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get it on

vb. 1 (context slang idiomatic English) To have sex. 2 (context slang idiomatic English) To engage in a fight. 3 (context idiomatic English) To hurry up; to get a move on.

get it on

v. have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?" [syn: roll in the hay, love, make out, make love, sleep with, get laid, have sex, know, do it, be intimate, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, screw, fuck, jazz, eff, hump, lie with, bed, have a go at it, bang, bonk]

Get It On (T. Rex song)

"Get It On" is a song by the British glam rock group T. Rex, featured on their 1971 album Electric Warrior. Written by frontman Marc Bolan, "Get It On" was the second chart-topper for T. Rex on the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, the song was retitled "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" to avoid confusion with a song of the same name by the group Chase.

Get It On

Get It On may refer to:

  • Get It On, an album by Pacific Gas & Electric (1968)
  • Get It On, an album by The Fraternity of Man (1969)
  • "Get It On", a 1971 song by Chase from their album Chase; prompted the retitling of the T. Rex song
  • "Get It On" (T. Rex song), a 1971 song retitled "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" in the U.S., also covered by Power Station
  • "Get It On" (Kingdom Come song) (1988)
  • "Get it On" (Diesel song), (1995)
  • "Get It On" (Turbonegro song) (1998)
  • "Get It On", a song by Rasheeda from Dirty South (2001)
  • "Get It On" (Intenso Project song) (2004)
  • "Get It On" (Kumi Koda song) (2006)
  • "Get It On" (Grinderman song) (2007)
  • "Get It On" (Vains of Jenna song) (2009)
Get It On (Turbonegro song)

"Get It On" is a single from the Norwegian band Turbonegro from their 1998 album Apocalypse Dudes released on 7" Vinyl in 1998 by Sympathy for the Record Industry.

Picture Disc has Euroboy proudly displaying an enlarged, dildo-like zuccini while Rune poses with it on the flipside. As Happy-Tom remarks: "The whole deal with the War Against The Picture Single series was to release the ugliest, most redundant (no 'previously unreleased' marketing schemes here), lamest picture discs ever. And so far we've succeeded." A further one was supposed on Flapping Jet from San Diego but Turbonegro called it quits before the deal was settled.

"That "Clean American Version" - text on the picture disc is Long Gone John's little trip, it's a reference to The Mothers of Invention." - Happy-Tom interview by Tony Slug.

The song was also released in July 2003 with "Rock Against Ass" as the B-side on Must Destroy Records from London as a collectors item. Limited to 1,000 copies on black vinyl.

Get It On (Kingdom Come song)

"Get It On" is the first single by hard rock/ glam metal band Kingdom Come from their self-titled debut album. It reached number four on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart and number 69 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Get It On (Grinderman song)

"Get It On" is the first single by alternative rock group Grinderman - a side project of the Australian post-punk group Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - from their self-titled debut album Grinderman. Released on 8 January 2007, the song was received a positive reception from music critics, though failed to chart.

Get It On (Intenso Project song)

"Get It On" is a single released by Intenso Project and former Steps member Lisa Scott-Lee in 2004. It peaked at number 23 in the UK Singles Chart, and failed to make any impact on the American charts.

Get It On (Diesel song)

"Get it On" is a song by Australian rock musician, Diesel. It was released in June 1995 as the third and final single from his third studio album, Solid State Rhyme (1994). It peaked at number 75 in Australia in April 1995.

Usage examples of "get it on".

But they did some fast sculling to get it on the port side where it was hid.

So it's been nice talking to you, but if I don't get it on down the road my boss told me to take, I'm likely to get my own ass fried to a crisp!

And from then on she was indefatigable, meeting with all the delegations and committees, insisting that they finish whatever they were working on, insisting they get it on the table for a final vote on inclusion.

Probably it's unrealistic to think I'll ever get it on with Mike Richter, the goalie for the New York Rangers.