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amphibious aircraft

n. an airplane designed to take off and land on water [syn: amphibian]

Amphibious aircraft
This article discusses fixed-wing amphibious aircraft. For rotary-wing amphibious aircraft, see Amphibious helicopter.

Canadair CL-415 seaplane with retractable wheels, Ontario, c. 2007

An amphibious aircraft or amphibian is an aircraft that can take off and land on both land and water. Fixed-wing amphibious aircraft are seaplanes ( flying boats and floatplanes) that are equipped with retractable wheels, at the expense of extra weight and complexity, plus diminished range and fuel economy compared to planes designed for land or water only. Some amphibians are fitted with reinforced keels which act as skis, allowing them to land on snow or ice with their wheels up and are dubbed tri-phibians.

Usage examples of "amphibious aircraft".

Then, as the engines revved just slightly, the amphibious aircraft rose from the water and taxied onto the concrete parking area.

The small, white, two-seat amphibious aircraft could set down on water or on land.

The Greeks talked fierily in secret about the partisans, about forming a resistance, and the Italians confined themselves to camp, the only signs of activity being the setting up of batteries, a daily reconnaissance by amphibious aircraft, and a mounted curfew patrol that jogged about at dusk, its members more anxious to exercise charm on females than to enforce an early night.

I looked at the other canvases and wondered why several included images of amphibious aircraft.