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aircraft engines

n. (plural of aircraft engine English)

Usage examples of "aircraft engines".

Down here in the hidden bowels of the ship, sound did not penetrate: he had heard nothing of the aircraft engines: he hadn't even heard their own guns firing, but there had been no mistaking the jarring shock of the 5.

He made the point that a first-class ground engineer, accustomed to diagnosing the ailments of the most complicated aircraft engines and instruments from an examination of the symptoms, had little difficulty in mastering the functions of so crude and inefficient a mechanism as the human body.

Just the right mixture of temperature and humidity at high altitude, it would cause condensation in the hot exhaust from aircraft engines.

He hadn't even pulled his shirt off over his head when the thrum of aircraft engines, overhead made him freeze.

He became even more infuriated as the sound of aircraft engines warming up vibrated the windows.

Propelled by twin aircraft engines with propellers at the stern, the hovercraft was supported by a cushion of air contained within a heavy rubber structure and produced by a smaller engine attached to a horizontal fan.

There was a small deckhouse around the wheel amidships, and a wooden coaming over the big aircraft engines at the stern that could hurl the frail concoction through a calm sea at better than thirty knots.

All aircraft movement will cease immediately, all aircraft engines will be shut down, and all external power carts will be detached from all aircraft.

When they heard the sound of aircraft engines, they had gotten as far as removing the bent shaft from the boat, and building a makeshift forge and anvil, both from rocks.

Near to, some guns started firing, and from the grey lowering sky came the steady beat of aircraft engines.