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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
aircraft carrier
aircraft/plane wreckage
▪ The major task is now to remove the aircraft wreckage from the accident site.
combat aircraft
▪ Very few combat aircraft have been destroyed.
jet fighter/aircraft/airliner
▪ a squadron of F-6 jet fighter aircraft
light aircraft
motor/car/aircraft etc spares
▪ a shortage of aircraft spares
stealth bomber/aircraft/fighter etc (=a plane made using this system)
traffic/aircraft/engine etc noise
▪ It was peaceful there, with no traffic noise at all.
▪ A pleasing publication which shows the diversity of military and civil aircraft and airlines that have used this airport.
▪ No civil aircraft now stayed in Phnom Penh overnight, since Khmer Rouge rocket attacks on the airport were frequent.
▪ Three miles south the Imperial War Museum has an exciting collection of military and civil aircraft at Duxford airfield.
▪ This is not usual in civil aircraft systems though it is occasionally done in some military aircraft.
▪ A soldier who feared flying was fined £600 yesterday for endangering a civil aircraft and disobeying the captain's orders.
▪ The orders for civil aircraft alone could not sustain the large number of smallish firms that comprised the industry.
▪ At Duxford airfield you can see the Imperial War Museum's collection of military and civil aircraft.
▪ BAe is a world leader in designing and making wings for civil or military aircraft.
▪ The military said the distances between the military and civilian aircraft more than met air-traffic-control separation standards.
▪ J., who joined in a news conference with Kennedy and other lawmakers to denounce the downing of the civilian aircraft.
▪ S.-based civilian aircraft flying missions for the anti-Castro organization, Brothers to the Rescue.
▪ We must be clear, this shooting of civilian aircraft out of the air was a flagrant violation of international law.
▪ Reported near collisions involving military and civilian aircraft have dropped dramatically in the 1990s.
▪ The company, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft, has experienced five straight years of record orders.
▪ S.-made commercial aircraft competition.
▪ As in commercial aircraft, going it alone was never a realistic option.
▪ In recent years, the group has claimed on average about 30 % of the global market for large commercial aircraft orders.
▪ Trading losses from commercial aircraft mushroomed last year from £37 million to £337 million.
▪ The Navy analysis concluded that 15-inch-thick concrete runways are needed for commercial aircraft.
▪ The range of services already includes automatic telephones for commercial passenger aircraft.
▪ There was therefore, unusually, a large number of aircraft movements.
▪ In recent years, the group has claimed on average about 30 % of the global market for large commercial aircraft orders.
▪ It was also to be the largest aircraft ever built in Britain.
▪ Some freight carriers added flights; others simply used larger aircraft.
▪ Flying boats were larger than most aircraft of the time.
▪ But what if a large passenger aircraft has to be fuelled ready for flight?
▪ In more complicated cases or where a larger aircraft is concerned the investigating team can comprise up to a dozen investigators.
▪ At 0700, they plotted a large group of aircraft about 130 miles away and closing fast.
▪ In the light aircraft groups, there is a similarity of performance.
▪ All gliders and light aircraft have to recover satisfactorily with the standard method.
▪ Furthermore if Grimbergen is closed, where do the present 150 plus light aircraft presently based there go?
▪ Also with Government loans, another company is building the Lear-Fan light executive aircraft near Belfast.
▪ Today, Cessna is out of the light aircraft market for ever and Piper is on its knees.
▪ This may well be one of those rare occasions when light aircraft pilots have the opportunity to shape something that affects them.
▪ Ivars has built over the years a series of light aircraft, most employing a faithful Cirrus Minor I engine.
▪ In some of their light and not-so-light aircraft seats are added in a manner guaranteed to tempt the irresponsible.
▪ A pleasing publication which shows the diversity of military and civil aircraft and airlines that have used this airport.
▪ Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed makes military aircraft, space systems, missiles and electronics systems.
▪ Three miles south the Imperial War Museum has an exciting collection of military and civil aircraft at Duxford airfield.
▪ Government expenditures can reabsorb these resources in the production of guided missiles, military aircraft, and new schools and highways.
▪ This is not usual in civil aircraft systems though it is occasionally done in some military aircraft.
▪ The military said the distances between the military and civilian aircraft more than met air-traffic-control separation standards.
▪ The technology of military aircraft is distinct from the civilian variety.
▪ We invented the submarine and were the first to purchase a military aircraft.
▪ This left Boeing in the odd position of undertaking to sell new Airbus aircraft.
▪ If so, are we passengers willing to pay substantially higher fares so that the airlines can continuously purchase new aircraft?
▪ The catch here is that on the new aircraft it costs more than £20,000.
▪ Further into the future, new forms of aircraft may work just fine on short runways.
▪ The new aircraft will enable the airline to boost passenger capacity by 13 percent a year, Tajudin said.
▪ Therefore, with demand outstripping supply for new aircraft production, existing in-service aircraft are replaced more slowly.
▪ I executed a hard right turn, but could not see any other aircraft in my vicinity.
▪ Hearing no other radio communication and seeing no other aircraft to his left or right, he turned finals.
▪ He was seen to wave that he was O.K. to one of the other aircraft.
▪ Like that other Magister this aircraft is supposed to have an odd, unpleasant nose-down pitching diversion with excess sideslip.
▪ He was unaware of the other aircraft until both began to veer off the side of the runway.
▪ There was no other sign of wreckage of any other aircraft.
▪ Within six seconds of the collision, one fell to earth among other aircraft, just below the point of impact.
▪ We then followed the River Orwell to the bridge before going home in the distance we could see other aircraft.
▪ The count simply abandoned the small, expensive aircraft and led them to the car.
▪ Several other smaller aircraft units from North Island will be on board the Nimitz and its escorts.
