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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
duvet day
▪ From their Empire Collection, Antoinette costs £69.99 for a double duvet cover.
▪ Astor limed oak clock Bed linen Avignon White double duvet cover, from £69.99; filled pillowcase.
▪ Red notebook Bed linen Samba square dance double duvet cover; pillowcase.
▪ In poly-cotton a double duvet costs £36.99.
▪ In luxury percale, a double duvet cover costs around £47.99.
▪ From their Empire Collection, Antoinette costs £69.99 for a double duvet cover.
▪ Can you imagine the luxury of a cashmere duvet cover?
▪ Astor limed oak clock Bed linen Avignon White double duvet cover, from £69.99; filled pillowcase.
▪ Magnet and Southern, duvet covers.
▪ And, as a matter of course, all duvet covers are matched with similarly designed pillowcases.
▪ A duvet cover which looks like a contemporary painting, plain bright curtains and the whole effect softened with swooping net drapes.
▪ Cot quilts £15.99, reversible duvet cover £10.99, wallpaper £6.99 a roll, borders £6.99 a roll, curtains from £45.
▪ She pulled the duvet over her head and ignored it.
▪ Fabia pulled the duvet up over her head and tried to get some sleep.
▪ I pulled the duvet over my head.
▪ All I wanted was to climb back into bed and pull the duvet over my head.
▪ Margaret pulled the duvet round her trying to get warm.
▪ I slipped in next to him, pulled some of the duvet my way.
▪ Boardman is shown wearing a duvet with the logo in one of the expedition photographs.
▪ Can you imagine the luxury of a cashmere duvet cover?
▪ Josie disappeared for a couple of minutes and then reappeared with some pillows and a duvet.
▪ Lightweight and fluffy, the duvet is ideal for summer use.
▪ Natural filled duvets are more expensive and those filled with duck down, are considered the ultimate in luxury duvets.
▪ She still had her clothes on but was covered by a grey duvet.
▪ To further pleas from Toby not to touch him I raced upstairs, grabbed a duvet and put it round him.
▪ You can purchase two kinds of duvet, polyester filled or natural.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1758, from French duvet "down," earlier dumet, diminutive of dum "down."


n. 1 (context British New Zealand English) A thick, padded quilt used instead of blankets. 2 (context US English) A cover for a quilt or comforter.


n. a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider [syn: eiderdown, continental quilt]


A duvet (, , or ; from the French duvet "down") is a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, silk or a synthetic alternative, and typically protected with a removable cover, analogous to a pillow and pillow case. Sleepers often use a duvet without a top bed sheet, as the duvet cover can readily be removed and laundered as often as the bottom sheet. In Australian English, it is also called a doona. In American English, it may be called a comforter; however, a comforter is usually a slightly different type of bedding that is not as thick, does not have a cover, and is often used over a top sheet.

Duvets originated in rural Europe and were filled with the down feathers of ducks. The best quality is taken from the eider duck, often while still alive, for its down is known for its effectiveness as a thermal insulator.

Usage examples of "duvet".

Bonnie jumped off the duvet and bounced around happily at the thought of a visitor.

He came charging out and together we smothered the flames with the duvet as Trevor squirmed and squealed like a tormented animal.

The candles threw a soft yellow haze over the four-poster bed with its green velvet duvet, the mounds of pillows, forest-green, crimson, saffron yellow.

I once lost a single-sized Paddington Bear duvet cover and a matching fitted sheet.

I made it to his bedroom, though, and dragged his duvet down without encountering too many obstacles.

I was awake at six, chasing an errant duvet and trying not to fall off the edge of the bed, where Chris had propelled me.

Stretched by her side beneath the light duvet, naked flesh to naked flesh, Blaze was exploring the seductive curve of her breast when something about her stillness made him pause.

But when she had donned her nightdress and crept be neath the duvet her troubled mind refused to let her sleep.

Going back into the bedroom she saw the duvet rucked up as if there was someone still in the bed.

Determined to put an end to such mournful nonsense she flung the duvet aside, and there he was.

She shook out the duvet, unfastening the cover to make sure there was nothing inside.

I wanted to be back in bed, curled up with the duvet over my head, and all of this a million miles away.

The duvet was heaped up, moulded around his shape, and I thought suddenly of Alex in this room.

I pulled the duvet away from his face peaceful, sleeping, a small boy sleeping but there was a smell rising from him, unpleasantly sweet.

So I guided him through to my bedroom, half-walking, half-stumbling, and I helped him into my bed and wrapped the duvet around him.