris Brown was originally chosen to record the song, but when The-Dream decided to give it to J. Holiday instead, Brown said that he at least wanted to be featured on the record, as he thought it would bring the song to number one, but it never happened.

"Bed" debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in the issue week of July 4, 2007 at number 89 and has peaked at number 5. It was number 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs for five weeks in a row. The single has also debuted on BET's 106 & Park countdown at number 9 on Tuesday July 31, 2007. On Wednesday, August 15, 2007, "Bed" hit number one on its 11th day on the countdown. J. Holiday also performed "Bed" on 106 & Park on August 17, 2007. "Bed" was also performed on Showtime at the Apollo along with the single "Suffocate". This song was #70 on Rolling Stones list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007. The video for "Bed" was ranked the #11 video of 2007 on BET: Notarized. The song also appears on the episode of "Stay fierce, Malik" January 23, 2009 on The Game.

Usage examples of "bed".

He was almost convinced that reducing a tree to lumber expunged whatever might be abiding within when he saw the long, hooked tongue emerge from the wall behind the bed.

You simply wish to keep Abigail an invalid so you can visit her in her bed.

Kingsley looked out over the flower beds that, still abloom in spite of the lateness of the season, lay before Aylesberg Hall.

She got out of bed, studiously ignoring the robot, and went into the ablutions unit.

When I saw Nanette in my arms, beaming with love, and Marton near the bed, holding a candle, with her eyes reproaching us with ingratitude because we did not speak to her, who, by accepting my first caresses, had encouraged her sister to follow her example, I realized all my happiness.

I did not dare to light my lamp before this creature, and as night drew on he decided on accepting some bread and Cyprus wine, and he was afterwards obliged to do as best he could with my mattress, which was now the common bed of all new-comers.

She ached to be outside in the fresh air, to be dressed in her oldest jeans, turning over spades full of soft loamy earth, feeling the excitement and pleasure of siting the bulbs, of allowing her imagination to paint for her the colourful picture they would make in the spring, in their uniform beds set among lawn pathways and bordered by a long deep border of old-fashioned perennial plants.

I walked over to her bed and collapsed on it, and the next thing I knew she was shaking my shoulder and telling me that it was six in the morning and it was time to take the truck back to the Acme Fertilizer Company and make another pick-up.

Not long after his departure--that is, between eight and nine--the boy was taken ill and put into bed with all the violent symptoms which are invariably produced by that most deadly of vegetable poisons, aconitine, and he died at twenty minutes past eleven the same night.

Magenta, Saffranine, Acridine Reds, Acridine Scarlets, Rhoduline Reds, Rhodamine and Neutral Beds.

In doses of from twenty to sixty drops of the fluid extract, administered in a cup of warm water or herb-tea on going to bed, we have found it very effectual for breaking up recent colds.

The bed should be warmed after these are administered and the patient given hot lemonade to bring on free action of the skin, kidneys, and bowels.

After issuing several more admonitions against going in his refrigerator, Richard allowed the three women to lie him out on his bed with his arms outstretched.

Without more ado I locked the door, took off my clothes, and seeing that her back was turned to me, jumped into bed beside her.

When they arrived at the adobe house, Bay quickly nursed Whipp, fully intending to put him to bed and end the evening in the way that had been denied her for the past few months.