▪ Naturally, if a small aircraft is overbooked consistently, it might rate early loading.
▪ If small aircraft were routed elsewhere, Kamman said, Lindbergh Field would have more runway space for larger airliners.
▪ I had to show the local mechanic what to do; he knew nothing about small aircraft.
▪ Jessica took her first flight in a small aircraft when she was 6 years old.
▪ The seaplanes that do remain are small aircraft, not generally used for scheduled passenger services.
▪ The Beech 1900, a twin-engine turboprop seating 19, is among the smaller commuter aircraft in regular service.
▪ There remain the specialists who look after the flight recorder side of aircraft accident investigation.
▪ The truth is that aircraft accident investigation should be carried out in a completely impartial and objective manner.
▪ Ernest had been killed in 1940 in an aircraft accident when on duty as a Drogue Operator.
▪ The regulations governing the investigation of aircraft accidents had been unchanged since 1969.
▪ It is interested in MIG-31 high-altitude interceptors, more modern submarines and help in building aircraft carriers.
▪ Short of an aircraft carrier or nuclear weapons, nothing can bring hurt like a cruiser.
▪ As I came up out of the trough, the wave was pouting out a lip like the deck of an aircraft carrier.
▪ Consider a film clip showing an aircraft carrier at sea.
▪ While a naval officer, he invented and designed the first-ever aircraft carrier, the Angus.
▪ None the less, research and development in post-war fighter aircraft went forward at a brisk pace and over a wide range of options.
▪ The controls and instrumentation of a modern fighter aircraft, for example, are bafflingly complex.
▪ An aircraft industry, which was started by Short Bros. and Harland, now has Government aid.
▪ The aircraft industry alone accounted for one-third of expenditure.
▪ Timothy Ormerod Limited make precision parts for the car and aircraft industries.
▪ It was also the cradle of the nation's aircraft industry, starting with A V Roe's historic flight in 1908.
▪ Post-war development of parachutes acting as brakes on jet aircraft are also covered in this rarely written about subject.
▪ It also flies three routes in the Midwest, under contract to Delta and Northwest, using 70-seat jet aircraft.
▪ September 4: Pioneering jet aircraft.
▪ Applications of expert systems in aircraft maintenance include: 1.
▪ Bridge the expanding number of technologies used in aircraft maintenance 6.
▪ The reasons for using expert systems technology in aircraft maintenance are explained.
▪ Such systems offer scope to allow aircraft maintenance engineers to transfer between aircraft types more easily.
▪ All light aircraft maintenance workshops would most certainly have one for synchronizing and timing port and starboard magnetos on piston engines.
▪ More than that, the expert systems technology is the only vehicle that can integrate cost effectively different aspects of aircraft maintenance.
▪ Under such circumstances a substantial increase in aircraft maintenance workload prevails.
▪ The aircraft maker had warned Wall Street earlier this week that it expected the loss because of production problems.
▪ Earlier, Kok said he wanted Daimler-Benz to contribute more to a rescue package for the aircraft maker.
▪ The operation had not gone without hitches because adequate amphibious shipping and transport aircraft were not yet available.
▪ Airbus Military Company is also expected this week to receive new orders from Europea governments for 218 A400M military transport aircraft.
▪ There is an illusion of sitting high above the ground, almost as if it was a transport aircraft.
▪ Ventures have included flying tourists in transport aircraft.
▪ The Hercules transport aircraft is taking food and medicine to the besieged city of Sarajevo.
▪ Giant Hercules transport aircraft were touching down at Aldergrove Airport every few minutes.
▪ He flew the fire-fighting aircraft based at Viseu.
▪ Only five pilots flew the aircraft.
▪ In March the manufacturer's test pilot flew the aircraft for its annual inspection check flight.
▪ No decision has been made regarding which type of aircraft she will fly.
▪ Powers flew the aircraft back to San Marcos on the rear Rotax.
▪ Carey Lohrenz, the F-14 Tomcat pilot whose grounding was the impetus for the probe, was unqualified to fly carrier-based aircraft.
▪ By this I mean large, fast circuits similar to those flown by a conventional aircraft.
▪ A person who is scared of ballooning will nearly always fly the aircraft on to the ground instead of making well held-off landings.
model aircraft/train/car etc
▪ A model car doesn't have to contain all the elements of an internal combustion engine in order to work as a toy!
▪ Andrew has been prompted to make a model car like his dad's.
▪ Corgi sent a full range of their model cars, including Rolls Royces and Porsches.
▪ Genghis, assembled out of model car parts, weighed only 3. 6 pounds.
▪ I built model cars when I was younger.
▪ Loafers that looked more like model cars.
▪ Some people like model trains or football.
▪ The sum was raised at a model aircraft flying display that was all but washed out through appalling weather.
▪ Acceleration two up, with half tanks, was smooth and sure and the aircraft left the ground at about 30 knots.
▪ Eventually a man from the tower arrived, and a little bus came to take us to the aircraft.
▪ I was supposed to be learning how to be an aircraft commander in an air-assault company.
▪ Officials fear glass bottles could break and injure visitors or, after the show, damage aircraft.
▪ Our aircraft was straight, steady, holding altitude, heading away from Hainan when the accident occurred.
▪ Some visiting aircraft engineers having arrived just to collect a specific part, spend hours just browsing through the stock.
▪ The aircraft was burning well and this, plus exploding ammunition, drove me out.
▪ The design and development of each aircraft is described in turn using contemporary film footage.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aircraft \Air"craft`\, n. sing. & pl. Any vehicle, such as an airplane, helicopter, balloon, etc., for floating in, or flying through, the air.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1851, originally in reference to airships and balloons, from air (n.1) + craft (n.); a term from boating, as were many early aviation words. Of airplanes from 1907 and since 1930s exclusively of them. Aircraft carrier is attested from 1919 (H.M.S. Hermes, launched September 1919, was the first ship to be built from the hull up as an aircraft carrier).


