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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ More than 80 women were harassed at the Las Vegas convention of naval aviators, an annual anything-goes party.
▪ Several naval aviators have been mentioned for the post, including Adm.
▪ Another naval aviator seen as a contender is Adm.
▪ A prime example is Duval, a north Florida county that hosts thousands of naval aviators.
▪ Jay Johnson, a naval aviator, that all negative findings by evaluation boards must be reviewed at the Pentagon.
▪ Early female aviators were not short on glamour either.
▪ Fellow aviators described the cockpit crew of Flight 3272 as careful, competent pilots.
▪ Months earlier, the carrier Eisenhower, based in Norfolk, Va., deployed with female crew members and aviators.
▪ Several naval aviators have been mentioned for the post, including Adm.
▪ Thinking of the woman in the aviator glasses, she was also depressed.
▪ This is the first in-depth study of Charlie Rolls as a pioneer aviator.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aviator \A"vi*a`tor\, n.

  1. An experimenter in aviation.

  2. A flying machine. [archaic]

  3. The driver or pilot of an aircraft, especially of an airplane.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"aircraft pilot," 1887, from French aviateur, from Latin avis (see aviary) + -ateur. Also used c.1891 in a sense of "aircraft." Feminine form aviatrix is from 1927; earlier aviatrice (1910), aviatress (1911).


n. 1 An aircraft pilot. The use of the word may imply claims of superior airmanship, as in ''navy aviator'' vs. ''air force pilot''. 2 (context obsolete English) An experimenter in aviation. 3 (context obsolete English) A flying machine.


n. someone who operates an aircraft [syn: aeronaut, airman, flier, flyer]

Aviator (disambiguation)

An aviator is a person who flies aircraft.

Aviator may also refer to:

Aviator (British band)

Aviator was a short-lived British progressive rock band.

Aviator (Aviator album)

Aviator was the debut album by rock band Aviator. Released in early 1979, Aviator was co-produced by the band and Robin Lumley from the British jazz-fusion band, Brand X. The studio album was released with a total run time of 43:32.

Aviator (Ukrainian band)

Aviator is a Ukrainian band, which was formed in 2005 in Kyiv, Ukraine. From the beginning, the group occupied a niche of the romantic character of pop-music and it still remains a leader of the field. The release of the debut album V efire (On air) made a splash on the national show-business market: for the first week, the band sold over 50,000 of copies, and, in total, the album has been sold in over 200,000 copies.

The members of the band are: Igor Voevutskiy, Andriy Storozh, Dmytro Todoriuk.

Usage examples of "aviator".

After a while, too, the word got around among the women that all the aviator major wanted was somebody in his sack, and that marriage was the last thing on his mind.

He had earned his own wings as a Naval Aviator at Pensacola, and had tried to get back in the Navy after Pearl Harbor.

He was a very rich, and very nice, really, young Marine Aviator, and he told me he was in love with me.

As he reached it, a fellow chief, this one a chief aviation pilot with the wings of a Naval Aviator on his shirt, appeared in the fuselage bubble gingerly holding a canvas suitcase in his fingers.

Charley Galloway is the skipper, and he appreciates what a fine fellow and all-around splendid aviator I am.

Warning you beforehand that I have orders to appear at San Diego as soon as I can get there, with any qualified Marine Aviator I choose to take with me.

MAG-21, Sergeant Ward had been impressed with the Marine Aviator who had spent a year as a guerrilla in the Philippines.

He felt like a newbie aviator back at flight school in Pensacola again.

It was one of the most demanding maneuvers an aviator had to master, and it had been nearly two years since Magruder had been called upon to attempt a midair refueling.

If he really was starting to sound like Tombstone, he thought, then he really had made something of himself as an aviator after all.

He had joined the Navy to become an aviator, to fly a fighter like his father and his uncle before him.

Tombstone kept his descent constant at five hundred feet per minute and relied on the advice of the LSO, a veteran aviator with a much better perspective on the approach than Magruder had himself, to keep him on track.

It was never considered wise to keep a failed aviator on his old ship.

All other things being equal, it was the aviator who kept his cool and made the fewest mistakes who got home in one piece.

He was just the man to call on now, cool and cautious, the kind of aviator who could time a maneuver right down to the second.