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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a volcanic explosion (=one caused by a volcano)
▪ You could see where a volcanic explosion had blown the mountain peak away.
volcanic rock
▪ The fossils are sandwiched between two layers of volcanic rock.
▪ More than 3,500 years ago, the volcanic island of Thera erupted.
▪ The island is volcanic and has very little vegetation.
▪ In this case, it is the formation of the rock through volcanic activity, which drives off any argon formerly present.
▪ Solids can release gases back into the atmosphere when heated and pressed by volcanic activity.
▪ This heating and crushing was due to nearby igneous volcanic activity about 400 million years ago.
▪ Where there is evidence for volcanic activity on the Moon, it generally seems to be associated with impact events.
▪ While forests were being buried there was volcanic activity.
▪ Anaxagoras planned to demand some solid data on the volcanic activity which kept shaking Mount Aetna.
▪ Fairly consistent patterns are evident in the location of the volcanic activity with respect to the fringing trench.
▪ There are five major types of volcanic activity.
▪ Volcanicity and magma emplacement, largely in the form of large granite intrusions, characterize the volcanic arc.
▪ Between the outer-arc ridge and the volcanic arc a forearc basin may be formed.
▪ A complicated pattern of basins and ridges hind the volcanic arc.
▪ Back-arc spreading may be initiated within the volcanic arc because the high heat flux from below weakens the lithosphere.
▪ This maintains a shallow angle of subduction beneath the outer arc but steepens below the main volcanic arc to about 60°.
▪ The island became covered with vegetation, fossils of which are sometimes found in the volcanic ashes.
▪ The buried artifacts were found between layers of volcanic ash and other substances.
▪ Large areas of island are covered with thick deposits of black volcanic ash, known locally as picon.
▪ Multicolored volcanic ash flows, long since hardened to jagged rock, reach into the sea like fantastic taffy mountains.
▪ The city was buried under several meters of volcanic ash, many of the inhabitants being asphyxiated in their houses.
▪ The finest fragments make volcanic ash and dust.
▪ It therefore follows that all sedimentary bodies, other than deep sea oozes and volcanic ash deposits, are likely to be diachronous.
▪ Over aeons, the undulating plains have been showered by volcanic ash blown westward from Ngorongoro, Lemagrut and other now-extinct volcanos.
▪ A word here in passing about what actually goes to make up a typical volcanic eruption cloud.
▪ It turned out that that impact was not limited to volcanic eruptions.
▪ Their campsites, graves, and houses had been buried and protected by a volcanic eruption.
▪ The Napa Valley, raised from the primordial sea, was formed by violent volcanic eruptions.
▪ The characteristics of the various types of volcanic eruption are considered in the general texts mentioned above.
▪ This time around, Dirk Pitt is nursing injuries sustained during a volcanic eruption.
▪ We're talking about the combined and simultaneous effect of a massive thermonuclear detonation, a volcanic eruption and an earthquake.
▪ One of the ingredients it requires is hydrogen, a gas that is produced in great quantities during volcanic eruptions.
▪ Convergent boundaries between oceanic lithosphere are marked by an oceanic trench, a volcanic island arc and a Wadati-Benioff zone.
▪ Just ahead lay the outlying volcanic islands of To Shima and Nii Shima, and the wind carried us slantwise between them.
▪ The shape and direction of the valleys have been influenced by the location of the more easily eroded volcanic material.
▪ Perlite: A volcanic material like vermiculite and with many of the same properties.
▪ Sumatra is composed of old, thick continental crust comprising volcanic rocks of Permian, Cretaceous and Cenozoic age.
▪ But it has endured because it was constructed of brick and volcanic rock between 1783 and 1792.
▪ Basalts are examples of basic volcanic rocks, while andesites are intermediate between basic and acid.
▪ Warped and folded Paleozoic strata and reddish Tertiary volcanic rocks are capped with dark Quaternary basalt flows.
▪ Thus the volcanic rocks formed are drastically different from their oceanic counterparts.
▪ These are frequently associated with volcanic rocks of oceanic type.
▪ The codename was chosen because rhyolite is a volcanic rock containing colourful pieces of quartz set in a mass of crystals.
▪ Fresh volcanic rocks are poor conductors of electricity.
volcanic ash
▪ a volcanic temper
▪ El Golfo An unusual, vividly green lagoon, separated from the sea by a beach of black volcanic sand.
▪ Eventually granite intrusions are emplaced at high levels within the mountain mass and volcanic activity develops.
▪ For example, many early human artifacts, such as arrowheads, are made of obsidian, a volcanic glass.
▪ Natural catastrophes, such as volcanic eruptions, may result in sites being buried very rapidly.
▪ The Banda archipelago is volcanic and luxuriously tropical, perfect for snorkelling and diving.
▪ The shape and direction of the valleys have been influenced by the location of the more easily eroded volcanic material.
▪ While forests were being buried there was volcanic activity.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Volcanic \Vol*can"ic\, a. [Cf. F. volcanique, It. vulcanico.]

