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tanker aircraft

n. A (generally military) airplane used to refuel a second aircraft during flight.

Usage examples of "tanker aircraft".

We are rendezvousing with that American tanker aircraft you are pursuing.

We simply do not have enough aircraft carriers, tanker aircraft, and strategic bombers to be able to generate that much air power from the sea or distant bases outside the region.

To the left of the entire flight, and flying somewhat above them, a flight of four tanker aircraft could be seen coming into view.

The American strike package consisted of thirty-six F/A-18E aircraft fitted for the surface attack role, eight F/A-18F two seat Hornets fitted for the Wild-Weasel direct radar suppression role, four EA-6B aircraft fitted for indirect Electronics Warfare and direct radar suppression, eight F/A-18E and eight F-14D aircraft fitted for air superiority, two E2-C AWACS aircraft to provide early warning and radar services, and two S3-A tanker aircraft flying with the AWACS to provide additional fuel for the return trip.

Finding the tanker aircraft whose crew, one hoped, was similarly skilled in navigation.

It ordered a KC - I35 tanker aircraft to rendezvous with the Air Force plane regardless of the weather conditions.