n. A vehicle capable of atmospheric flight due to interaction with the air, such as buoyancy or lift.


n. a vehicle that can fly


An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines.

The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation. Crewed aircraft are flown by an onboard pilot, but unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely controlled or self-controlled by onboard computers. Aircraft may be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, aircraft propulsion, usage and others.

Usage examples of "aircraft".

Senator Glancey spearheaded a third group, ably supported by General Funkhauser, civilian leaders of the aircraft industry and many champions of private enterprise.

Heinlein was not unknown to me when he appeared in the offices of the Aeronautical Materials Laboratory of the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia in early 1942.

January nineteenth, 1991, during the Persian Gulf War, I believe an Iraqi aircraft penetrated our defenses and sprayed aflatoxin over Seabees and the Twenty-fourth Naval Mobile Construction Battalion near the port of Al Jubayl in Saudi Arabia.

The second hit the fuselage aft of the jet exhaust, cutting the aircraft in half.

Flight Lieutenant Alfred Mug-geridge, bomb aimer in a 156 Squadron Lancaster shot down that night near Magdeburg, describes how his aircraft was attacked by a night fighter.

Transport aircraft land daily on our airfield bringing fur clothing, skis, sledges and other things.

In that case we shall have to defend the airfield and all our aircraft.

At night, when everybody was asleep, he and the famous airman Lyapidevsky found and rescued the Chelyuskin expedition, and with Vodopyanov he landed heavy aircraft on the pack ice at the North Pole, arid with Chkalov opened the unexplored air route to the United States across the Pole.

Their aircraft, milling about north of Chiang Mai, stood out clearly on radar, and his scouts had reported Thai airmobile forces gathering several kilometers to the southeast.

These aircraft are designed to fly just fine at a lower cruising altitude with just one engine, but no one wants to take a chance that the other engine might fail, too.

A moment later, while yet the shock wave of the first blast raced outward, and the fuselage of the aircraft followed suit, its aluminite body burning like a petrol-soaked rag in the incredible heat.

Heavily damaged and on fire, with eighty-three killed and sixty seriously wounded, she successfully fought back, thanks to her armoured deck, and her aircraft destroyed at least five assailants.

The barricade was a net stretched across the flight deck in front of the island, designed to snag crippled aircraft that, for one reason or another, could not use their arrestor gear.

That told the LSO that he had the meatball in sight, confirmed that his aircraft was a Tomcat so that the arrestor cables could be properly adjusted for the hurtling weight of the aircraft, and that his fuel was reading five thousand pounds.

Scant seconds, it seemed, after the COD had been nudged and prodded out of the way, an EA-6B Prowler electronic-warfare aircraft slammed into the deck in a barely controlled crash, yanked to a halt by the arrestor cable.