  1. Of or pertaining to a volcano or volcanoes; as, volcanic heat.

  2. Produced by a volcano, or, more generally, by igneous agencies; as, volcanic tufa.

  3. Changed or affected by the heat of a volcano.

    Volcanic bomb, a mass ejected from a volcano, often of molten lava having a rounded form.

    Volcanic cone, a hill, conical in form, built up of cinders, tufa, or lava, during volcanic eruptions.

    Volcanic foci, the subterranean centers of volcanic action; the points beneath volcanoes where the causes producing volcanic phenomena are most active.

    Volcanic glass, the vitreous form of lava, produced by sudden cooling; obsidian. See Obsidian.

    Volcanic mud, fetid, sulphurous mud discharged by a volcano.

    Volcanic rocks, rocks which have been produced from the discharges of volcanic matter, as the various kinds of basalt, trachyte, scoria, obsidian, etc., whether compact, scoriaceous, or vitreous.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1774, from French volcanique, from Italian vulcanico, from vulcano (see volcano). Figurative sense of "prone to explosive activity" is attested from 1854.


a. 1 Of or pertaining to a volcano or volcanoes; as, volcanic heat. 2 Produced by a volcano, or, more generally, by igneous agencies; as, volcanic tufa. 3 Changed or affected by the heat of a volcano. 4 Reminiscent of a volcano; explosive, violent, full of suppressed anger, energy etc.

  1. adj. relating to or produced by or consisting of volcanoes; "volcanic steam"; "volcanic islands such as Iceland"; "a volcanic cone is a conical mountain or hill built up of material from volcanic eruptions"

  2. explosively unstable; "a volcanic temper"

  3. igneous rock produced by eruption and solidified on or near the earth's surface; rhyolite or andesite or basalt; "volcanic rock includes the volcanic glass obsidian" [syn: eruptive]

Volcanic (disambiguation)

Volcanic is an adjective used for things and concepts related to volcanos.

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Usage examples of "volcanic".

Leaving the cripple ablaze, settling, and pouring volcanic black smoke from the flammable cargo, he swung around in a long approach to what looked like a big troop Carrier, by far the fattest target in sight.

These relics included an enclosure of coral blocks marking the outlines of a rectangular building which, Emory and Finney considered, showed similarities to some Tongan structures, and basalt adzes which must have come from a high volcanic island, since basalt does not occur naturally on low atolls.

Sinclair objected that the mortar was made of andesite, a volcanic rock not often found in the deep gravels at Table Mountain.

Medium grey andesite, an igneous volcanic rock, speckled with crystals of dark minerals, knobbed with hard protrusions.

And, of course, there was the empty space for Bazil Broketail of Quosh, lost with his dragonboy in the volcanic doom of Heruta.

He saw, for one instant, the massive cliffs of ice glittering like volcanic glass in iron twilight and below them the beveled and faceted jewel face of a shallow antigrav dome closing in all the valley beneath.

Land area was scant, isolated volcanic tips thrust above the endlessly rolling seas, but the location of the planet saved long and tedious blinks from that sector of space back into Empire central.

It turned out that under the western United States there was a huge cauldron of magma, a colossal volcanic hot spot, which erupted cataclysmically every 600,000 years or so.

Triassic red sand, acidic volcanics, pink feldspar, green chlorite, ironstone, grit, sand and silt.

At first, he thought them to be some natural phenomenon, volcanic activity, perhaps, and wondered if he was giving the ooglith cloaker too much credit.

Potassium-argon dates have meaning only if the bones were found securely in place within or beneath the layers of dated volcanic material.

It makes the crystal escalator on the red volcanic slope look like nothing so much as a snake chopped in half with a hoe.

How like a volcanic crater after the evomition of its lava in a fit of burning cholic, and striving to resettle its angry and tumultuating stomach!

In the middle of the next afternoon they couched the camels in the lengthening shadow of a small volcanic hillock and fed them on the fodder they had cut on the riverbank.

Overlying the fossiliferous Cretaceous strata are resistant Late Tertiary volcanic and volcanistic rocks, which form the higher parts of the Shadow Peak Mountains.